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  1. Hi Jonas E....If this is not a reproduction or fake, it is a Masonic Royal Arch Chapter jewel, struck 1794 and presented to Companion I.N. Ekerman (I suspect in 1797), the A.L. date should be 5794 and the scroll on the bottom should show ' Exalted' and the date ( appears to show something like 'Whestley Fecit Strand', which may be the Lodge/Chapter name). In those days lodges and chapters did a lot of their own designs before everything was standardised in the 1800's If the jewel is real it could/will be quite valuable...have it checked out here... http://freemasonry.london.museum/ G
  2. Manchester New Hampshire USA...York Rite Knight Templar. Might be able to identify here, contact him with your photo:- York Rite - Dennis A. Sheridan, Grand Secretary/Grand Recorder Grand Chapter, Grand Council and Grand Commandery PO Box 621 Littleton, NH 03561-0621 (603) 444-7195 dasheridan49@gmail.com
  3. The principles held dear by Odd Fellows are friendship, love, and truth (FLT). The principal Odd Fellows emblem is the three links, standing for the virtues of Friendship, Love, and Truth. The duties enjoined upon Odd Fellows are to visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan
  4. Looks like a watch fob, they regularly pop up on E-Bay and such in either gold or silver.
  5. Everyone probably know this site...sorry. I only found it last week and have really enjoyed reading many of the sections in miscellaneous and photo's www.maritimequest.com/
  6. Front page news, our local paper ...No place for war veteran Freddie Johnson, 91, at unveiling of Bomber Command memorial http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/ See also editors article on yorkshire hero's
  7. Have a dig around this site or simply google 'knights of pythias' Skulls_and_Bones
  8. KT in the USA bears no resemblance to the order this side of the pond AMORC....try this for information...http://www.amorc.org/wwdirectory/index.html
  9. Some Vid's on Freemasonry.... www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDLCRKLh8ds
  10. The Past Masters jewel...No 4624 Acanthus lodge meeting in Hope St, Liverpool. The charity jewels (Stewards) are for Province of W. Lancs...(blue for Royal Masonic Institute for Boys...White Girls)
  11. Don't think it is masonic...to me the ribbon suggests maybe Orange Order
  12. Should also add...The chain is his chain of office as 'sitting Primo', without the colour of the jewel ribbon can't say which it is. There are 10 RAOB Lodges meeting in Plymouth (all in the same building)...You will probably glean more information from the right secretary who will be able to identify the chain to a specific lodge. www.raobplymouth.co.uk/index2.html
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