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  1. Hello,

    following are belgian recipients of White Lion 4th class:



    Name                                   Date of birth    Date of award           Remark

    ANSPACH, Paul                        1882          2.3.1939              chairman (Fédération Internationale         

                                                                                                      'Escrime )   

    ANTOINE, Léon                         1865          18.2.1927            journalist in St. Vith

    CARRON, Marcel                       1892          20.10.1923          captain commandant

    DEFRAITÉUR, Raoul Laurent    1895          31.7.1935            staff captain of general staff

    Alexandre Gaspard  

    DELCOURT, Félicien Francois   1889          20.10.1932          chairman of exibition comitee of

    Ghislain                                                                                     International exibition of catolic

                                                                                                      Press Bruxelles 1930

    DETAILLE, René Georges          1898          17.10.1947          editor of Le Soir

    DIEPENRYKS, Pierre Jean         1896           1.12.1934           major

    FORGEUR, Edgar Marie             1877          30.6.1932            Commissioner of the Department of

    Constantin                                                                                 Electricity at the exhibition in Liege

    FRAIKIN, Joseph                         1873           31.8.1927           bank director in Liége

    ISERENTANT, E. L. F.                 1888          20.10.1923          captain commandant

    IWEINS DE WAVRANS, Gaston  1885          20.10.1923         Deputy Director at the Ministry of      

                                                                                                       Foreign Affairs

    LEURQUIN, Raimond Jean          1885          26.9.1933           Deputy Director of  Ministry of Foreign


    LIÉGEOIS, Camille                       1876          30.6.1932           General director Ministry of Science and

                                                                                                       the Arts

    LOCHT, Alphonse                         1885          30.7.1934           Legation Secretary of the Belgian  

                                                                                                       Embassy in Prague

    LOICQ, Paul Léon Eugen             1888          12.2.1938           Chairman of the International Canadian

                                                                                                       Hockey League

    PARMENTIER, William Arthur        ?              7.6.1934             captain, member of the Belgian king

                                                                                                       mission to Czechoslovakia for the

                                                                                                       purpose   notification of the king's

                                                                                                       ascension to the throne                

    RADIGUES DE                             1889           31.8.1927          Deputy Director at the Ministry of

                                                                                                       Foreign Affairs

    CHENNEVIERE, Charles Marie

    Guillaume de

    REISDORFF, Achille Jean             1889          16.1.1931          Honorary Chairman of the International

                                                                                                       Federation of Veterans – FIDAC

    REYNDERS, Francois Jean           1876          18.2.1937         President of the International Journalism

    Léopold                                                                                      Union

    RODHAIN, Marie Joseph                1877          5.12.1936         Director of Maritime Companies

    RUZETTE, Etienne de                     1894          20.10.1923      Legation Secretary in Bruges

    SILVAERTS, Charles                      1888          31.12.1936       ltcolonel of the Health Service

    SMETS, Jean Joseph                      1873          26.10.1936       Deputy Director of the Ministry of


    SNOY D´OPPUERS, Jean-             1907          28.11.1936        Baron, Director of the Ministry of

    Charles                                                                                        Economic Affairs

    SNOY, Robert M. G.                        1879          2.2.1928           Baron, Managing Director of the

                                                                                                        International Sleep wagons Company

                                                                                                         in Paris

     SUETENS, Maximilien Richard      1891          31.8.1927          General Director of the Ministry of

    Léon Marie                                                                                   Foreign Affairs

     VAN BAERLEM, Adolphe               1885          20.10.1923        deputy director Ministry of Foreign



    VAN CUTSEM, R.                         1890            20.10.1923           captain, commandant

    VAN DER LINDEN, Fred               1883            27.4.1937             Journalist, member of the Belgian

                                                                                                            Colonial Council, former cabinet

                                                                                                            Chief of General Governor of  

                                                                                                            Belgian Congo

    VANDERLINDEN, Ernest               1886            27.6.1928            a banker in Luxembourg, a former

                                                                                                            Czechoslovak honorary   consul  

    WERNER, Robert                           1895            24.11.1928          honorary consul of Czechoslovakia

                                                                                                            in Antwerp, trader




    I hope this will help to identify the officer.







  2. Hello,

    according to an article published two years ago by Central military archives Prague, it was first produced 500 pieces of the medal and shortly after  another 300 pieces. There is no difference between both emmisions. From documents available it is clear, that no further medals were produced. Till June 2nd 1949  596 pieces was awarded. It is quite probale, that some medals were awarded later.





    See: http://www.vuapraha.cz/sites/default/files/documents/rocenka_vha_2014.pdf

  3. Hello,

    ČSR means Československá Republika (Czechoslovak Republic), not socialist. This was an official abbreviation of the country since 1918. I have never seen such a badge before but it seems to be so called patriotic badge, I estimate from WW2 era, when different exile organisations were issuing them in big quantities.

    The name of the country was changed 1961 on Československá Socialistická Republika (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic), abbrevation ČSSR. In the years 1990 - 1992 the name was changed on Česká a Slovenská Federativní Republika, abbrevation ČSFR. Since 1992 the name is Česká Republika (Czech Republic), abbrevation ČR. All these abbrevations are used on medals.




  4. Hello,

    CSR means Czechoslovak Republic, not socialist. This was an official abbreviation of the country since 1918. I have never seen such a badge before but it seems to be so called patriotic badge, I estimate from WW2 era, when different exile organisations were issuing them in big quantities.




  5. Hello friends,

    one dealer is offering me  two  Chinese (?) orders. They are nice, I like them but I dont have any knowledge about this area. So I would highly appreciate replies on my following questions:

    • what is it

    • what are the correct ribbons, is it possible to buy them

    • what mean the  inscriptions on orders

    • originals or fakes

    • fair price






  6. Hello,

    I have finally received the book. Unfortunately I can not read Arabic but most probaly there  is not too much informations inside. Quality of pictures is poor, but I'm glad I have it, because there are several medals included that I  never seen elsewhere.

    I do not write this post here to tell you that I have also bought the book, but to show you the envelope in which it came:).





  7. Hello Daniel,

    the corect name is Order of Labor( no red). Your piece is from period of 1961 - 1989. Totaly 8 870 pieces were awarded. Before 1961 when the design was altered (ČSSR instead of ČSR) 1 531 pices were awarded. It is a question, whether orders with old symbols were used  after 1961 or not. After the fall of communist régime some 1 600 unawarded pieces remained in the Presidential office and were sold in a public auction. If you give me the number of order(I am not able to read it from your picture) I will give you the name of receipent. This order is common and sells at some USD 70,-. More details you can find here.





  8. Hello Paul,

    the Order of February 25, 1948 has been awarded once in 1949 on the occasion of the first anniversary of the communist takeover , mostly to members of the police and high party officials. Only very rarely it was awarded later. The order was managed by the Interior Ministry. After the fall of the comunist regime  in 1990,  one local dealer managed  to obtain unawarded specimens, blank diplomas and a list of awarded persons.I kept the list in my hands but I failed to buy it. To my surprise the list contained all details, ie. date, name, merits etc. but not the class of the order. So nobody knows how many stars of 1st class was awarded. The dealer was selling them for low prices. The first class at USD 100, -, what was more than the average monthly salary here, the bronze medal at USD 3,50 and a silver at USD 7, -. I have bought five stars and ten medals of each.

    However, the stars of the first class are rare, they are sold in auctions at USD 1 000,-. The bigest local dealer, Aurea Numismatika, is offering the star at USD 1 150,- , see


    Unfortunately I am not able to give you more details.




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