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  1. Jep, the two awards and the award document came directly from my great grandfather (Bernhard Fuchs, the father of my grandma). He also got the EK 2 1914 and the WW1 Honor Cross during WW1. best wishes from Germany Florian
  2. The Recipient: My great grandfather during 3rd Reich.
  3. Inspired by your last post here?s my "Bavarian State award for True Service" for 25 Years + the extremly rare award document. Comes directly with one other bavarian non-portable award from my family (great grandfather). best wishes from Germany Florian
  4. Example 2 but still my favourite photo at the moment. NSDAP and HJ Leader.
  5. Is it now possible to post some pics of the DAF tunic, Gordon? thank you regards florian
  6. DSB = Deutscher S?ngerbund http://www.saengerbund.de/
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