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  1. Hello Dom..... The way that I read the document..... The signature of the officer is for his position not Leonard's...… In some cases an officer did other jobs along with his official position..... It was interesting to see that the GSW to the head was actually to the Eye as stated in another document..... Mike
  2. Well I think that the L.S., M. is his rank Leading Seaman, (Mechanical)….. Mike
  3. Looks like a sports medal and my guess is as follows..... Last name Harris, and Pairs for Rowing, Cox. for Coxswain..... Mike
  4. Fantastic set of Orders..... Makes me very jealous...… Mike
  5. I had one several years ago where the cause of death was Stung by Numerous Insects (I guess Bees or Wasps)..... That has to be the oddest one I have ever seen..... During the Boer War there were no Government issued Memorial Plaques just one that the families had to purchase themselves….. Here are some causes of death that I have gleaned from the causality list..... Three Each for the following: Died of Sunstroke, Shot by Comrade, Executed for Murder, Died due to Fall in a Mine, Died of Exposure, Killed in Wagon Stampede, Killed in Fall under Water Cart, Killed in Fall off Railway Bridge. Two Each for the following: Discharged Due to Felony, Died of Compression of the Brain, Killed in Fall over Cliff, Killed by Bee Stings, Died in a Fit, Died of the Plague, Stabbed by the Natives, Killed by Lions, Killed in a Bar Brawl, Killed attempting to Escape the Boers One Each for the following: Joined the Rebels, Killed by a Crocodile while Swimming, Died from Rheumatism, Killed after being Gored by a Bull, Died of Tempanitis, Died from an Overdose of Morphine, Died from Exhaustion, Died of Melancholia, Died of Paralysis, Died from Shock, Died from Inflammation of Middle Ear, Died from a Lacerated Brain, Died from a Ruptured Kidney, Died from a Strangulated Hernia....... Mike
  6. Sorry to say but the ribbons on the 1939/45 Star, Africa Star, Pacific Star are on the medals backwards..... Mike
  7. Hi Chris.... Yes made in the theater of operations..... Mike PS..... There are no silly questions just silly answers...
  8. This looks like it is theater made, which is quite common..... It is the same pattern as shown in Owen for the Boer War period..... Mike
  9. The Victoria Cross followed by the George Cross has preference over everything……..
  10. This medal was issued to a Canadian..... He has changed his rank and added the "E" which was his squadron...… His full name is John Alexander...… His rank should be 3rd Class Trooper...…. Mike
  11. Interesting that the Colonel, 3rd picture looks like he volunteered to serve in the Canadian Army before the US got into the war as he is wearing Canadian ribbons, backwards but he is still wearing them...... Mike
  12. Here is one of the first Irish Guards members..... His enlistment date was the 22nd of April, 1900 and he was sent to South Africa to serve in the Boer War within 3 months..... A few pictures for your enjoyment..... Irish Guards Mounted Infantry, No. 2 Company, 2 Section His Medal and his Bed Plate Mike
  13. GOOD EVENING GENTLEMEN...... I Have decided to take on the project of compiling a list of all the existing Queen's South Africa Medals either in singles or in groups named to..... THE CANADIAN SCOUTS I would ask the assistance of all members of the forum if they can provide me with the following information..... 1. Name, Rank and Regimental Number (Note: Some medals were issued without a Number). 2. Style of Name Unitt: CAN. SCOUTS, CANAD'N SCOUTS, CANADIAN SCOUTS 3. Bars on the medal. 4. If part of a Group the other medals in the group. 5. Country of Location. I do not want any personal information just Country. All information will be kept confidential and I may possibly be able to pass on some information to you...... Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can provide..... Mike
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