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  1. Hello guys, can somebody explain me how it comes that foreign orders have this , how to call it, Garter ribbon on them? Thanks Jan
  2. Thanks too much. The dealer is asking USD 1 200,- what corresponds to your opinion. I will have to reconsider, maybe to try to bargain little bid 😀. Jan
  3. Hello, somebody is offering me this order . Because I know many fakes exist, I would like to hear your opinion about this piece. What should be the fair price for the original? Regrads Jan
  4. Hello guys, somebody is offering me enclosed medal. I would need to know, if it is an original and what should be the fair price. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I would need a quality picture of the highest grade of this order. Can you help? Thanks.
  6. Yes, it is easy to find such pictures but detailed one no.
  7. Hello guys, I would need a quality picture of the chain of this order. Can you help? Jan
  8. Would you add a picture of reverse of the badge and tell us the size?
  9. Košice is the city in eastern part of todays Slovakia. In 1934 it was in Czechoslovakia. And before 1918 it was in Austria - Hungary.
  10. This is the medal with highest number I have seen. Currently one medal was sold at USD 10,-, the other at USD 90,- in a local auction..
  11. This is the medal of one of resistance groups which started their fight when the war finished already. I beleive you can find most informations here: https://forum.valka.cz/topic/view/117802/Pametni-medaile-odbojove-skupiny-Sumava-II- Regards Jan
  12. Finaly I have obtained this nice badge too. Unfortunately it is not that cheap like when this discusion started. The No. is 3237, size 44,62 x 34,54 mm, weight 15,28 g. Can somebody tell me, if this badge was awarded or if it comes from a bank auction? Thanks Jan
  13. Hello guys, I have acquired this medal some 30 years ago. It seems to be made from gold, but no any markings on it. Diameter is 25,98 mm, thickness 2,25 mm. I undestand what is it because I can read Cyrillic. But I would appreciate if somebody can give more informations. How many was awarded? One best graduate in the year or all graduates who successfully pased examinations of 10 or so best ones? What quality of gold is used? What could be a recent price on the market? Thanks. Jan
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