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  1. The Ranch Hand patch is a modern reproduction piece. The 173rd Airborne patch is made after 1968,is a bordered edge piece,as Megan said ,it missing the Airborne tab. The MACV patch is early war era cut edge piece.
  2. Hello. I want to introduce to the forum my last addition. It is a Vietnam era, Japan made two medals bar. It is common to found US Navy medal bars with Japan or Vietnam made medals, but the unusual thing about this medal bar is the mint-made errors in the Good Conduct medal. In the front,has the design of Navy Good Conduct medal and in the back the design of the Marine Corps Good Conduct medal. I have not found until now, one like this. Every opinion and comment is welcome. Regards, Jannis.
  3. Hello Michael. Thank you very very much ,for your help to identify to owner. Best regards,Jannis.
  4. Hello. I have bought this three medals. They are all engraved with the name "QUENTIN G. KEITH" Please can someone help me to identify the holder and the medals date. Is an official engraving? Thanks, every answer and opinion is welcome. Regards, Jannis.
  5. Hello. This diploma is in auction and I have interest on it. Please,can anyone help me to translate,the date name or perhaps the rank. So I know how high I can go with the bid,is such a diploma and the medal easy to found? Thanks,every info and comment is welcome. Best regards,Jannis.
  6. Hello. Thank very much,for your help. My commander cross,has only the hallmarks, of Tillander (AT),the crown and the silver mark (H813). Do the cross and the case belong in the same period? Thanks again for your help. Regards,Jannis.
  7. Hello. I added these case to my collection. Plese,can someone help me to date this case. Thanks,any opinion and comment is welcome. Best regards, Jannis.
  8. Thank you very much again for another one helping.
  9. Hello. I never saw one like this. Does anyone know what that is? Thanks, any opinion and comment is welcome. Merry Christmas to all. Jannis.
  10. Thank very much Jim,for your opinion. Merry Christmas. Jannis.
  11. Hello. I have add in me collection this Poland silver cross of merit (Krzyż Zasługi). I think is french made,has three marks on the back,unknown for me. Please can someone help me to date this medal and identify the maker and the marks. Any infos and comments are welcome. Thanks. Best regards,Jannis.
  12. Thanks Stormrider59 ,for your opinion. Let's wait for the opinion of Jim.
  13. Hallo. First, thanks for your opinion. Sellers add photos. Jannis.
  14. Hello. I believe is good,but before I buy it,I wool like to hear the opinion of collector with more experience like me. Thanks,any comment and opinion is welcome. Best regards, Jannis.
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