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  1. Helo guys, dont you have somebody a good picture of Grandcross of this order? Thanks Jan
  2. Hello, this is my latest acquisition. Order of Romanian star. Can you tell me what period and what kind (colours) of ribbon? Thanks
  3. Hello guys, can somebody identify those two medals? Thanks Jan
  4. Hello guys, can somebody explain me how it comes that foreign orders have this , how to call it, Garter ribbon on them? Thanks Jan
  5. Thanks too much. The dealer is asking USD 1 200,- what corresponds to your opinion. I will have to reconsider, maybe to try to bargain little bid 😀. Jan
  6. Hello, somebody is offering me this order . Because I know many fakes exist, I would like to hear your opinion about this piece. What should be the fair price for the original? Regrads Jan
  7. Hello guys, somebody is offering me enclosed medal. I would need to know, if it is an original and what should be the fair price. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I would need a quality picture of the highest grade of this order. Can you help? Thanks.
  9. Yes, it is easy to find such pictures but detailed one no.
  10. Hello guys, I would need a quality picture of the chain of this order. Can you help? Jan
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