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  1. Colin, and my apologies in return as I have not logged in for a while to see your reply. Thank you for the words concerning Fromm, it seems that by all accounts he was a opportunist to the end. It is a shame there is not much of substance known about his exact level of knowledge or even involvement in the plot, as I find him a very interesting person sat as the Commander of the Reserve army, while his Chief of staff is plotting to assasinate Hitler. I have read this thread several times now, and would be genuinly interested to see your collection published in the future. Regards Richard.
  2. Any ideas on this Hauptmann und Kompanie Fuhrer of Stab/ZG 26 "Horst Wessel", dated 21-February-1944? As always any help is much appreciated. Regards Richard.
  3. Any ideas on this Kapitan z. See Wehrpass signatory? As always any help will be much appreciated. Regards Richard.
  4. Dennis It is my opinion that more than one hand wrote those signatures, which if any, was the hand of Ludwig Becker I cannot say for sure. As with many of the famous NJG RKT, Becker's signature had undoubtedly seen the attention of the faker/forger and doubt regins over many signatures as a result. Regards Richard.
  5. Dennis Yes, that indeed is what is known as a 'Press Photo' and is nicely stampted to the reverse side. With regards to the signature, that is what can only be described as a minefield these days as the fakers/forgers having enjoyed their 'days of plenty' and the market is now flooded with a whole myriad of KIA RKT in virtually any format that you would like. In regards to this signature, it will always be difficult to judge from a single photo however, please be aware that Becker's signature has appeared in signnificant quantities in the past few years, frequently on blank pieces of paper with several other Nachtjagd RKT (including Schnaufer) and small paper clippings with newspaper photos attached. Regards Richard.
  6. Another example which requires identification. Oberstleutnant und Adjutant to Generalmajor Rudolf Bogatsch, dated 18-August-1939. Any help as always will be gratefully received. Regards Richard.
  7. Another long shot.... Signatory as Oberleutnant from Flugzeugführerschule C 10, dated 19-September-1944. Regards Richard.
  8. In that case, both Uwe and Kevin thank you very much indeed for your help. Another signature identified, and this time a holder of the DKiG! Regards Richard.
  9. Gents As I had made a mistake with the original posting which alluded to 11./KG 53, can I confirm that you are both meaining this signatory? Regards Richard.
  10. ....again, not sure what happened to the imaes so I have reposted them again. Regards Richard. I made a mistake on this one. Dated 17-January-1940, the signatory is a Hauptmann und Staffelfuhrer 3./KG 53. Regards Richard.
  11. Not sure what happened to the images, so here they are again. Regards Richard.
  12. Final one from this KG 53 Soldbuch......signatory as Oberleutnant und Staffelkapitan 11./KG 53, dated 10-February-1943. Regards Richard.
  13. From the same Luftwaffe Soldbuch, four different examples of an Oberleutnant und Staffelfuhrer 1./KG 53 signatory.
  14. I am hoping that someone can help in the identification of the attached signatures from a Soldbuch of a Bordfunker, who flew with Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor". First off are these 2 signatures of an Oberleutnant und Staffelfuhrer of 3./KG 53 dated 01-July-1940. All help will be gratefully received.Regards Richard.
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