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  1. Bill, It might not be a fake, but possibly a veteran's replacement, a repaired/altered original or just a local made edition or a veteran's 'DIY' award. Pure speculation on my part but I've learned to assume nothing with some national awards. Most of the first major Chinese formations that entered the war in October-November 1950 were stationed in Manchuria and NE China and so many soldiers were eligible for that campaign medal as they had fought there in the civil war, so this medal is frequently associated with Korean War groups. I wouldn't break it out from the rest of the group and w
  2. Dimitris, Kevin Ingraham here. The book sold out very fast and is only available in used book stores and usually at inflated prices. I recently started writing its replacement and have a publisher lined up. If you must have the old book, I know of a store in Kingston, Ontario, Canada with one. (the look on the clerk's face when I ID'ed myself as the author was worth the drive up there 8>) Simply, there is so much new information available now and from better, more primary sources than I had back in the early '90s, and some of it inspired by my book, that I can't re-release the original
  3. Ed, Many thanks for the corrections and details. I am now hard at work on the new book - there's just too much new and better information out now for me to call it a revision anymore. I'll be contacting you offline very soon. Thanks to all. Oh, Jeff, just like the old times, I'll be calling soon 8>)
  4. Brett, If you are still following this thread, I'm the guy behind the book. You should have read the whole thing ;>) India is one of the nations that did not request a local language coinage and so recieved the english language coinage by default. I appreciate the kind description of my old work! An updated version should be out in a year or so, if I don't get sidetracked again. Anyone with good quality color photos of Indian Korea groups or singles for the new edition, please contact me. I wouldn't mind buying some 60 Para Fld Amb, RIAMC, material for my own Korean War collection
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