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    Commonwealth medals to Danes.
    General Service Medal with Palestine 1945-48 clasp, to Airborne units.

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  1. Interesting subject! I had no idea that named could be listed in the above mentioned book. I have a medal named to “H V Rohden”. Any chance of him being in the book? Bjorn
  2. Canadian AFV and soldiers at a roundabout in Kabul, October 2005.
  3. I agree with Paddywhack. Post the the name on the medals, and it is possible that some on this forum can help you with his details. Bjoern
  4. Thanks for your comments! Much appreciated. I've just realised that the link posted in my research, is no longer valid. Here is a working link: http://ogcbs-new.test.technophobia.com/admin/files/Recovery%20and%20reburial%20in%201919.pdf Mervyn, you asked for further research to build up our knowledge - the above link might add a little. Bjoern
  5. I have decided to share this medal and write-up with you. Hope you enjoy the story of the man behind the medal. India General Service Medal 1908 with N.W.F. 1908 clasp to 8356 Private William Player 1st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers William Player was born December 15th 1882 at 36 Co-operation Street, Stafford, Staffordshire. His parents were Cordwainer Thomas Player (Born Bristol 1834) and Bookbinder Mary Player (Born Stafford 1838). William's father died in the second quater of 1886. William initially decided to follow the footsteps of his father, and was a ”Apprentice to
  6. Ricardo, The service number certainly suggest a R.A.O.C. enlistment (7574001 - 7657000 and 10530001 - 10600000). If I read the servicenumber correct, I would say that this is the LSGC awarded to 7582865 Jack Leslie Gates R.A.O.C. From Cadet to 2nd Lieutenant on 14th July 1945: http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/37236/supplements/4277 Relinguished his commission 7th January 1948: http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/38361/supplements/4237 There was two Jack Leslie Gates that fit the bill. First: born 23rd March 1911 Southwick, Sussex - Died July 1994. Second: born third quart
  7. Thanks Mervyn, All Danes in British service after the war was numbered between 14194900 and 14197400. So if anyone stumble over anything realting to these servicenumbers, please let me know. I my research I have found at least 25 Danes who became officers, 12 died in the service http://danes-at-war.dk/index.php/roll-of-honour and between 800-1000 saw service in Palestine, and was eventually awarded the above mentioned medal. Looking forward to further responses. Bjoern
  8. Some of you might know me from the British Medal Forum, but I would like to share this medal with you here on GIMIC. After the liberation of Denmark in May 1945, a special agreement between the British and Danish governments were made. This agreement made it possible for Danish citizen to enlist with the British Army. 2.449 Danes were accepted, and eventually served with 42 different British regiments, in 72 different locations, all over the world. Most Danes were discharged in 1948, but some became British citizens, and served for many years. At least one retired as a Brigadier in the
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