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Found 15 results

  1. This item is not only unique but leaves many questions that will be never answered. During my stay in Ireland in 2014, I have purchased these binocular in Germany from an auction house. It took me almost 2 years when I recognized the little secret associated with them. After carefully cleaning them, the lid on the top came off and unveiled this outstanding surprise. It contained a secret message on a carefully sewed silk piece. Underneath the silk piece, I found another piece of paper (Soviet bank transfer order) with a translation of the Russian text into German. These binoculars 6x30 were made by Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Rochester N.Y. USA., and supplied to England in 1940 during WWII. The binoculars show the large British Broad Arrow acceptance markings to the front along with a serial number. Translation: Albert! Your good heart, honesty, and frankness have left indelible feelings in my heart for you. Dora. October 18th, 1941 Taganrog. I started to research the name of the place + date and found out that the Rostov Defensive Operation was taking place during this time. The Soviet counter-attack delivered as part of the general Donbass-Rostov Strategic Defensive Operation (29 September 1941 – 16 November 1941) also forced Rundstedt's Army Group South to order his 1st Panzer Army to maneuver in order to be better placed to counter any further Soviet thrusts in the Romanian sector of the front, and also to attempt an encirclement of the two Soviet Armies, which was partly successful in the area of Chernigovka where on 8 October the commander of the 18th Soviet Army, General-Lieutenant A.K. Smirnov, was killed by artillery fire on his command post in the village of Popovka during the breakout attempt between 5th and 10th October 1941. This was interpreted by Hitler as such a success that he declared "The battle of the Sea of Azov is over" on 11 October before the troops had even reached their objective. As a commemorative gesture, Hitler issued the order to redesignate the Leibstandarte Brigade as SS Division Leibstandarte. The German 11th Army was ordered back to Crimea to effect the breakthrough of the Isthmus of Perekop. Perceiving that the way to Rostov and the Caucasus was open, Hitler issued an order transferring the objective from the 11th Army to the 1st Panzer Army and attaching to it ill-prepared Romanian 3rd Army, the Italian Alpine Corps, and the Slovakian Motorised Brigade. During the subsequent reorganization of Axis forces the III Panzer Corps and XIV Panzer Corps took the lead, supported by the XLIX Mountain Corps recently arrived from Crimea. By 17 October 1941, the Mius River was crossed by the 14th Panzer Division and Taganrog was captured by German troops, with the mountain troops entering Stalino, forcing the newly formed 12th Army into a renewed withdrawal. However, the autumn rains had begun, and the Rasputitsa ("roadlessness") had set in slowing the 1st Panzer Army's advance to "meter by meter". This meant that the leading German units did not reach the outskirts of Rostov until mid-November, having lost contact with the Red Army in the meantime. The assault on Rostov began on 17 November, and on 21 November the Germans took Rostov. However, the German lines were over-extended, and Kleist's warnings that his left flank was vulnerable and that his tanks were ineffective in the freezing weather were ignored. One month later the Rostov Offensive Operation took place. On 27 November the 37th Army, commanded by Lieutenant-General Anton Ivanovich Lopatin, as part of the Rostov Strategic Offensive Operation (17 November 1941 – 2 December 1941), counter-attacked the 1st Panzer Army's spearhead from the north, forcing them to pull out of the city. Adolf Hitler countermanded the retreat. When Rundstedt refused to obey, Hitler sacked him and replaced him with Reichenau. However, Reichenau saw at once that Rundstedt was right and succeeded in persuading Hitler, via Franz Halder, to authorize the withdrawal, and the 1st Panzer Army was forced back to the Mius River at Taganrog. It was the first significant German withdrawal of the war. We will never know who Dora and Albert was. But the feelings Dora described to Albert, are defiantly related to a great love story during the Great Patriotic War. Thank you for reading.
  2. Hauptmann von Reichenau. Kompanie Fhr Garde Gren.Rgt 3 (Image originally posted by Chris Boonzaier in Identify Signature section)
  3. Generalfeldmarschall Walter von Reichenau. Born: 8th Oct 1884 Died: 17th Jan 1942 - due to hear failure after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage two days earlier. Oberbefehlshaber der Gruppe 4 Oberbefehlshaber 6 Armee Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe Süd Ritterkreuz - 30th Sept 1939 Image: KvK II Kl + Schw citation - Stamped signature.
