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  1. This long awaited medal looks like it will soon start to be issued for 20 yrs service like Police, Fire Service & Ambulance Service. It's being discussed on BMF, hopefully links work. They show image of the medal and the gazette entry. I wonder whether or not it will be issued to staff in private sector prisons who have the qualifying time (I have a friend who does aving started as HM Prison Service and head hunted into a Governor grade post in a privately run prison). Also, will it be issued to staff who are no longer in an operational post but have the qualifying years of service. e.g l
  2. Gents & not forgetting Ladies, Now that I have found out how to do links, I thought that I would show off my new found skill! Anyway, the below (links) which I found whilst browsing the internet may be of interest; as the qualification period for the Police LSGC being reduced to 20 yrs has now been announced in the London Gazette (which makes it even more official). Cheers, Jim http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Justice/public-safety/Police/Circulars/PoliceCircular6 http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/59482/pages/12881
  3. Thanks Mervyn. I've been lurking fo a while. My force is Avon & Somerset. I agree, brilliant photo of Robin's medals. Craig, that's exactly what my brother who is in TVP said. Cheers, Jim.
  4. This has just been posted on Police Oracle (sorry my computer skills don't stretch to links yet, I did try but for the reason of saving my sanity I gave up): Qualifying medal age reduced 04 Mar 2010 The Police Medal recognising long service will now be issued to those who have served for 20 years, rather than 22, the Home Office announced this week. The award now fits in with other emergency services and will be back-dated to January 19, 2010. Having long campaigned for this, Police Federation Chair Paul McKeever said: “The Federation is delighted that the qualifying age has be
  5. Leigh, That was an A & S officer and it was for common assault IIRC he resigned as a result of not getting the LSGC. I think also he was a member of the RNLI in Minehead where was a CBO. Cheers, Jim
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