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    I run the Empire to Commonwealth Project and therefore have an interest in any pictorial data for this time frame. I also love history and have a number of hobbies.
  1. Hi Mervyn, Hugh Bomford also runs Contact! Contact! a Rhodesian services magazine and he's been very helpful with my insignificant project. Just thought ye would like to know. Regards, + Anthony
  2. Hi Mervyn, I run the Empire to Commonwealth Project - and I'm after an image of the Chaplain's Corp belt. I wonder if you could send me a photo of it, please? If I show ye the page I have already done:http://empiretocommonwealth.webs.com/rhodesianarmysm.htm However ... I wonder if I could have a set of your images - as your belts show the buckles as well - would that at all be possible? I ALWAYS credit and would be pleased to link to a web page of your choice. Kind regards, + Anthony
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