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  1. shanghaigirl , I guess I lost track of this forum . I will check through my badges and list them. I dont know how long he served but he was resident in Shanghai until he was interned by the Japanese and released in 1945. If you go to my Donnelly blog http://iadonnelly.blogspot.com/ early on in the archive are some photos of Donnelly as a volunteer fireman. Also there you will see a photo of shelves of my China collection which shows the International Settlement flag. If you are interested in getting in touch directly my e mail is apbfam@sbcglobal.net Tony
  2. Hi Shanghai Girl - this is nothing to do with this thread but years ago you posted elsewhere an enquiry abou Shanghai Volunteer Corps items because you were writing a book on the Corps . I saw your post a long time after and responded but you must have moved on ( perhaps to this forum ?) because I never heard back .Did you ever complete the book ?? With respect to this thread my grandfather Ivon A Donnelly was a member of the Corps in the early 1900s and I have a good few photographs of him in uniform and a collection of SVC badges. I also have a Shanghai International Settlement flag that I
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