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  1. thanks for your responses Trooper_D and Peter. Much appreciated. Stew
  2. I recently bought a silver pocket watch on a New Zealand on line trading platform. Of interest to us on this Forum is an inscription on the back of the watch { SERGT. DR F. G. Lemon 2/6 R.Warwick Regt France 1916 } The watch has Birmingham silver Hallmarks from 1915. The watch inscription refers to 6th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. I noted that this regiment was involved in France in 1916 at the battles of Somme and Fromelles. I am interested in learning a bit more about Sargeant Doctor F G Lemon. I am wondering if someone on this forum can provide me with any details of F G Lemon's military service record, or suggest a way for me to obtain his military service record.? I attach a photo of the back plate of the watch which as you will note is has the barely legible inscription. Thanks in advance. Best Regards,Thomas
  3. Hi Dave, thank you very much for your assistance in my research on Oberst Hans Vogt. Very helpful!!! I attach a copy of the report from WASt - Deutsche Dienstelle , and the Deutsches Rotes Kreus . The details that you obtained fill in a lot of spaces. Could I ask you to scan the details that you copied and send them to stewart@ covenant.co.nz img-3111635-0001.pdf
  4. I have now received a 2 page service record from Deutsche Dienstelle on Oberst Vogt , but there was no information on his medals and decorations. I enquired and was told i should contact Bundesarchiv - Militärarchiv,Wiesentalstr.Freiburg for this information. Has anyone experience with this organisation? Any comments would be welcome.
  5. Hello GMIC members, The list below((1) -(vi) are taken from photgraphs of the top prism covers of military German binoculars from a quick page turn from Stephen Rohan's Guide to Hand Held Military Binoculars. My guess is that the numbers on the prism covers represent a specific military district . Perhaps Germany was divided into various districts and numbers were allotted? This interim conclusion is based on information from an Optics Forum member from Wehrmacht-Awards .com . He said that M.A.Aa. 647 was Flensburg ( which is on the Danish Border in North Germany) If this is the case, then there may be historical records available to cover not just M.A.Za. but also the following related categories see (i) -(v) below.: (i) Scheinw.u. Fluwa. Nr 6943 Searchlight and sound locator) (ii) M.S.S. 238 ( Marine Signal station?or Marine search light spotter) (iii) Flak.(Küste) Nr 4288 ( coastal flak) (iv) N 1268 ( North Sea Fleet marking on eraly war KM binoculars) (v) Artl. Nr.1833a ( early war KM binoculars) (vi) M.A.Za. 647 (Marine Artillerie Zeug amt ) My question is was Germany divided into numbered military districts during WW2, and if so where can I obtain this information. Thank you.:whistle:
  6. I have made enquiries with Deutsches Rotes Kreuz who had POW details of Oberst Vogt . The returnee card confirmed that Hans Vogt returned to Germany from Soviet captivity on December 14 1955. The Red Cross letter detailed periods of captivity in six specified POW camps in Georgia,Ukraine and Siberia. I guess these were labour camps. Of special interest to me was the period between May 1945 to September 1945 when Han Vogt was at "Elsterhorst /Hoyerswerda." These are also described in the Red Cross letter as "Soviet POW camps" I understand from my subsequent searches that Elsterhorst /Hoyerswerda is near Dresden (then Soviet controlled E Germany) ,. My question is about Elsterhorst /Hoyerswerda - was this a "Soviet POW camp" during the period May 1945 to September 1945? If it was Soviet controlled - I guess the German soldiers interned in this camp in 1945 could count on a career in the Soviet labour camps? Thanks.
  7. Thank you Jens, I cannot decipher the attachment. Can you tell me what decorations Gm Vogt held as at May 1925. Thank you
  8. Glenn, thanks for that. where do I go to for a full service record including decorations? Stew
  9. Hi GMIC members, I would like to obtain service record information on Oberst Vogt. I visited his grandson in Germany last month and obtained the following info. from the ahnentafel and family : Hans August Paul Friedrich VOGT Born 12.8.1905 Juterbog (Berlin) Died 9.8 1975 Hannover Buried Hauptfriedhof Braunschweig. Rank Oberst (Heer, World War 2) Captured in Russia and interned as a POW. Returned to Germany in 1955 . Awards received EK1 (1940) The family gifted me his EK1 (see attachment) on the back of this EK is scratched : " Hptm VOGT, S.Art.Abt.616 Wittes 31.5.40 " researches by me indicate that Schwere Artillerie Abteilung 616 was probably one of the heavy artillery units pounding the French and British at Dunkirk during the evacuation. (Wittes is about 30 kms from Dunkirk and Calais)Also s.Art.Abt616 was later tranferred to Russia and in January 1943 it was destroyed at Stalingrad. Any help or assistance in learning any further details about Oberst Vogt will be gratefully received !! best regards,Stew PS Oberst Hans Vogt's father was Generalmajor Ludwig Vogt who was a field artillery officer during WW1.
  10. I am a newby and need advice on where to progress my search for a SERVICE RECORD on GENERALMAJOR VOGT. I hope that this is the correct GMIC forum to ask for help? I have been to Germany last month and met GM Vogt's great grandson . To date I have obtained the following information from the family records and ahnentafel : Ludwig VOGT Rank Generalmajor - German Army , World War 1 Born 10.3.1873,Kaiserlautern(Pfatz) Died 8.8.1957, Berlin,Wilmersdorf . Buried Parkfriedhof Bln,Lichterfelde. Awards received EK1 Any further information and particularly his service record or advice on how to progress my search will be most welcome. I attach a photo of GM Vogt (sorry for the poor quality) best regards, Stew
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