  4. Your best reference would be the Geschichte des Königlich preußischen Reitenden Feldjägerkorps von 1740 bis 1919, bearb. v. Otto Heym (Berlin, 1926). As Heiko noted above, the corps was not large. There were 73 Feldjäger when the war started, along with 8 Anwärter who were soon admitted to the corps. Another 43 were transferred into the corps during the war. These usually replaced those who had been transferred or commanded to regular units or were casualties. Most of those who saw action at the front served with regular units, especially Jäger batallions. 22 members of the corps were killed in World War I, but of these, only one died while in Kurierdienst (Hptm. Gustav Toepffer). 14 were killed with Jäger batallions. Two were aviators. One, Hptm. Walter v. Dreßler, was killed in the bomb attack which killed Field Marshal Hermann v. Eichhorn. Hptm. Friedrich v. Reichenau was killed in 1918 as a battalion commander in GGR 3. 47 were wounded, again mostly with regular units. Six received the House Order of Hohenzollern and 81 received the Iron Cross 1st Class. Of the 91 Feldjäger in the July 1919 rank list of the corps, 54 have Austro-Hungarian decorations, 35 have Bulgarian decorations, and 38 have Turkish decorations. They also had numerous Landesorden from the various states. Regarding transport, here is an excerpt from the history:
  5. Hi, it´s still dificult to decide if "K" or "R". The "R" in Reichenau looks similar, the "K" in Kurt doesn´t, but then, it´s a different type of script/font. The "K" in K[öniglich] S[ächsische] Fliege[er] Ers. Abt. looks quite similar, though. GreyC
  6. Hi all, I wondered if anyone could tell me what award this abbreviation above the EK2 signifies (SRVM?). The man in question was a Gefreiter in Jäger Battalion 2 in 1914. And he was born in Reichenau (Zittau) if this helps? Oh, and this is from the Bavarian archives. The guy's name is Kurt Anders and his date of birth was 17.06.1893. Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi, Here is the picture of GFM von Reichenau. Have a look about the ribbon bar. Very nice Christophe
  8. Hello Jock. At first glance it appears to be Fieldmarshall v. Reichenau carrying his interim baton, who died on 18.Jan.1942 of illness. Thanks for showing these. Bernhard H. Holst
  9. Many thanks for showing some of the sketches. Please feel free to add some more. I particularly like the one of the heavy artillery piece with the sentry and the ones of von Reichenau. The first one of the Grefreiter seems to have the soldier's name. Is that readable in the book?
  10. For reference, a photo of Reichenau in a similar pose and his baton minus the shaft
  11. A visit from General Field Marshall Walther von Reichenau, commander of the 6th Army. Note the details of his baton.
  12. The part about the „von Wulffen genannt Küchmeister von Sternberg“ doesn't matter - that was a different branch. Here is Eugen's descent from Ritter Albrecht Wulff: Albrecht Wulff, Ritter auf Tempelberg, *1333 --Hans, *1372, †1430 ----[there appears to be a gap here] ------Heintze, *1432, †1472 --------Jobst, *1453, †1481 ----------Anton (Tönnies), *1482, †1519 --------------Hans, *?, †1544 ----------------Kaspar, *1539, †1598 ------------------Adolf, *1.11.1581, †23.2.1663 --------------------Adolf, *29.3.1618, †5.6.1700 ----------------------Baltzer Dietlof, *28.3.1669 in Lossow, †25.9.1726 auf Steinhöfel ------------------------Adolf Friedrich, *22.6.1707 auf Steinhöfel, †11.7.1853 in Greisel --------------------------Balthasar Friedrich Rudolf, 20.10.1749 in Griesel, †9.12.1815 in Lippen ----------------------------Alexander Eduard, *14.7.1810 in Reichenau, †20.2.1874 in Schmiedeberg ------------------------------Eugen Louis, *25.7.1839 in Lippen --------------------------------Eugen Wilhelm, *29.1.1890 in Eberswalde
