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  1. Hello, Not sure if this is the correct section to put this is, if it's not please remove or put in correct area if possible. I was wondering if someone can tell me the actual reason or regulation for the awarding of this badge? I have read that it was awarded for distinguished service but what exactly do they mean by that and what were the requirements for awarding this badge? thanks for any help or info thanks Duzig(Bill)
  2. Joe, You are right for sure. The G's and e, r, do look different. Also it looks like the letters on my fake Olympic badge are raised while yours are incuse(?). Except for the word mainz and the #3. Not sure if that is the correct term but on your badge the look stamped in I guess I mean. Thanks for pointing that out. Definite differences for sure thanks Bill
  3. Hello Joe, Hope all is well on your end. I guess my eyes are not as good. I thought they looked the same at least the Ges. Gesch, or so I thought. Could you point out the differences so I could take a closer look. LOL, I guess it's a good thing I don't collect badges. If they are different then my comment has no relevance to the thread. In any case an interesting thread and I appreciate your comment and Matthew's and anyone else who may comment thanks again Bill Looking again, I think I do see some differences. the e's on my badge look a bit more elongated perhaps? and the g on mine also seems to be somewhat more elongated? If that is one of the differences please let me know, and any other you see please let me know. Again it's a good thing I think that I don't collect badges perhaps. I really must need better glasses LOL. thanks again Bill
  4. Hello Matthew thank you for your reply. What I meant to say was that I always had a feeling that the Frauenhilfsdienst badges with the Stubbe logo on the reverse were fake because they had the same logo as those on the fake Olympic badges that I show in my above comment. That's why I was always hesitant to buy one of those marked Frauenhilfsdienst badges. Again thank you for your comment Bill
  5. Hello I have always wondered about these Frauenhilfsdienst badges with the makers mark on the reverse because the makers mark looks, at least to me, just like the makers mark on what I believe are considered fake Forderungsrennen 1935 Olympic badges & a few other fake enamel badges one sees. I don't really collect badges much but have always wondered about these badges because of the logo. thanks, Duzig(Bill)
  6. Hello all, I picked up a a number of these pamphlets just lately and while I have heard of William Pelley and the silver shirts I know nothing about these pamphlets he apparently published and wonder whether anyone can tell me whether they are original or reprints & anything else you might know about them. I didn’t pay much at all for them so real or reprint not much lost. Most of them are only about 8 or 10 pages. Thanks for any info regarding these little pamphlets Duzig(Bill)
  7. Hello, This looks like the German Winter sports championship badge he is wearing. Here is a picture of one that is for sale on German War booty site. regards Duzig(Bill)
  8. Hello all, Here's a pic of a little table flag I picked up for the turnerbund organization with a badge celebrating the 75th anniversary of the organization in coburg attached. Duzig(Bill)
  9. Hello Nick, Thank you very much for your reply. I know absolutely nothing about Russian items so your info is appreciated. thanks again, Bill
  10. Hello all, I have an item here that I picked up in a thrift shop a while ago & wonder if anyone can tell me anything about it. I have attached two pictures of it. To me it looks as if it might be a souvenier that someone would buy if visiting Russia. On the reverse is what looks like a logo, as shown. thanks for any help. Duzig(Bill)
  11. Hello, Sorry for posting so long after this thread started but: Very nice medallions you have there Wood. Particularly like the 1st,2nd and 4th one you show. The 3000 km autobahn one is not seen very often I think. Nice items indeed. Duzig(Bill)
  12. Hello again, Yes I saw that flag on waf also. It seems the larger the flag the less people interested in them cause of the size and inability to really display them. That is quite a beautiful flag you have there in any case! regards Duzig(Bill)
  13. Hello, William, just wanted to thank you also for your comment and opinion. Duzig(Bill)
  14. Hello, William,thanks for your comments and information. As stated it's an item I've had for a long time and just never inquired about it before, Thanks again Duzig(Bill)
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