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  1. I recently bought at a fair in Germany a MBE (1st type) with box of issue. Because of the colour of the medal I wonder if it is really a MBE (just in a worn out - toned - condition) - or is it a OBE ?? Can anybody help ?? Many thanks Joerg
  2. [ FS - \'FS-mark\'.pdf FS - makers mark.pdf
  3. I'll try it again. It's the second pattern I suppose. Best regards Joerg FS - crossguard.pdf
  4. and here are some photos of the above mentioned dagger FS - \'FS-mark\'.pdf FS - makers mark.pdf
  5. In an auction in Germany a Fairbairn-Sykes dagger was offered. There is no "arrow" or other inspection mark stamped on the weapon. The crossguard ist stamped ' H.G. LONG & Co. OSS DAGGER SHEFFIELD ENGLAND' . One side of the blade is stamped with the usual "F-S"-mark (The F S Fighting Knife) the other side is stamped with a makers mark. Because of the lack of the arrow I presume the weapon was never in use with the UK-Forces. The mention of "ENGLAND" in the makers stamp on the crossguard suggests that is was ment for export. The stamp "OSS DAGGER" indicates that is was made for the US-Forces. About the OSS-daggers I herad sometimes the opinion that they are of poor quality, because the US-Government paid less for the production, than the UK-MoD. On the other hand it is a sheffield production. Despite collecting British militaria I am not a expert in British fighting knives. So after all - how much should I spend for the dagger ??
  6. and last but not least a photo of the makers mark
  7. another photo of the breech
  8. A friend of mine recently bought several british militaria - along with other this gun (see picture). It has a 11 mm-caliber and probably is a kind of 'Zündnadel'- system (I don't know the English expression). The octogonal barrel is stamped: 'J.VENABLES & SON ST. ALDATES OXFORD' Does anybody exactly know what it is ? Thanks for Your help. Joerg
  9. A friend of mine recently bought several militaria - along with other items a pistol (see picture). It is probably a .22 caliber and has a patentee-mark on the left side of the barrel. The barrel ist stamped on top: ' ARMY & NAVY . C . L . S . LONDON . ' Does anybody exactly know what it is ? Thanks for Your help. Joerg
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