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  1. On 26/11/2018 at 13:43, Paul R said:

    Mouse gray is Sonderfuhrer... In the Heer, the Sonderfuhrer had general ranks. 

    I have to disagree with you Paul....the Heer Sonderführer did not have Generals....

    Sonderführer possessed the general rank of officers or NCO;s without any specific officer or NCO rank, they had "position designations" (Dienstbezeichungen) instead of the usual soldiers grades...


    Highest Dienstbezeichungen in the Heer end was Bataillionsführer or Abteilungsführer in Stellengruppe "B"


    What you might have is a set of tabs for a General in the Heeresjustizbeamte (and if thtas the case....whew baby those are rare...... ......light blue is a confirmed nebenfarbe on generals tabs.....


    I have also seen a light grayish shade pass for light blue...if you look close the tabs are dirty on what would be the upper (neck) side of the tabs...


    I have attached a set of used Heeresjustizbeamte to illustrate what I am saying......





    Hoch Dienst Justiz obv.jpg

    Hoch Dienst rev.jpg

  2. It's home :D Was a 6 year wait....


    I will post photo's this weekend.

    Many thanks again for the lead Kevin

    On 10/15/2015 at 20:13, Paul R said:


    The man in the lower photo appears to be a General Staff Officer, right?



    Looking at  it closely it does appear that there are more than 7 serrations on the tabs, so yes a GSO.




  3. 8 hours ago, ixhs said:

    In the middle green - the outside is held in red. No better pic possible.




    Thanks for correcting my translation...I was in a bit of a rush to go see the grand-kids.

    On my screen they appear to be hochrot as well which would be incorrect for the Reichskriegsgerichts. Their farb was bordo. Also the Luftwaffe Beamte boards do not have the green thread in between the soutache as your have. That was a Wehrmachtbeamteheers thing.

    I am curious as to why you have bordorot under lined.

    I am sorry but you have a unfinished set of hochrot HV boards.


    Un-finished boards are not uncommon. Maybe the tailor had only the one set of boards and was waiting for a sale before adding any devices...who knows.


    Here are a pair for the Heereslazarettverwaltung that are unfinished....would you want Weißmetall or Gelbmetall, the 2 colors of HV devices have different meanings....


    By the way the nebenfarbe for Heeresjustizbeamte was hellblau. Scroll up to post #29 to see some examples......






    Blue side.jpg

  4. 1 hour ago, ixhs said:

    Please see that attached scan of HM 36, No 712. It states bordorot as the farbe and that "HV" devices are used....


    Allways a possibility that I might have translated incorrectly.......


    kreigsgericht 2.jpg


    Bordorot with HV devices...there was no other career with that nebenfarbe....






  5. A set of boards for either a official in the Military Area Administration and Intendant's Service (Wehrkreisverwaltung und Intendantur), Agricultural Service (Landwirtschaftliche), Artillery Measuring Service (Artillerie-Messdienst)or the Sound Ranging Service (Schallmesswesen) of the Heersverwaltung. The board is missing the HV device.





  6. I just put the dots together this morning...an old freind of mine made the connection...


    The RCMP office appeared to be closed as no one answered the phone.


    Going into Red Deer today to see the grand kids and will stop by the station.


    I have no way of proving that it is mine besides the thread..I don't know who I bought it off of (a store in Florida) and PayPal records don't go back that far......





  7. On 6/16/2012 at 19:32, Laurence Strong said:

    With many thanks to Kevin (Hucks216) i was able to find a HV Soldbuch Its for a lagermeister - which I believe would be a storesman. He has Elecvated tabs and NCO boards. Sweeeet :D


    Once again many thanks Kevin :)


    I will post more when it gets here.


    So what are the odds of this happening.......


    I bought it but never received it in the mail....




    Alberta RCMP are looking for the owner of a World War II German army passport that was recovered during an arrest after property was stolen.

    Red Deer RCMP recovered the passport on Dec. 13. 2017, they said in a release on Thursday. They believe it may be of sentimental or historical significance. 

    The document has a photo of a man wearing glasses and a Wehrmacht — German army — uniform, and the name "Franz Laue."

    Identification notes on the document seem to suggest that the man was a non-commissioned officer, with dog tag number 523 and blood type A. 

    Police have contacted various families with the last name "Laue" but have yet to find the document's owner. 

    Red Deer RCMP are asking the owner of the document to contact them at 403-406-2574. The owner will be asked to provide an additional description of the item or other information to prove ownership.







  8. On 1/23/2017 at 19:22, TacHel said:

    I was half expecting at the very minimum a new clasp to the SSM besides the EXPEDITION one...  Anybody who served in Germany before now going to Poland of the Baltic states gets nada...:mad:

    So.....since 2001 how many troops are in Germany? Those that were there prior to 2001 were entitled to the NATO bar.


    Current regs for the NATO bar.....


    Since 21 June 2001, no further missions are approved for this bar. Peacekeeping service eligibility is now counted towards the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM).


