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  1. Hi, Does anyone know of a shop that restores enamel rays on orders? thank you
  2. You very welcome. The medal itself is also very hard to find and rare.
  3. Hi - This is indexed an iranian Pahlavi era medal of cooperation. for ribbons please refer to following site: http://www.medals.pl/ir/ir1.htm
  4. The literal transliteration from farsi is "Imperial Naval Force". It is a hat from Imperial Iranian Navy.
  5. Vow!!! what an awesome mini. Thank you for the post.
  6. hmmm good question Mike. I can't think of any! Your theory about medallion coming loose could be the case. Somehow i tend to think that it is more of maker's error. Of course i have no evidence of that. just a gut feeling.
  7. Thanks Mike. The center medallion is firmly in place and does not rotate whatsoever. Also, of course one can definitely tell which side is up and which down by looking at the enamel painting in front.
  8. I recently noticed that the hook and pins on the back of the attached Phalavi order are placed side ways. That is they are not in the same direction vis-a-vie the front of the medal. The pins and the hook of the medal are placed side ways! Would these orders end up as rejects by manufacture - in this case Arthus Bertrand. Untitled22.pdf
  9. This is the so called bravery medal. Excellent question about the writings on the rim. I have been trying to decipher it for past half an hour but can't quite figure out some of the words. The writing is very cryptic..i will continue to look into it..
  10. thank you for asking.. just been very busy with work lately.
  11. This one is rare. This is from the last shah of Qajar dynasty - Ahmad Shah. There are many of these medals that were issued during Naserdin and Mozzaferdin shahs and are readily available. There are very few Ahmad shah. Definitely a keeper.
  12. Thank you. I noticed that the one posted in irangohar site comes with a suspension hook whereas the one ebay does not. I also saw another one a while back which does not have the hook.
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