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  1. I thought that at first, but the text on the back is the right way up? So only the front is upside down...
  2. Gents, another variation for you. I can't find another image of this type on the internet. Anyone else seen one with the swords this way round?
  3. Hi, I recently bought this collection of items. I don't usually collect Polish awards, however, I am a sucker for a good documented group. This seemed to be really complete and not a 'put together' set. The group seems to be fully documented, but note the change in name from 1948 to 1965. The original recipient seems to have altered part of his name and then dropped the German part (Gintter) altogether. Is this common? Regarding the medals they are the Order of Polonia Restituita (Member), Gold Cross of Merit, Medal for the War of 1939, Baltic, Oder & Neisse Medal, Freedom
  4. Last ribbon on the fourth row appears to be the Tunisian Order of Nichan Iftikhar. British field marshals (Montgomery included) also received this award.
  5. Hello all, I bought this group from a Polish dealer about a year ago. I'd like to know whether you think it's a genuine group or a put together? The group consists of: Top row: Order of Polonia Restituita Merit Cross 1st Class Cross of Valour Partisan's Cross Merit Cross 2nd Class 30th Anniversary of PRL Liberation of Warsaw Medal Medal for Victory and Freedom Bottom row: Medal for Victory and Freedom Capture of Berlin Fire Fighting Merit Gold Medal for Defence of the Motherland Silver Medal for Defence of the Motherland Bronze Decoration for Merit in Protection of Pub
  6. Mervyn, I thought I'd let you know how I got on with finding a valuation for this. I contacted Christies as you advised. They got back to me within a few days stating that they had very few records of any troopers swords for sale (they mostly sell the higher end officer's types) so a valuation would be very difficult. They asked for my number, which I provided a couple of times, but no further response. I also contacted Wallis and Wallis, no response. I tried several edged weapon dealers - one who informed me it was a fake and he wouldn't go anywhere near it and another who offered
  7. Interesting analysis. I had missed the fact that the order of the ribbons was not 100%. You're right - the frontier service medal and the 800th anniversary of Moscow medals are in the wrong places. Is this a common occurrence? I would guess though that the military merit medal is for 10 years service and that one of the red stars is for 15. The other two red stars are likely to be decorations of some kind during WW2 the 1950s. The Order of the Red Banner of Labour, whilst predominately a civil award was also given to members of the armed forces. I remember seeing a documentary which inclu
  8. As requested - non-photobucket photo. Lukasz is on the money as ever! I think the two 'red' (???) ribbons that were not identified are for the 90th anniversary of G. Dimitrov's birth (1882-1972) and for the 30th Anniversary of the Liberation of Czechoslovakia (1944-1974). I have a photo of another large group from the Central Museum of the Armed Forces in Moscow which includes these awards and as these ribbons appear after the Bulgarian and Czech awards that's my guess.
  9. Another possibility is the Egyptian Medal for Bravery. Again it's not a perfect match (similar colours to the Syrian medal above) http://s1106.photobucket.com/albums/h361/vladtheman03/Egyptian%20Medal%20Ribbon/ Taken from the Catalogue of Order Ribbons of Russia and Overseas Nations, Moscow, 2009.
  10. If you need any better photos or edge shots let me know...
  11. If that were the case I'd agree, but the last one is for the 20th Anniversary of the Cuban Armed Forces....
  12. Apologies for not picking this up again. I need to find some photos of that group and post the story. I'll probably create a new thread for that. Strictly speaking it's a standard British group for service between 1915 and 1919, it just happens that the recipient served on one of the first aircraft carriers (HMS Pegasus) in North Russia in 1919. He later went on to serve in Iraq with the RAF in 1920. It would be nice to get some discussion going on the other medals for the interventionist forces, the Japanese struck a special variation of the war medal to cover operations in the far ea
  13. Hi all, I couldn't resist posting this ribbon bar I picked up about half a year ago. There are 39 awards in total - can you identify them all??? http://s1106.photobu...20Ribbon%20Bar/ We guess the rank is somewhere between Major and Colonel General of Engineers or a Technical Branch of some kind - note no military Orders of the Red Banner and no Lenins either... Good patina to it, so I believe it to be authentic, particularly with the lack of very high orders and the number of foreign awards... It's a distinctive group...perhaps someone can identify the recipient?
  14. Hello all, This has been in my collection for almost 15 years now. I didn't pay much for it and believed it, at the time, to be 'a really good fake'. This was mainly because all the original versions I had seen online were much more worn, with the gold plate to the obverse having almost completely dissapeared. Some years down the line I found a site which had some detail regarding numbers of Orders of Glory. This one has a high number for a 2nd class (44,352), which seems to put its award date sometime in the 1960s. If it's a fake it's very well made, silver, gilt and complete wi
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