  13. Master Index (All entries contain a link to their relevant page) Current Update: It would appear that the listing for SS, NSDAP & Imperial signatures have disappeared. It will take a fair bit of time to rebuild those aspects of the database (12th November 2019) Key: RK-EL-Sch-Bril = Grades of Knights Cross (incl. RK-KvK where relevant) PLM - Pour le mérite DKiG-DKiS = German Cross in Gold/Silver EBS = Ehrenblattspange (incl. Anerkennungsurkunde & C-in-C Commendation) EP = Ehrenpokal HEER Alberti, Konrad von - EBS Albrecht, Fritz - RK, DKiG, EBS Apelt, Fedor - RK, DKiG, EBS Arnim, Hans-Juergen von - RK Arning, Karl - RK, DKiG Aschen Backhauss, Fritz - RK, DKiG Bader, Paul - DKiG Baier, Albrecht - DKiG Balck, Hermann - RK, EL, Sch, Bril Baltzer, Richard - DKiG Bauer, Otto Baumann, Günter - DKiG Baumunk, Georg - DKiG Baurmeister, Hans-Joachim - DKiG Bayerlein, Fritz - RK, EL, Sch, DKiG Becker, Alois Beling, Heinrich Berger, Hans Berlin, Wilhelm - RK Bernard, Curt Berthold, Gerhard - RK Beseler, Lothar Bilfinger, Hans Freiherr von Bilharz, Eugen Bismarck, Georg von - RK Bistram, Gerhard Baron von Blaskowitz, Johannes - RK, EL, Schw Blazejezak, Hermann Blomberg, Werner von - PLM Bluemm, Oskar - RK Bock, Fedor von - RK, PLM Boineburg-Lengsfeld, Hans Freiherr von Bolle, Carl Borries, Hermann von - RK Both, Kuno-Hans von - RK, DKiG, PLM Botsch, Walter - RK, DKiG Brandt, Walter - RK, DKiG Brassert, Karl - RK, DKiG Brauchitsch, Walther von - RK Braun, Julius - DKiG Braun, Wilhelm (I) - RK Braun, Wilhelm (II) Brendel, Hans - RK Brinken, Helmut - EBS Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt, Walter Graf von - RK, EL Bruell, Friedrich Buchenau, Fritz - RK Buchner, Johann - DKiG Buck, Wilhelm - RK Buddenberg, Wilhelm Burdach, Karl - RK, DKiG Burgdorf, Wilhelm - RK Burgsthaler, Hugo - DKiG Busch, Ernst - RK, EL Buschenhagen, Erich - RK, EL, DKiG Busse, Theodor - RK, DKiG Buelow, Cord von Buelow, Karl-August Freiherr von - RK, DKiG Baertels Boehme, Franz - RK, DKiG Cabanis, Hans Stephan - DKiG Chales de Beaulieu, Walter - DKiG Chill, Kurt - RK, DKiG Chrapkowski, Hans-Detlev - DKiG Clemens Clemens, Erich Cloessner, Erich-Heinrich - RK, DKiG Conze, Wilhelm Cruewell, Ludwig - RK, EL Czayka, Horst - DKiG Dallmer-Zerbe, Willi de Angelis, Maximilian - RK, EL Dierich, Hans Dietl, Eduard - RK, EL, Schw Doege, Hans-Joachim Doergens, Hans-Joachim - RK, DKiG Dollmann, Friedrich - RK, EL Dondl, Willy - DKiG Dorn, Heinrich - RK Draeger, Hans Drekmann, Paul - RK Drewitz, Horst Drufing, von Dutter, Franz - RK, DKiG, EBS Eben, Hubert Eberbach, Heinrich - RK, EL Eberle, Rene - DKiG Eckholt, Oskar - RK, DKiG Edelbluth, Raimund - DKiG, EBS Edelsheim, Maximilian Reichsfreiherr von - RK, EL, Schw Eglseer, Karl - RK Ehrig, Werner - RK, DKiG Endres, Theodor - RK Engelbrecht, Erwin - RK Engelhart Esebeck, Hans-Karl Freiherr von - RK, DKiG Fabich, Maximilian - RK, DKiG Fabrice-Falk, Eberhard von - DKiS Fahrmbacher, Wilhelm - RK, DKiS Falkenhorst, Nikolaus von - RK, DKiS Falkenstein, Hans Freiherr von - DKiG Fangohr, Friedrich - RK, DKiG Faulenbach, Karl - DKiG Feige, Hans - DKiG Feldt, Kurt - RK