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  1. Hi what about the 5.56mm F88 Austeyr rifle ? from www.adi-limited.com : The Steyr assault rifle is manufactured under licence to Steyr Mannlicher AG by ADI and supplied to the armed forces of Australia and New Zealand as well as other overseas countries. This state-of-the-art weapon is in service in over 30 countries. This military weapon meets today's challenging and unpredictable combat situations with the following features: Very high accuracy Fully operational in the most severe climates and field conditions for lengthy periods Easy maintenance under adverse conditions: stripping for
  2. Great bars guys - I only have two because I wanted them from my long service collection but wehen I got then I appreciated them a lot more than just for the LS awards Jason - very nice mate - good to see a fellow Aussie with good taste !!! Craig
  3. Hi Rick - here are mine - I assume they are the same as the ones that you have shown ? First EK1
  4. Hi Darrell - here is a composite of mine that I bought off the WAF E-Stand. It was discussed there in as much detail as can be for this medal...meaning not very much LOL but seemed that most thought it was ok. The difference is that the marker mark is raised not indented like most. The ribbon I am still not sure of as it didnt pass the dreaded burn test. What are your ribbons like are they soft or like mine stiff ?? Craig
  5. Hi Rick - thanks actually I've been here for a while & I like it a lot It has the makings of a very good forum indeed, especially due to it's present members Craig
  6. Hi Darrell - the last one pictured I got off the WAF Estand I think for USD 425.00 The handle etc it is almost mint condition & the blade is prob excellent, in fact if I could swap the blade of the first one with the handle of the second I'd almost have one as nice as Daves
  7. Fantastic Dave - you can't get any better than that :food-smiley-004:
  8. no mate only the SA Kober I got in Oz. Everything else has been off the WAF Estand except the sword which I got from Bill Shea. There is hardly any good things over here we have to go overseas to get anything half decent Regards Craig
  9. last one - a lowley boot knife Regards Craig
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