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  1. The reverse is here. Weight of the order is 46,77 g. I have just ordered a sash.
  2. Thank you very much. There is no other marking on the order.
  3. Helo guys, I have acquired this order, which I beleive is Grand cross. Width is 61,5 mm. Can somebody explain what marking on a ring mean? Thanks Jan
  4. Hello guys, I need two ribbons for this medal. Can you help? Regards Jan
  5. Hello guys, somebody is offering me these nice badges. Can you comment the authencity? Thanks Jan
  6. I dont collect Afghanistan and I dont want to collect this country. But simply I like the design so I bought one piece.
  7. Hello guys, I would need pictures of Egyptian January 25 Medal, https://ar.wikipedia.org/wiki/تصنيف:ميدالية_25_يناير. Can you help? Thanks Jan
  8. Yes, it is likely that the Austrian manufacturer imposed on the king or the relevant official ribbons having on stock. And the king wanted ribbons different from his predecessors. But there were probably no economic reasons, because the number of employees eligible for the award was not large. The number of medals ordered probably did not exceed 500, so the savings on cheaper ribbons would be insignificant.
  9. Hello guys, I have just acquired this Royal Household Medal. My question is , if somebody knows, why this medal has trifold ribbon and colours like medals from Serbia and Austria. Thanks Jan
  10. Hello guys, I cannot find the pictures of the following medal: The Konung Carl XVI Gustafs jubileumsminnestecken I was awarded to commemorate the 50th birthday of King Carl XVI Gustaf in 1996. Could you supply? Regards Jan
  11. Thank you very much. Unfortunately I have forgoten to write that the man in question is gen. Alfred Gustav von Mohn. Jan
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