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  1. ZUPELLI Giacinto, from Sequals (Udine, nowadays Pordenone Province) - NB: the birthplace of Primo Carnera in 1906, and his death/burial place too) Sargeant infantry regiment, n° 51876. "Having gathered several groups of soldiers belonging to various units, he rushed to a trench severely threatened by the enemy, providing valuable help to the defenders, who were about to be overpowered. Sober, 11 October 2016 (almost exactly 100 years ago) "
  2. BARACHI Cassa, from Emberti (Hamasen), ascari 9th batallion Eritrean native troops, n° 19441. "In a furious batallion's bayonet counter attack, they distinguished themselves as first (can also be translated with " amongst the first") for audaciousness and courage, falling victims of their duty. Zuetina, 12 March 1914
  3. Hello Gunner 1, Would this be the book? It comes in several volumes, one per year of the Great War. Not difficult to find on the Italian market. Regards
  4. Here is another nice specimen, also a 2nd War of Independence (1859) award, but of the Sardinian type, i.e. Guerra contro l'Impero d'Austria (impressed) model, engraved to an Italian bersagliere. Engraved, it is much scarcer than the Guerre d'Italie model to Frenchmen. Paolo Sézanne, and other sources, quote the following figures: 2471 silver medals to Italians (thus, the impressed Guerra contro l'Impero d'Austria type), 8000 to the French Government for concession to French troops.
  5. The engraving is to an Officier d'Administration Comptable, an Accountant Officer. Seldom seen, at least I have never seen any other similar. I will post the details I have about the engraving rules, very interesting. Or did you mean the guy's history? Meanwhile, find attached another nice 1859 Valore Militare medal, different engraving style. Also have his history.Enjoy.
  6. Since many nice pictures of al Valore Militare medals for the Italian 2nd War of Independence (1859) circulate on the forum, I thought it would be interesting to add this one: it is an unusual engraving, with "Armata d'Italia 1859" instead of the usual "Guerre d'Italie 1859". I have the recipient's history from French archives, a very interesting career, I must say; the medal has been in my collection for more than 20 years and comes from a reputed dealer; type is F.G., engraving is correct, identical to many other 1859 specimens of my collection and I have no reason to doubt about its origina
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