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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 3 minutes

    • FOR SALE

    This is a Ottoman Order of Osmania Commanders Cross in great condition I ship worldwide Offers Welcome More pictures or info? Please email me via PM


  2. Thanks, I wondered why it was so expensive and thought it might be an earlier one as I remember seeing ones selling in the 500-700 range John
  3. I looked at the pictures and this one looks really good but would also like yall's thoughts on it Thanks John
  4. What are yall's thoughts on this piece? is this an earlier version of the order? Thanks John
  5. The seller mentions its marked "Wilh" between the arms and also states it's gold. Thanks John
  6. I have never owned one of these and these are the only pictures I have at the moment. What can yall tell me about this one? Thanks John
  7. Hello, does anyone have any information on the construction of the order and history of the Saxon Order of St Henry. I've already looked through the forum and found some brief history but not much. Thanks John
  8. Thanks for your help John
  9. Show of Shows Thanks John
  10. Hello, I have never owned one of these and know nothing about them but it is a nice looking piece but I would like some more opinions on it Thanks John
  11. Hello, this Lenin is at the SOS and I'm being offered it for the price of gold content because the number has been scratched off. It looks like a genuine piece but would like yalls thoughts Thanks John
  12. Hello, Im interested in this piece at the Show of Shows but would like more opinions on it Thanks John
  13. I am interested in this piece at the Show of Shows but would like more opinions Thanks John
  14. Hello, Im interested in this piece at the SOS and would like some opinions in it. Thanks John
  15. I thought I should post this in a separate thread instead of the original one. I recently got this Lenin Order and it is not 23KT Gold. As far as I know all of them were 23KT so either it has been altered in some way or not all were 23KT. Im thinking of returning it as I'm mixed on its authenticity. Others have stated that they believe it was good but that was before I tested the gold content and if anybody has any thoughts about this piece or why it isn't 23KT I will be very grateful Thanks for all help John
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