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  1. Just a final update on this matter. In the end I reluctantly offered to sell the Miniature group back to the family but they declined the offer feeling that the price was too high. I am happy about that because I actually did not want to sell. I now deem this matter to be closed. Thank you to all who assisted and offered advice and guidance on how to deal with this matter. Regards Len
  2. I was shocked when I received an email this morning! I have responded to Ms Law and we will discuss the issue. Len van der Walt
  3. Hi Guys Yes this is a miniature. Thanks for the feedback so far. Regards Len
  4. Can anyone please help to identify this medal. It appears to be African origin but I am not sure. On the back is the word " Establishment" with what appears to be a Police badge. Thanks you Regards Len
  5. Thanks Spaz. Very interesting. My Dad was in the Permanent Force and I did my National Service including a couple of stints on the " Border " and I never heard the term "blood Flag" One is never to old to learn. Regards Len
  6. I was able to secure the Van Riebeeck Decoration Miniature a while ago. I already had the Medal. This is a beautiful design and very few were issued. Here is an extract from Wikipedia: "The Van Riebeeck Decoration was a South African military decoration that was in use from 1952 to 1975. It was awarded to military officers, for distinguished service in the field. The only two recipients were a Cmdt Jan Breytenbach (1972) and Lt Cdr Lambert Woodburne The Van Riebeeck Medal was a South African military decoration that was in use from 1952 to 1975. It was awarded to "other ranks"
  7. Wow - You have two walls! I am trying to complete one frame! This is fantastic. You say you have collected medals for many years. As a matter of interest, how long ago did you start? I only started about two years ago and with the price of medals at the moment I would have to win the lottery to eventualy get there! Great Collection
  8. Thanks to everyone for their input. I have learned a lot from this experience and will be better able to assess the next purchase. Incidentally, I was able to renegotiate with the seller and eventually aquired the medal at a much reduced price. The fact that he is named on two different Medal rolls may prove to be interesting in the end even if the medal has been renamed. Regards Len
  9. Thank you very much for the quick response Archer. Is it "normal" for a SGT to have the his name engraved? I always thought that that was reserved for officers only. Would you suggest I keep this medal? I am able to return it to the seller. The medal came with the CC and OFS bars. Is there any reason why his medal would be engraved with Nesbitts Hse and not Marshalls Hse. The renaming concerns me. I am not knowledgeable about these things and that is why I ask all these questions. Thanks for your help so far.
  10. Sorry - I forgot to add that he was a SGT. The inscription reads: SGT T TYGHE NESBITTS HSE
  11. I bought this QSA but I have a feeling that all is not right. 1 I cannot find the name T Tyghe on the medal roll for Nesbitt Horse on the Anglo Boer War website. 2 There is no number on the rim of the medal. 3 The typeset on the rim is not the usual QSA style 4 I have a feeling that the medal may have been renamed. Look at the rim at the bottom of the medal. Please look at the pictures and tell me what you think.
  12. Only a pleasure! I have had the same experience. A lot of guys willing to help. Regards Len
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