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  1. To find out what battles you will have to read the history of the Fennian Raids..... Also look here..... British Colonial Era - Library and Archives Canada (bac-lac.gc.ca) It is a Canadian unit King's County is in Nova Scotia...... Mike
  2. Hi Chris...... I found him on the Richmond Town Guard medal roll...... Mike 285-richmond-tg.pdf
  3. Yes, Thank You I do have all of this information but there is also a medal dated 1901 which is not shown..... I have a medal that needs repair that is named that is why I am looking for a civilian (white metal) sale medal so that I can use the suspension..... There are two different metals, silver and white metal that are suspended..... The white metal was sold to the general public and were of course un-named...... There is also a ribbon issued to City Council and members of the Police and Fire department..... Mike
  4. Looking for a City of Toronto Welcome Home Medal for the Boer War..... Looking for a Civilian or Un-Named Medal...... Must be complete with suspender but do not need ribbon unless you have some of the original..... Thanks in advance for any assistance..... Mike
  5. I have seen cloth on Battle Dress and epaulettes and metal on formal uniforms, but then again occasionally on Battle Dress as well...... Mike
  6. Hello Gordon...... The Brass Buttons were worn of the Green Dress Uniform up until the disbandment of the SAC (1900-1908), they were also worn on the field uniform up until 1901/03 and possibly a bit longer.... The others were worn on the field uniform from 1902 to 1908...... Mike
  7. Thank You Marcon....... I know where the Williams medal is located and Langford is in my collection, I missed bidding on the White medal..... Oh yes the picture that is with Williams is not Williams ..... Mike
  8. Good Evening Everyone...…. As everyone knows that the Princess of Wales and later Queen Alexandra was very interested in the British Soldier and Sailor especially the wounded..... I have heard of rumors that she also commissioned a Chocolate box in the same theme of the Victorian box but the war ended before Christmas..... These boxes had been started to be manufactured with some of the boxes completed but not filled..... A halt was put on the manufacture and the boxes that were made were filled and saved, I understand that later they were distributed to the soldiers that were sti
  9. Good Morning Everyone...... It;s been 10 years since anything has been added to this thread so I thought I would add some more...... I have just obtained a group of medals that consist of: Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Queen's South Africa Medal, World War One War Medal and Interallied Victory Medal with Mentioned in Despatches....... I have been contacted by the seller with information that they have found some papers and two more pieces of ribbon but no medals that as per the description are a French Legion of Honour and Egyptian Order of the Nile.....
  10. Hi Alex...... No I don't think for any of the major colonies as they had their own mints but still most of the medals were made for them were made in England..... Right now the Royal Canadian Mint has contracts with and makes items (coins, medals and medallions) for 74 different countries including the United States and China..... Another thing that is against it from being an official issue is even though there is a Crown on it there is no Royal Cypher or Figure...... Mike
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