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  1. The document from his service in the 1st US Vol. Cav, has an ink stamp to the top left...which might be for the award for the Spanish War Service Medal #18880. Howard
  2. Hi Gents, From what I've learned, a "well known" dealer from Pennsylvania bought the cross. And he didn't buy it for an"ebay" discount! Maybe we'll get to see it in person at the MAX show. Cheers, Howard
  3. Hello Paul, Von Falkenhorst was determined to be guilty of Hitler's commando law, where as any Resistance member or commando's were sentenced to death. Von Falkenhorst being commander of Norway was guilty because of his rank. I'm not sure if he actually signed any of the death warrents....however he was the CO. His death sentence was commuted in 1953(?) due to poor health. As to the GCiS, I have no knowledge. Cheers, Howard
  4. Hello TS Allen, To my recollection......around 30-40 of this rank. I'd need to go back through my reference pile to find the proper number. Cheers, Howard
  5. Hello Paul, Here a great link to his service record. http://www.geocities.com/~orion47/WEHRMACH...T_NIKOLAUS.html Cheers, Howard
  6. Hello Gents, Just curious how important are size and weight measurements of original pieces? Would this also help to determine authentic from reproduction? Interesting thread, looking forward to hearing the outcome of Mike's PLM. Cheers, Howard
  7. Hardy, Thanks for posting the photo. Yes, Falkenhorst was awarded the German Cross...and was fired / relieved of command by Hitler. Thanks for your help. Regards, Howard
  8. Thanks Rick, I spent many hours of research on this tunic, and like you Falkenhorst was the only possible owner. However, all the photographs I have found show him in overcoats as Commander of Norway. Still haven't found the prefect photo......! Maybe someday? Thanks for your help! Howard
  9. Hello Rick, Correct, there are NO loops for a German Cross. Loops for EK 1st, and EK 1st Spange to center of pocket, and 2 badges to either side of the cloth Johanniter Oder. Also 6 loops above pocket for long ribbon bar. The large size of the tunic suggests the owner was between 6 foot and 6 foot 3-4. Not to plump. Decent physical build, est. size at around a US 44. Rick, if your attending the MAX show I can bring it with me. Regards, Howard
  10. Hello Gents, I own a very nice GeneralOberst tunic that is not named. The tailor tag inside the pocket was removed. Being this is such a high ranking general, I have narrowed the possible owners to a half dozen possible choices just by the award of the cloth Johanniter Oder. Is there any other way to narrow it further? The tunic is a larger size, near a 44R US. If anyone needs more information please let me know. Thank you, Howard Kelley
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