Feser, Raimund - DKiG, EBS Feuchtinger, Edgar - RK, DKiS Fischer, Adolf - RK, DKiG Forst, Werner - RK, EL Fretter-Pico, Maximilian - RK, EL, DKiG Fretter-Pico, Otto - RK, DKiG Frewer, Karl - RK, DKiG Freyher, Bruno Dr Friebe, Helmut - RK, DKiG Friebe, Werner - RK, DKiG Friemel, Georg Friessner, Johannes - RK, EL, DKiG Fritsch, Werner Freiherr von Fromm, Friedrich - RK Gablenz, Eccard Freiherr von - RK Garski, Eugen - RK Gehlen, Reinhard - DKiS Gehrke, Kurt - RK, DKiG Gercke, Rudolf - RK-KvK Gersdorff, Rudolf-Christoph Freiherr von - RK, DKiS Geyr von Schweppenburg, Leo Reichsfreiherr - RK Gierga, Kurt - RK, DKiG Giesemann Gilbert, Martin Ginkel, Oskar van Glodkowski, Erich Glokke, Gerhard Goedicke Goeritz, Werner - RK, DKiG Goetz, Heinrich - RK, EL Gollnick, Hans - RK, EL Graffen, Karl von - RK, DKiG Grasser, Anton - RK, EL, DKiG Grave Greim, Alfred - RK, DKiG, EBS Griebenow Grimmeiss, Maximilian Groeben, Peter von der - DKiG Gruss Guderian, Heinz - RK, EL Gurran, Paul - RK Hacke, Klaus - DKiG Haenicke, Siegfried - RK, DKiG, PLM Halder, Franz - RK Hammon, Erich - RK, DKiG Hansen, Christian - RK, DKiG Haefker, Heinrich Haeckel, Ernst - RK, DKiG Haehling, Kurt - RK Haering, Karlheinz - DKiG, EBS Hartmann, Alexander von - RK Hauck, Friedrich-Wilhelm - RK, DKiS Hax, Heinrich-Georg - RK, EL Heesemann, Wolfgang - RK, EBS Heidermann, Hans Heidrich, Fritz Heinrich, Walter - DKiG Heinrichs, Conrad-Oskar - RK, DKiG Heinrici, Gotthard - RK, EL, Schw Heitz, Walter - RK, EL, DKiG Hellstern, Albert Henning, Wilhelm von - DKiG Henrici, Sigfrid - RK, EL, DKiS Hermstein Herr, Traugott - RK, EL, Schw Herrlein, Friedrich - RK Heuer Heunert, Iwan Heyl, Friedrich Heyna, Ernst Hildebrandt, Hans-Georg - DKiG Hitter, Alfons - RK, EL, DKiG Hochbaum, Wilhelm - DKiG Hodapp, Pius - DKiG Hoernlein, Walter - RK, EL, DKiG Hoffmann Hoffmann, Paul Hollaender, Walter - RK, DKiG Holst, Walter Holtzmann, Robert Horn, Hans-Joachim von - DKiG Hoth, Hermann - RK, EL, Schw Hube, Hans-Valentin - RK, EL, Schw, Bril Hueckel, Ernst-Albrecht - RK, DKiG Hummel, Guenther - DKiG Huenermann, Rudolf Hoefer, Rudolf - DKiG Irmisch, Guenther Franz Adolf Isermann, Bernhard Jaeger Jaenecke, Erwin - RK, DKiG Jaenecke, Reiner - EBS Jahn, Wolf-Dieter Jauer, Georg - RK, EL, DKiG John, Richard - RK, DKiG Jungenfeld, Ernst Freiherr von - DKiG Kahl, Bruno - RK, EL, DKiG Kahsnitz, Erich - RK, DKiG Kauffmann, Kurt - DKiG Keitel, Bodewin - DKiS Keitel, Wilhelm - RK Kempf, Werner - RK, EL Kempski, Hans von Kessel, Mortimer von - RK, EL Kienitz, Werner - RK, DKiS Kindsmueller, Maximilian - DKiG Klebe, Reinhold - DKiG Kleist, Ewald von - RK, EL, Schw Klemz, Bernhard - RK, DKiG Klingenburg Klocke, Walter - RK, DKiG Klug, Georg Kluge, Guenther von - RK, EL, Schw Knobelsdorff, Otto von - RK, EL, Schw, DKiG Knopff, Fritz - DKiG Koeckritz, Hans-Joachim von - RK Kohler, Wilhelm - DKiG Kolewe, Hans-Joachim - DKiG Korff, Freiherr von Koske, Karl - RK, DKiG Kraiss, Dietrich - RK, EL, DKiG Kress, Hermann - RK Kreysing, Hans - RK, EL, Schw Kroeber Kropff, Helmuth von Krumteich, Albert Krueger, Walther - RK, DKiG, EBS Kuechler, Georg von - RK, EL Kuehlwein, Fritz - DKiG Kuester Koehler Koehler, Otto - DKiG Koenig, Eugen - RK, EL Koerner Lahme Lamey, Hubert - RK, DKiG Lanz, Hubert - RK, EL Laux, Paul - RK, EL Lehnert Leitlof Lemm, Heinz-Georg - RK, EL, Schw Lenski, Arno von - DKiG Leptihn, Paul Leyck, Siegfried - RK, DKiG Leyser, Ernst von - RK, DKiG Lieb, Theo-Helmut - RK, EL Lindemann, Fritz - RK, DKiG Lindemann, Georg - RK, EL Lindow, Hans-Gotfried - DKiG Lipken List, Wilhelm - RK Loeper, Friedrich-Wilhelm von - RK Lorenz, Karl - RK, EL, DKiG Lucius, Guenther Lucke, Kurt Luedecke, Otto-Joachim - RK Luetzow, Kurt-Juergens Frhr von - RK, EL Mack, Erwin - DKiG Mackensen von Astfeld, Rudolf Mackensen, Eberhard von - RK, EL Mahr Maisel, Ernst - RK, EBS Manstein, Erich - RK, EL, Schw Manteuffel, Hasso von - RK, EL, Schw, Bril Marr, Bernhard Massow, Hans-Joachim von Materne, Alfons Matzke, Othmar - RK Melzer, Walter - RK, EL, DKiG Meyer-Rabingen, Hermann - RK Michael, Ernst - RK, DKiG Michaelis, Hans - RK, DKiG Mieth, Friedrich - RK, EL, DKiG Mittermaier, Joachim Model, Walter - RK, EL, Schw, Bril Moenting, Heinrich Montfort, Wolfram - DKiG Moser, Willi - RK, DKiG Muhl, Kurt - DKiS Mundt, Hans Mueller Mueller, Viktor Natzmer, Oldwig von - RK, DKiG Nedtwig, Johannes Nehring, Walter - RK, EL, Schw Neumann Niehoff, Hermann - RK, EL, Schw, DKiG, EBS Niemack, Horst - RK, EL, Schw Noebel Obenhaus, Otto Obernitz, Justin von - DKiG Olbricht, Friedrich - RK, DKiS Opelt, Kurt - DKiG Ott, Adolf - DKiG, EBS Ottenbacher, Otto-Ernst - RK Paul, Reinhard - DKiG Paulus, Friedrich - RK, EL Petersen Petzel Pfeffer, Max - RK Pfeiffer Platho, Max - EBS Plugradt, Kurt Pfuhlstein, Alexander von - RK Pohlmann, Wilhelm - RK Postel, Georg-Wilhelm - RK, EL, Schw, DKiG Poessl, Walter - RK, DKiG, EBS Rademacher, Wilhelm - DKiG Radowitz, Josef von - RK, EL, DKiG Radsilber, Friedrich Raus, Erhard - RK, EL Recke, Heinrich - RK, DKiG Recknagel, Hermann - RK, EL, Schw Reeder, Deert - RK, DKiG, EBS Reichenau, Walter von - RK Reichert, Josef - RK Reincke, Arno - DKiG Reinhardt, Georg-Hans - RK, EL, Schw Rendulic, Lothar - RK, EL, Schw, DKiG Ribstein, Hugo Richert, Johann-Georg - RK, EL, DKiG Richter, Alfred - DKiG Richter, Werner - RK, DKiG Richter, Wilhelm - DKiG Ring, Erich - RK Ringel, Julius - RK, EL Rintelen, Josef - RK, DKiG Risse, Walther - RK, EL, DKiG Rodt, Eberhard - RK, EL, DKiG Roman, Rudolf Freiherr von - RK, EL, DKiG Roques, Franz von - DKiS Rundstedt, Gerd von - RK, EL, Schw Ruoff, Richard - RK Ruppersberg, Karl - DKiG, EBS Roeckner, Martin - DKiG Roehricht, Hans Roemer Salmuth, Hans-Joachim Freiherr von Sanne, Werner - RK, DKiG Saucken, Dietrich von - RK, EL, Schw, Bril Schaal, Ferdinand - RK, DKiG Schack, Friedrich-August - RK, EL Scheliha, Hans von Scheller, Rudolf Scheller, Walter - RK, DKiG Schenckendorff, Max von - DKiG Schierbrandt, Oswald von Schimmel Schleinitz, Siegmund Freiherr von - RK, DKiG Schkopp, Bernhard von - DKiG Schlecht Schlemmer, Hans - RK, EL, DKiG Schlieben, Karl-Wilhelm von - RK, DKiG Schmidt, Erich - RK, EL, DKiG Schmidt, Ernst - DKiG Schmidt, Friedrich - DKiG Schmidt, Rudolf - RK, EL Schmitz-Reinthal, Helmut Schmundt, Rudolf Schneckenburger, Wilhelm - RK, DKiG Schniewindt, Rudolf - DKiS, PLM Schobert, Eugen Ritter von - RK Schrader, von Schreder, Ernst - DKiG Schrepffer, Johannes - DKiG Schroedter, Erich - RK, EL, DKiG Schroth, Walter - RK Schubert, Albrecht - RK, DKiG Schulze, Werner - RK, EL, DKiG Schwedler, Leopold Thomas Alexander Viktor von - RK Schwerin, Gerhard Graf von - RK, EL, Schw Schwing, Helmuth - RK Schoeck, Fritz - RK, DKiG Schoerner, Ferdinand - RK, EL, Schw, Bril, PLM Scotti, Helmut von - DKiG Sedlmayr, Gebhard Dr - DKiS Seeger, Willy - DKiG Seegers, Georg - DKiG Seifert, Ernst Semmerscheim Seydlitz-Kurzbach, Walter Kurt von - RK, EL Sieg, Werner Siehl, Friedrich-Wilhelm - DKiG, EBS Sierakowski, Leopold