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  1. Hi, its been a while! I've been a doing a bit of genealogy work on my grandfather's side of the family and just thought I would update this in case anyone was still around. My grandfather passed away last year in March, a couple months shy of his 95th birthday from pneumonia. He hadn't been very lucid in the past few years as he was suffering from Alzheimer's, but he was always cheerful and laughed a lot. And although it was pretty hard losing him, it was amazing to look back on his life and see all the adventures he had. So thanks to everyone who participated in this thread, its nice to
  2. Hi Christoffer! Thats so cool! Thanks for letting me know. I've told my Dad about this so he may be responding to you as he knows a bit more about what happened to my grandfather when he was in Sweden than I do (I mostly know some small stories). I'm not sure we know too much about what happened to Mr Wigginton though, he was an officer so my grandfather wasn't really allowed to meet up with him when they were in the prisoner of war camp, but I'll see what my Dad says. Ps. Its my grandfather's birthday this week and he's turning 94 so this was a perfect time for a message, Thanks!! R
  3. Hi Christer! Sorry for the late reply, I was hoping to show this thread to my grandfather before I replied to you so he could see the photo for himself. He was absolutely delighted and a little surprised to see it on the internet, he's not too big on computers so trying to navigate him through can be a little amusing. My parents were wondering if you still had the photo or if it would be possible to get a copy of it? We're having a 90th birthday party for him this May so it would really be nice to have a copy of it for everyone to see. They would be delighted to have a copy of the book you
  4. Hi all! I know this thread is a little old but my brother was recently randomly googling my grandfather and we happened upon this photo of him. He's the fine looking fellow on the right, Kenneth King! We've been slowly collecting bits and pieces of his story for a little while now and finding this photo online was very exciting. I'm happy to tell you all that Ken is still doing great and will be turning 90 this May. After he was repatriated in 1941 he was sent to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia where he met and later married my grandmother. He became a telegraphist-air gunner instructor at RCAF St
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