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  1. Top one with the burnish mark aroud the face and arm 37532 W Lowrie, second one 36976 J Donald just wondering if anyone has seen such a mark before on the first badge it looks like it may have been in contact with some sort of acid type liquid? p.s. both ribbons are replacements.
  2. Hi All Would love any comments on these two QSA's both to Scottish Horse: second one: cheers Mike
  3. Hi All Can anyone tell me what unit would have worn this badge, could be a Boer War Slouch cap badge or shoulder title. I think the reverse may have had the pins replaced? cheers Mike
  4. Thanks Mike I asked because most of of the pics on google show them wearing the sun helmet and indeed Peter has this one: http://www.victorianwars.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1359 so was just a bit concerend that I have identified the unit correctly? Mike
  5. Lee where on earth did you get all these!??? Its a fantastic collection and I would say extremely rare! cheers Mike
  6. Does anyone know if paget's horse also wore the slouch cap. I have a boer war photo album where some of the pics are titled 51st Co IY which I think means Paget's Horse, but they are all wearing slouch hats?
  7. Mervyn Yes you saw b4, i posted prior to purchase but no replies, so I went ahead and bought it and glad I did, I see nothing wrong with it at all, its a reall beauty, its 35mm in diameter and checked this with another collector - pukka! I did think it was a collar badge but I dont think the SH worse these. The yellow flash is a big bonus indicating the 1st SH! cheers Mike
  8. Been a long time coming but here is my 1st SH slouch hat badge:
  9. Latest purchase 1st Scottish Horse Scout action at Blomfontein: This is a carbon copy retained by by the sender - a 'Capt. Cecil E. Rice', Officer in charge of the Scouts section.
  10. I have no reason to beleive this is a SH shoulder tab, I advise potential buyers to avoid, unless you know diffrent! http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1438.l2649 cheers Mike
  11. Lovely helmets, l lament the merging of the famous Scots Regiment though, a very sad period, makes collecting helmets such as these more worthwhile I feel!
  12. At long last I have one! Picture to follow, empty of course but a very nice tin in worn but good condition! cheers Mike
  13. Mervyn Got to disagree and agree I guess! The badge you posted is Scottish Horse but post Boer War. The badge I have posted is likely to be Boer War period. There were at least 2 different versions made by the blacksmiths and armourers etc. during transit to SA or immediately after arrival and none of these had the laurel which was awarded post Boer War. This is likely to be a true Boer War badge but want several opinions of course! Mike
  14. Hi and sorry for hijacking this thread but i cannot post new forum entries due to the 'tag' box restricting me! Its been reported to the mods, so i chose a very old thread to hijack! I would like opinions on this badge - real deal or fake? apologies for the hijack but did not have anby other way to post! cheers mike
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