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  1. I will have a look and see if I can dig out of my records to see how much I paid for it but I did buy it with a early Order of a red banner of labour as shown earlier in this thread I think I would be to scared to sell it just in case! Mogul, that was a good point you made you earlier about getting the age tested at a jewellers, I will have a look into that and see how easy it would be to do Vic
  2. I am glad you like it :-) Its just a shame i will never know if its real or not It was interesting to see you item here, I do think they are great look pieces. What else do you have in your collection? Vic
  3. Hi Mogul, I have a large collection of soviet medals and order most of which is on various threads on this forum. To be honest with you I have not had a good look through my medals for a while! Vic
  4. I have been out of loop for while, so I do apologise now i things have changed in absence from the scene, But I think we will never be 100% sure weather some of these early soviet medals are genuine or not, every one will have there own opinion and personally I am happy to have them in my collection. I love seeing these early pieces and I think they are asset to any collection. Vic
  5. I must say I have been away for bit however I have always been a bit unsure of the partisan docs but would love to have a docs for Partisan 1st and 2nd Class Order of Victory
  6. I was going to attened the auction, but looks like I might be in France now, oh well there will always be another one Order of Victory
  7. How about this one then igors site http://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=18403 Order of Victory
  8. Very nice example I would think its more mid 60's as mine is 7925 and this was awarded in 1958 Order of Victory
  9. I like the way these uniforms were shown with the soviet symbols in back ground Order of Victory
  10. Hi Gaston, Its a pleasure to bring good news The motherhood medal books are realy hard to find so you are doing well with them, the Maternal Glory Books are relativley easy to find and then you have the Mother Heroine documents which are getting harder to find Regards, Order of Victory
  11. Hi jabnus, The darker color book is the order book for the Order of Maternal Glory 3rd Class as opposed to the 1958 book which for the medal No help on the names sorry Order of Victory
  12. Your right Ed, I cant wait This one should be a good one as judgeing by the serial list thread it should be a 1944 award Order of Victory
  13. Just got the email from researcher stating that the research is ready for this one Order of Victory
  14. Crazy or not Ed, just got the email from the researcher saying that research is ready for my docs Just got wait till it arrives now Order of Victory
  15. Here is the link to news video: http://www.russiatoday.ru/news/news/20198/video Order of Victory
  16. Soldiers in Russia will soon be looking sexier and sleeker, thanks to the talent of a top fashion designer. Valentin Yudashkin, whose clothes adorn catwalks across the world, is helping to design a modern uniform for the Russian Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defence thinks its time to upgrade the uniform to something trendier. ?The uniform hasn?t been changed since 1994. But now we need greater variety and better design for the regions,? army general Vladimir Isakov said. Well for Russian soldiers the time has come to hang up the furry hat and replace it with one pointier and sleeker. Jacket pockets are out, and shiny tassels are in. The regulation olive colour is so 2007, and now its all about aquamarine and little white gloves. ?The uniforms are modern, light and elegant, and, as I see it, very Russian. Young recruits should be at the cutting edge, they shouldn?t be deprived of anything and must be fashionable,? designer Valentin Yudashkin explained. Now Yudashkin?s new uniforms will be rolled out to the regions and tested, because while they might have the flair they must also withstand some hefty wear and tear. From Russia Today
  17. Here is something I have never seen before, it is Soviet State Bank Cash Pouch Its made of a thick materiral and has leather label on the outside and a leather pocket on the inside Now for the pics
  18. Hi Christian, Here is the acctual video which shows Merc and other vehicls that belongned to him: http://www.russiatoday.ru/features/news/19775/video It also shows the price but I was unable to catch it Order of Victory
  19. A posh black Mercedes 600 which once belonged to one of the longest-serving Soviet leaders, Leonid Brezhnev, is going under the hammer at auction in Germany. Since Brezhnev's death, thr owner of the car has been a mystery. The car?s next owner will be able to take a cruise in a piece of Soviet history. The communist leader was known for a passion for luxury, and the hand-made car was just one vehicle in his collection. In the 1960s the Mercedes 600 was believed to be the best ever vehicle in the world. The Pope, John Lennon and Chairman Mao were among its fans. Leonid Brezhnev ruled the Soviet Union from 1964 until his death in 1982, a period associated with the beginning of the USSR?s economic decay. As huge money continued to be poured into producing weapons, the country struggled to keep up with the west in the arms race. At the same time food and consumer goods began to disappear from shops. Leonid Brezhnev had to conceal his luxurious tastes. So, in public he only used Soviet limousines - the ZIL and the Chaika. But Brezhnev's infatuation with high-end cars was only a top secret for Soviet people. Western leaders were well aware of it. American President Richard Nixon presented him with a Lincoln, and the German Chancellor Willie Brandt with a cherry Mercedes. Taken from Russia Today
  20. Dam you have stumbled on my secret But some docs can be worht a lot of money, like the ones for Partisan Medals Order of Victory
  21. Gosh, that makes the 700usd I paid for mine a bargin Order of Victory
  22. Hi Christian, Here is a scan of my order book, I am not sure how well this has worked because I have done this on my new scanner BTW we building up a great picture here of when these were awarded Order of Victory
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