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  1. Thanks for this information and advice gents. Much appreciated. Kevin.
  2. Hi Gents, I wonder if there is anyone who can assist me please - I am trying to find out any information about a PC William Soper who served in the Metroplitan Police in the mid-19th Century. The exact dates are not known but he was born in 1831 and died in 1916. I have the fantastic book by Jim Kemp - “The Metropolitan Police The Men and their medals. Vol. 1” which does list an officer of that name but the period of service is too late (1884 - 1907) to be the man I am trying to research. Anything you can tell me would be much appreciated. He was the G/Great Grandfather of a fri
  3. Many thanks indeed. I’m happy these two have been together for a very long time and have personal experience of police spelling prowess...when I retired after 34 yrs the cut-glass fruit bowl they gave me had my name (Elliott) misspelled. Makes you feel really appreciated. On a plus note - I moaned, so now have two gathering dust in the loft! Kind regards.
  4. Sorry, should have realised that it was a common name, so the extra detail is needed...on the 1902 he is shown "P.C." and "V Div." Hope that helps. Kind regards, Kevin.
  5. Good afternoon Gentlemen, Can anyone assist me please with information about a pair of Metropolitan Police Coronation medals I have - they are a bronze 1902 Edward VII and a silver George V (1911), named to:- W. CLARKE & W. CLARK (no "E") respectively. Both are swing-mounted to a bar, which has some age to it, so I believe belong together and are not a "put together", inspite of the two different spellings. Many thanks in anticipation. Kevin.
  6. Many thanks for link and info ayedeeyew. So, according to the site, it dates from 1909 (244 Barr St address) to 1922 (stopped using patent stamp), which is useful. I know whose whistle it was, I just wondered if the number was his collar number. I didn't realise the actual whistles were numbered. The website is really good. I didn't realise there was such interest and information about such a humble object. Kind regards, Kevin.
  7. I wonder if anyone can help me...as a retired officer I was recently given an old police whistle, which the donator thought would be of interest to me. Joining in the early 70's, these had already disappeared from my forces uniform and I never had one of my own. It is a standard "The Metropolitan" model, stamped with a (collar?) number 2717 and also stamped "London City Police". It has the makers name J. Hudson and address 244 Barr St., Birmingham. On the top, it is stamped "Patent 5727.08" A quick Google suggests that this makers address dates it post-1908, and I understand the pa
  8. That's interesting Chris - an expensive buckle! How would my artillery buckle compare in terms of rarity, as I'm not familiar with any of these Boer War uniform items? Thanks in anticipation, Kevin.
  9. That's a neat photo Paul. You can see belt buckles...is that the one I wonder? Kevin.
  10. Hello Piekenier, Many thanks for the picture of the Major and the photo of the actual artillery unit. Strange what turns up in remote places, isn't it? I hadn't realised my luck the day I spotted it in the shop. I don't collect anything specifically, other than Japanese swords and fittings, but pick up any interesting items along the way - as you can usually swap or part exchange for something you like. Can you give me an approx valuation for this item please? Regards, Kevin.
  11. Hi Paul, Yes, that makes sense. Good tip, thank you. It seems someone probably took the higher grade award from mine and replaced it with a lower class. I'll try and rectify that in time. There are so many pitfalls for the new-comer in any field of collecting. Regards, Kevin.
  12. Many thanks Andreas. I'll keep my eyes open for a 2nd class award. I appreciate all the help you have given me. Regards, Kevin.
  13. Here you go Andreas. I've also done a close up of the two maker-marked medals. The EK is marked "S-W". Hope this helps. Anything you can tell me appreciated. Also, if the other two bars look ok, could you please let me know. Good or bad, I want to know.
  14. Can you show me exactly which (ideally with a photo) class of MVK you would expect to see. I may try to source the medal and correct this situation. Thanks in anticipation. Kevin.
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