von Siewert, Curt - RK, DKiG Sinnhuber, Johann - RK, DKiG Sintzenich, Rudolf Sixt von Armin, Hans-Heinrich - RK, DKiG Spaeter, Helmuth Spaetsommer, Voelkel Speck, Hermann Ritter von - RK Spindler, Wilhelm - RK, EL, DKiG, EBS Stauffenberg, Claus Graf von Stemmermann, Wilhelm Stempel, Richard Stettner, Wilhelm Ritter von Grabenhofen - RK, DKiG Stever, Johann Joachim Stockhausen, Wilhelm Hunold von Stoehr, Heinrich - DKiG Stolberg Strachwitz, Hyazinth Graf Strassner, Johann Straub Straube, Erich Strecker, Karl Streich, Johannes Streve, Gustav Stuelpnagel, Carl-Heinrich von Theissen, Edgar - DKiG Thielmann, Alfred Thoma, Wilhelm Ritter von Tippelskirch, Kurt von Tode Toppe, Alfred - DKiS Traut, Hans Tresckow, Henning von Trierenberg, Wolf-Guenther Troitzsch, Johannes Unger, Fritz von Vaerst, Gustav von - RK Veiel, Rudolf Viebahn, Johann-Albert von Viebig, Wilhelm Vierow, Erwin - RK Vietinghoff-Scheel, Heinrich Gottfried - RK, EL, DKiG Voightmann, Karl-Heinz Volckamer von Kirchensittenbach, Friedrich Jobst Voelkers, Paul Voshage, Werner - RK, DKiG Wagner, Eduard Wagner, Hans Wandel, Martin - RK Warrelmann, Hinrich Weber, Friedrich Weber, Karl Ritter von Webern, Alexander von Wedel, Hermann von - RK, DKiG Wegelein, Hellmuth Weidemann Weidling, Helmuth Weiss, Walter - RK, EL, DKiG Weissenbruch, Adolf Dr Werder, von Wessel, Walter - RK, EL Wickede, Thomas-Emil von Wilck, Hermann Will, Otto Winneberger, Ulrich Witte Wriede Woehler, Otto Woessner, Eugen - DKiG Wulffen, von Wuestenhagen, Albrecht - RK, DKiG Wuthenow, Kurt Wygnanki Zangen, Gustav-Adolf von - RK, EL Zanthier, Hans-Georg von Zehm, Karl-Hermann Zeiss, Wilhelm Zeitzler, Kurt - RK Ziegenspeck Ziegler, Peter - DKiG Ziemer, Wolfgang Zietlow, Friedrich - DKiG Zoll, Erhard - RK, DKiG Zorn, Hans - RK, EL, DKiG Zuehlsdorff, Johannes - EBS LUFTWAFFE Alpers, Friedrich Altvater, Georg-Friedrich Anton, Werner - RK, DKiG Arnauld de la Periere, Friedrich von Baier, Hanns Bambey, Hans - DKiG Barlen, Karl Barsewisch, Karl-Henning von Bauer, Erich Beaulieu-Marconnay, Heinz Freiherr von Bertram, Hans-Wilhelm Beushausen, Karl-Franz Bodenschatz, Karl - DKiS Bogatsch, Rudolf - RK Bormann, Ernst Brandau, Werner Braeuer, Bruno Bressel, Horst - DKiG, EP Bruch, Hermann Busch, Hermann Coeler, Joachim Damm, Gustav - DKiG Dessloch, Otto - RK, EL Dickenbrock, Gerhard Dormann, Wilhelm Drewes, Karl Engel, Franz Falkenstein, Sigismund Freiherr von Fecht, Karl-August von der Felmy, Hellmuth Fiebig, Martin Fontana, Heinz Frantz, Gotthard Franz, Walther Foerster, Helmuth Gerick, Georg Gerlach, Karl von Grapow, Adalbert von Greim, Robert Ritter von Greisert, Karl-Heinz Gumprich, Gunther Goering, Hermann Haberda, Helmut - DKiG, EP Hadeball, Heinz-Martin Hagena, Siegfried Hannak-Hammerl, Wilhelm - EP Hansen, Harald Harmjanz, Willi Hauenschild, Hans-Jobst Heidrich, Richard Helbig, Joachim - RK, EL, Schw Hepe, Hans-Juergen Heuser, Rudolf Heydebreck, Jobst-Heinrich von Hintz, Johannes Hoehne, Otto Holle, Alexander Hozzel, Paul-Werner Ihrig, Ernst-Wilhelm - RK Ilk, Iro - RK, DKiG, EP Jabs, Hans-Joachim Jeschonnek, Hans Juergens, Wilhelm Kammhuber, Josef Kastner-Kirdorf, Gustav Keller, Alfred Kesselring, Albert Kitzinger, Karl Klosinski, Werner Knauss, Robert Korte, Hans Korten, Guenther - RK, DKiG Kothe, Albrecht Krahl, Karl-Heinz Kressmann, Erich Krupinski, Walter Lackner, Walter Liehr, Kurt Lippert, Wolfgang Loerzer, Bruno Luczny, Alfons - RK, DKiG Maedge, Herbert Maess Mahnke, Alfred Maly, Robert