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  1. Gracias por el enlace. Lo hab?a buscado y no encontraba nada. Thanks for the web link. Best Regards.
  2. Hello Barry, May be you?re interested in this ebay item. He seems a serious seller with many portraits. http://cgi.ebay.es/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...ME:B:SS:ES:1123 Best wishes, Jes?s.
  3. Thanks Barry and congratulations for your purchases. Like medals, Beauty in so little measures.
  4. Beautiful pictures. Portraits were photographs of this era. Lovers used to wear them. What measures do they have? Thank you Barry.
  5. Hello Dan, Please,Can you explain your opinion? I?m beginning to become crazy... Happy Christmas.
  6. I agree with you Dave. The differences are quite important in all the aspects.
  7. Thank you everybody, specially Igor. This item was in eBay Germany and... I was not the winner...fortunately. I must tell you that your answers have arrived too late cause I sent one bid, but not too high. I wasn?t sure about this medal. Certainly the photographs shows a faded surface. Anyway, thank you gentlemen
  8. Hello Gentlemen, I?d like to know your opinions about this medal.
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