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    My main interests are Firearms, Railways, Custom made Swords and the BSAP.
  1. This was in the second set of Senior Asst. Commissioner's Uniforms I purchased. I have had a request to post it so here it is. Happy Holidays Robert
  2. Thank you Mervyn, That does make the most sense. By the way, there was a beautiful Brocade Sword belt included that would have gone well with that hanger you had for sale a few years back.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the input. I purchased these several years ago from a younger man in the UK. He claimed to know nothing about their history, There are no names. Included were several sets of insignia both reserve and regular included in the box. It is very possible that someone replaced the hat badge with a different one, I'll just put the proper hat badge on. The sun helmet had an enameled one on it also. The Khaki uniform is lighter than it shows in the photo. I'll put up better ones when the weather clears. I don't know what to say about the colored underlay. It is a very
  4. Hi, Well a little outside the post about badges, but I do still have these items left. There was a sun helmet, but I passed it on. There are a few more badges, but I guess they are packed away at present. This came as a group, so I don't know if there are any issues with the tunics. There is also a Northern Rhodesian Mess Jacket even if there were police links in the past, I didn't include it. Sorry the light was bad and they turned out poorly, but the weather isn't too good now. Robert
  5. Thank you Mike. It is really different than the gold coloured one that came in the box. This has no attachment points. Do you know what uniform it went with? I thought the gold one went with the Mess Jacket. Robert
  6. Hi, I recently purchased another set of uniforms belonging to a Senior BSAP officer. In the box of misc odds and ends was this item. I don't think it is a cummerbund as there was one in the box. This item is about 44 inches long and 6 inches wide. In the middle on one edge is a stitch about one inch long that slightly causes the material to pucker. It isn't in any of my books, so just wondering. Any help appreciated. Robert
  7. Hi, Just to be sure I want to confirm the dates for two helmet plates I have. One is Black and Silver, Kings Crown with the letters BTC in the middle. The other is Black and silver, Queens Crown with the old "British Rail" insignia in the middle. It is a bit hard to locate this info in the US. I am not a collector of these items, but was given a LNER and BTC helmet by a fellow officer in the UK, plus the extra plate many years ago. Your help is appreciated. Sincerely Robert fruitcop@frontier.com
  8. Hello 1314, Thank you for the information. It has been a great help. Regards Robert
  9. Hi, I would much appreciate information as to the colour of the Sam Browne belt worn with both the blue and khaki European Offices tunics. My photos are all in black and white and not the best quality so I can tell if they are brown or black. Thank you Robert fruitcop@frontier.com
  10. In these many years I've done a bit of everything. Born in the US, I spent the summers of my youth in Essex, UK. Served in the USAF Security Police, Army Counterintelligence, various state and federal law enforcement agencies, and currently work for the Dept of Homeland Security, stationed in the Pacific Northwest.

  11. Hello Brett, Thanks for your comments. I really haven't had time to research very much. I just know his basics. That being: Dennison Harvey SANDERSON, No 4138, joined August 29, 1948 >>>retired July 2, 1980 as Senior Assistant Commissioner. I have read that he has passed away. As bad weather comes. I will try to run up more info. Regards Robert
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