Marquardt, Erich Marwitz, Dietrich Massenbach, Dietrich Freiherr von Maubeuge, Boris von Meimberg, Julius Meindl, Eugen Meister, Rudolf Mentzel, Helmuth Milch, Erhard Minner, Heinrich Morzik, Friedrich-Wilhelm Muentefering, Franz Muhr, Eduard - DKiG Mueller, Karl-Friedrich - DKiG, EP Naumann Neuffer, Georg Nicolai, Hans-Juergen Odebrecht, Job Wilhelm Pannwitz, Kurt von Peltz, Dietrich Pflugbeil, Kurt Pickert, Wolfgang Plath, Joachim Pockrandt, Fritz Pohl, Maximilian Ritter von Rademacher, Friedrich Ramcke, Bernhard Rath, Hans-Joachim Rehfeld, Heinz Reifschneider, Carl Reimann, Richard Reuss zu Koestritz, Prinz Heinrich XXXVII von Richter, Gerhard Richter, Helmut Richthofen, Wolfram Freiherr von Riedesel Freiherr zu Eisenbach, Volprecht Konrad Riehle, Arthur Riesch, Eduard Rohde, Kurt Roth, Ernst-August Roedel, Gustav Ruetgers, Carl Sachs, Guenther Scharfbier, Adolf Schimpf, Richard Schlenstedt, Franz Schmidt, Oskar Schneidenberger, Kurt Schulte, Wolfgang - DKiG, EP Schumann, August-Wilhelm Schwarze, Rudolf Schoepfel, Gerhard Selzer, Fritz Sperrle, Hugo Steinhoff, Johannes Steinwachs, Hans Stolte, Hermann Struempell. Henning Student, Kurt Stumpff, Hans-Juergen Sutor, Heinrich Trautloft, Johannes Udet, Ernst - PLM Unger, German Vandieken, Otto Vorwald, Wolfgang Votel, Kurt Wadehn, Walther Weissmann, Eugen Wick, Helmut Wilke, Gustav Wirtgen, Rudolf Witzleb, Hans-Joachim Wojahn, Gerhard Wurmheller, Josef Zander, Konrad Zenetti, Emil Zwingmann, Johann Dr KRIEGSMARINE Albrecht, Conrad Alexy, Hans - DKiG Baecker, Ernst Bartels, Hans - RK Bentlage, Arnold - DKiG Berger, Fritz - RK Bey, Erich - RK Boehm,Hermann - DKiG Breuning, Erich Alfred - DKiG Buch, Hans-Walter - DKiG Buetow, Hans - RK Canaris, Wilhelm Carls, Rolf - RK, DKiG Ciliax, Otto - RK, DKiG Colsmann, Walter - DKiG Doenitz, Karl - RK, EL Duewal, Paul-Friedrich Eckermann, Hans Ehrhardt, Werner Fischel, Hermann von - DKiG Fleischer, Friedrich-Wilhelm - DKiS Freymadl, Max - DKiG Gayen, Hartwig - DKiG Gerlach, Horst Goetze, Eberhard von Gombert, Hans Dr Hagen, Winfried - DKiG Hanke, Heinrich Hartmann, Hans - DKiG Heydel, Hugo - DKiG Hoffmann, Kurt-Caesar - RK, DKiG Hornack, Wilhelm Junge, Wolf - DKiG Kleemann, Franz Kieseritzky, Gustav Klose, Hans-Helmut Koehler, Walther Kranke, Theodor Kreisch, Leo Kuhnke, Guenter Lampe, Carl-Heinrich Lautenschlager, Anselm - DKiG Liebetanz, Bernhard Lietzmann, Joachim Lohmann, Walter Georg Loewisch, Werner Lucht, Ernst Luetjens, Guenther Mantey, Helmut von Marschall, Wilhelm Meendsen-Bohlken, Wilhelm Messtorff, Otto Meusemann, Kurt Petri, Gerd Piepenstock, Rudolf - DKiG Pindter, Friedrich-Wilhelm Pinkepank, Georg Raeder, Erich Rasemann, Martin Rhein, Otto von Rogge, Bernhard Rosing, Hans-Rudolf Roszak, Konrad Rothe-Roth, Richard Ruge, Friedrich Ruhfus, Heinrich Schenk, Otto Schirlitz, Ernst Schmidt, Otto Schmundt, Hubert - RK Schniewind, Otto Schwepcke, Hans-Juergen Sieber, Adolf Sorge, Siegfried Spott Steib, Helmut Dr Stichling, Werner Stobwasser, Hans-Herbert Stuehrenberg, Johannes - DKiS Thiele, August - RK, EL, DKiG Voss, Hans-Erich Wassmuth, Heinrich Weber, Robert Wesemann, Friedrich-Karl Weyher, Kurt Woermcke, Siegfried SS & POLIZEI Altendorf, Oswald Berentsen, Hermann Bischoff, Herbert
