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    Collector of Police hats, uniforms, badges, world wide., but main interest Malta badges

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  1. It is also quite common to wear your father's medals on the right side during a parade !!
  2. You are all forgetting the Malta Police Force, which was formed on the 12th July 1814..making it the Second oldest and not the Metropolitan Police !!
  3. On the same subject of warrant card, I have two old Malta Police warrant cards, one dated 1925 while the other is dated 1931, which I will be happy to share with you all !!
  4. Hi Mervyn, Have no idea, but if I contact the Red Cross, do you think they would still have some records ?? Joe
  5. I also have one of these tags, but mine unfortunately the POW died, so it's only one piece !! i would be happy to post a scan of the one that I have..if only I know how !!
  6. Monty, Have you tried contacting the Metropolitan Police Museum !! I am sure they will be able to help you out. Joe
  7. UNRRA stands for United Nation Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
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