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  1. Owain, Thank you very much for the quick and thorough reply. Very much appreciated. I'm finding my self looking around for new fields to explore with the whole Mongolian field being basically dormant. Cheers, jan
  2. James, Curious if you know what that medal is you just posted? I’ve got the chance to buy one for about $25. Worth it? thanks Jan
  3. I would give it a big thumbs up. In the back there is a section with bios of some medal recipients. Mostly life saving but a nice read. jan
  4. Bophutatswana, faithful service prisons. (long service good conduct 10 years) wrong ribbon KwaZulu good service medal 10 year service I believe this is the same medal with an incorrect ribbon added for good old fashioned confusion. both are numbered on the edge.
  5. Bophutatswana, faithful service prisons. (long service good conduct 30 years) DIY paper ribbon is wrong,
  6. Gazankulu police star for merit. Worst star shape ever, but sure is pretty. KwaNdebele police 30 year faithful service medal. Lebowa police star for merit. (30 year service)
  7. Here is the Ciskei Decoration for Merit. Very shiny and almost impossible to photograph. I know you didn't ask for this one but I had the pictures handy so here goes. Ciskei medal for faithful service not sure if the ribbon is corect, but it looks like it might be original.
  8. One more. This is the Correctional sevices medal for merit from Kwazulu. I believe the ribbon is incorrect on both of ours. I read about the difference with yours just a few days ago but I can't find it anymore. I'll keep looking. jan This is the Insignia for bravery , Ciskei police with correct ribbon.
  9. Hi Marco, Thank you and sorry it's taken so long to reply. It's been a busy week. I'll post all the medals today and try to asnwer some of your questions. I'll start with the Bophutatswana defense force merit medal you posted. I've looked and unfortunately I have no answer why these are different. Yours seems to be the prototypical version and mine clearly is the odd one out. Quality is not bad and the stamping is pretty clean both front and rear. It might be a fake but my brother bought it in the mid 90's so who knows if they were faked that far back. The other option is it's something else. After all there is so much not know about these homeland medals. Jan Here are the closeup pictures of my version, difficult medal to photograph well. Jan
  10. Hi Bob, What do you think of this one? this is the one that sold recently.
  11. There’s a southern cross decoration hiding somewhere.... that and a police medal for bravery....
  12. Here are all the medals I have, let me know if any of these you’d like close ups of. jan Couple orders/medals missing from those pics... will try to get them tomorrow. jan
  13. Soooo, did anybody here win the real one that just sold for $4850? I topped out at an optimistic $4800. looking at you Bob jan
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