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  1. Nice collection of Victorian medals keep it up...…. Mike
  2. Possible pre SAC service...… This is the only C.O. Jackson I could find in FMP..... Mike First name(s) Charles Osburn Last name Jackson Service number 154 Rank Trooper Regiment B Squadron Rhodesian Regiment Rolls WO100/266 page 250 Literary references The National Archives WO127. Nominal rolls colonial units. Biography - Notes QSA Clasps: RoM, OFS, T, R Country Great Britain Record set Anglo-Boer War Records 1899-1902 Category Military Service & Conflict Subcategory Boer Wars Collections from Great Britain, UK None
  3. Check this thread on the Boer War web site, in some cases there are even pictures...... https://www.angloboerwar.com/forum/boerpow Mike
  4. Hello J...... No I have the medal roll for the Black Watch from 1801 to 1911 and found him there..... If you are really interested in the Boer War and the QSA I suggest that you might like to join the following forum...… www.angloboerwar.com Mike
  5. Did some more digging in a different location..... 7392 Private Walter Kay, 2nd Battalion Royal Highlanders QSA with bars: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901 and 1901...... So therefor he is missing one bar...... Mike
  6. Have check the Royal Highlanders medal roll and cannot find anyone called W. Kay...… Can you photo the edge of the medal (the naming) please...... Mike
  7. Sorry but have never seen these before 99% sure that they are not British Military...... Mike
  8. Hi Chris...… Did a little more digging and I think that I made an error, the UMR badge is most likely a post Boer War possibly WW1 Shoulder badge. The photo that you have is the UMR slouch hat badge..... Sorry..... Mike
  9. With regards to The U. M. R. badges you have, the Boer War is not listed in Owen's so many being locally made, the lower left badge is Owen's Number 446 worn between 1902 and 1910, the lower right is a Collar Badge Owen's Number 450 which was worn 1910 - 1968, not only is it in brass (during the 2 wars) but glided brass..... Mike
  10. Your best location to post is the following forum...... https://britishmedalforum.com Mike
  11. Not an expert on these badges but have a feeling that they may not be correct......
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