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  1. Does anyone know where can i buy five side suspensions for soviet and soviet like medals. I need a lot of them cca 100 pieces. Is here a factory that still produce them or does anyone know for some old stash... any help or info would be helpful
  2. So the topic will not sleep... SS dagger Meine ehre heisst treue, shortened and inscribed "SLOBODA ILI SMRT" or "Freedom or death" in english
  3. They were on the Franch side, Denmark infantry, i dont think any Denmark troops were at Waterloo in 1815, but they were allies. Whan i was talking with them they, sead they were from Trondheim and traveled 3 day with bus to get to Waterloo
  4. I also had the honour to be a part of these reenactment, I and my father were a part of Czech grup Gardecorps as the French young guard. As i usually reenact 1900-1950 era these was an amazing event, new tactic, new war doctrine, new commands... you can not describe the filing of march in a group, cavalry charges and musket fire... once in a lifetime event... Here is a short video i made with pictures i was able to take between the battle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jOVMkNePV4 also few pictures, Emperor before the battle, cavalry fight between france and the allies, attack on our squar
  5. Sadly i have not made any research for my soviet orders, but i have some pieces that i would like to know why were they awarde. (glory 2nd class 7780, patriotic war 1st class 16777 and 219946, october revolution 4049 and some others) but atm i dont have the money for research all i have goes in expanding colection.
  6. Is there just 2 variants of the Order of the Red Banner or 3. In my boosk i found that type 2 variant 1, has Mondvor mint mark and serial numbers cca. 20.000 to 21.100. And variant 2 has mint mark Monetny Dvor stamped separately serial ranges 21.400 to 82.300. But lately i heard some debates that there are 3 variants of type 2. What is the diferences and what is the serial number range? Here is my type 2 number 49.795, is it variant 2? or variant 3 as i was told lately? Thanks for the help.
  7. The owner of these medals was a medical officer lieutenant i think, was there a diferent badge for medics in navy and army. For what was badge exellent navy serviceman aworded best man (mabey best medic)in the company, battalion or for what.
  8. Hello Some time ago i got a group of medals all from one man most of them with booklets, but among them there are 2 badges that i cant find what they are, how rare, for what they were awarded and how many, and last the circa prise. one is 25 years victory but is it official i didnt find it in any orders and medals book., the other is "good navy fleet" or something these is all i know. Interesting thing is Medal for Combat service number is 2.550.800 but in the booklet they made a mistake and the number there is 2.250.800
  9. Order of glory 2nd class and order od the October revolution (the sickle and the hammer fell down and were made again by the previous owner)
  10. Order of the GPW 1st class- 1 tipe. The order was damaged and repaird by the man who won the order.
  11. I am a member of these forum for some time now, but i did not have a time to take photos of my medals and orders and put it all here. Could you tell me your opinion abouth the medals. All of them are originals or at least i think they should be, if you spot anything please tell me. Order of the red banner 2nd tipe 2nd variant
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