    4. NATO

    (Authorized by PC 2006-0810)

    NATO service between 1951 and 2004:

    An aggregate of 180 days of honourable service within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) area of responsibility between 1 January 1951 and 19 October 2004. Qualifying service is service while posted to a NATO unit, or to a Canadian Forces or allied formation or unit outside territorial limits of Canada under the operational control of a NATO headquarters, or in Canada on an operational staff directly participating in the operational control of such formations and units. In the latter case, only those staff personnel serving in an operations room directly participating in the control of ships and aircraft in NATO operations and exercises qualify for this service. Persons in eligible positions or operations on 19 October 04 can continue to count their time until the end of that posting or deployment only. NOT ALL time served in Europe nor at sea can be counted towards this bar.

    NATO service since 2004:

    An aggregate of 180 days of honourable service performed in approved locations or tasks outside Canada from 20 October 2004 as part, or in direct support, of NATO operations or mission provided the service in question is not recognized by another medal. Eligibility is limited to the following list:

    • Service onboard ships deployed under the NATO Standing Naval Force Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT) renamed the Standing NATO Reaction Force Maritime Group 1 (SNMG 1) on 1 Jan 06 (currently known as Op SEXTANT). Only time spent under NATO command is eligible - transit time does not count. No multiplying factor;
    • Aircrews flying NATO surveillance missions outside Canadian airspace. Only actual NATO missions (as opposed to training, exercises or Canadian missions) flown outside the territorial waters and airspace of Canada are eligible. Flight log excerpts or other supporting documents are required to substantiate eligibility. Aircrews flying into the eligible zone accumulate one day of service for the first and all sorties flown on any given day. No multiplying factor;
    • CC NATO Airborne Early Warning Force (CC NAEWF; i.e. NATO AWACS), Geilenkirchen, Germany. Only actual NATO missions flown by AWACS aircrews (as opposed to training and exercises) will be eligible. Missions that are flown into a theatre of eligibility for a NATO medal (such as the Non-Article 5 NATO Medal for the Balkans) shall be counted toward the appropriate NATO mission medal and not toward the NATO bar. Flight log excerpts to be used to substantiate eligibility. Aircrew accumulate one day of service for the first and all sorties flown on any given day. No multiplying factor;
    • Service in support of Op ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR (Canadian Op SIRIUS), provided the service has not been acknowledged by award of the NATO Article 5 Medal for ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR. The service concerned is mainly support provided from the base in Sigonella, Italy, which is outside the theatre of operations and did not qualify for the NATO medal. Multiplying factor of 6 to equate to the NATO Medal;
    • Service with the Forward Logistics Site (FLS) – Host Nation, in support of NATO operations and activities in relation to Africa from 1 Jan 08, provided said service has not been acknowledged by the award of the Non-Article 5 NATO Medal for NAC Approved NATO Operations and Activities in Relation to Africa for Ops ALLIED PROVIDER, ALLIED PROTECTOR or OCEAN SHIELD. The service concerned here is mainly support provided from the Host Nation located outside the theatre of operations and does not qualify for the NATO medal. Multiplying factor of 6;
    • Service of Canadian personnel participating in the NATO-Iceland Air Policing Program (IAP) since 27 Mar 11 (OP IGNITION);
    • Service of Canadian personnel serving with the CC-NAEWF deployed to FOB Konya, Turkey, in direct support to Op AFGHAN ASSIST, since 10 Jan 11. Multiplying factor of 6. Days flown by aircrew into Afghanistan may not be counted since they already count for the General Campaign Star with SOUTH-WEST ASIA ribbon.



  9. Thanks Chris, I appreciate that....

    Not arguing with you that "Citrongelb" is incorrect. I am saying that in it's present configuration I don't like the board....had it had the original FP devices only I would see it as a sweet set of boards.....both of your quotes state that the FP devices were to be used.........


    And yes there is an order HM 44, No 47. dealing with the Rechtsstellung der Feldpost which is probably what the forum is talking about in 7. 7. 43. So, I do stand corrected. Interesting to read, Thanks for the new info




    So they have been in hand for the last 15 years or so....were  they configured as shown? So who had them for the 58 years before you got them, and can you be 100% positive they were not messed with in those decades??


    Hey I will be the first to agree that odd things happened during the war in regards to regulations.....


    I will be back







  10. I have only seen one (1) lightweight Saharina style tunic - and I have been looking over the years - and it had regular Zahlmeister boards. 

    Had the boards been I. Their original format with the FP devices I would be interested. As configured I would not want them in my collection. 


    Yes there were iregularities in wear. After all there is a thread into many pages on WAF about it with photo evidence. 

    I would be interested in seeing the order stating yellow waffenfarbe was authorized for use.  Remember the 334 Infantry Division surrendered en mass May 1943......

    To me these in the current configuration have to many non regulations to them for my liking





  11. Personally I think they are a humped up set of boards as FP/HV items are not desirable to "most" people.


    They are not "official" FP boards - to which having said that, I would not discount them as a replacement set needed in the field.


    The wear of non issue boards with a Regimental number "not centered" on the board with no waffenfarbe makes little sense to me. And an unconventional way of demonstrating the rank advancement doesn't make me warm and fuzzy. An HV/FP official that was going from NCO to Officer rank would wear the collar tabs of the level he is attempting to achieve.....as seen in attached photo



    It's a little big will fix it this afternoon after work...He is also wearing the correct style of boards for a FP/HV NCO.








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