  14. I think we are looking at this wrong. We really need to layout the rank structure and not just say general. The duties at each grade required different attributes.Starting at Field Marshall/General of the Army/Fleet Admiral/General of the AirForce (5 star):MarshallMacarthurEisenhowerArnoldBradleyLeahyKingNimitzHalseyabout 30 Russian Marshall of the Soviet Unionabout 30 British Field Marshall12 Marshal of France List of German20 April 1936 - Werner von Blomberg (1878-1946)4 February 1938 - Hermann Göring (1893-1946)19 July 1940 - Fedor von Bock (1880-1945)19 July 1940 - Walther von Brauchitsch (1881-1948)19 July 1940 - Albert Kesselring (1885-1960)19 July 1940 - Wilhelm Keitel (1882-1946)19 July 1940 - Günther von Kluge (1882-1944)19 July 1940 - Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb (1876-1956)19 July 1940 - Wilhelm List (1880-1971)19 July 1940 - Erhard Milch (1892-1972)19 July 1940 - Hugo Sperrle (1885-1953)19 July 1940 - Walther von Reichenau (1884-1942)19 July 1940 - Gerd von Rundstedt (1875-1953)19 July 1940 - Erwin von Witzleben (1881-1944)31 October 1940 - Eduard Freiherr von Böhm-Ermolli (1856-1941)22 June 1942 - Erwin Rommel (1891-1944)30 June 1942 - Georg von Küchler (1881-1968)1 July 1942 - Erich von Manstein (1887-1973)31 January 1943 - Friedrich Paulus (1890-1957)1 February 1943 - Ernst Busch (1885-1945)1 February 1943 - Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist (1881-1954)1 February 1943 - Maximilian Reichsfreiherr von Weichs (1881-1954)16 February 1943 - Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen (1895-1945)1 March 1944 - Walter Model (1891-1945)5 April 1945 - Ferdinand Schörner (1892-1973)25 April 1945 - Robert Ritter von Greim (1892-1945) Assorted other countries Marshalls. 3. From that list, I would have to narrow my choice down to Nimitz, Halsey, Manstein, and Kesselring. I'd have to put Nimitz and Halsey at the top. Halsey and Nimitz were brilliant and aggressive. If the typhoon and miscommunication impacting a couple of their battles hadn't been part of their legacy they would clearly be at the top of the list. Think of their campaigns and their actions in the Pacific, their individual impact on a Theater of Operations the size of the Pacific and Far East surpassed the German and other contenders. I'd have to say the perfect record goes to Kesselring. He lasted the war under Hitler and led his troops during some difficult situations. Manstein was probably the best strategist during the war but his ego got in his way from leading his troops to the conclusion of the war. The time when he was most likely needed the most by his men. 4. Regarding Patton, what people don't realize was that his personal selection of his General Staff actually led to the best General Staff available to any Commander during the war. His staff, without the aid of enigma code breakers, actually put all the pieces together to realize the Ardennes Offensive was coming well in advance to prepare his Army for a counterattack. Patton's reputation for sacrificing his men was actually not a realistic one from what I understand. I recall seeing a report in CGSC about his losses during the war and they were quite low. The Germans feared him because he was a true combined arms commander who could make you pay with the assets available to him. Bradley even admitted towards the end of the war that Patton's staff was the finest he had ever come across. He actually had to change his opinion of them as he initially believed they were just a bunch of Patton's lackies. Hie opinion changed as he got to see them at work. If you read Pershing's autobiography, you know Pershing understood the importance of staffwork and created the staff network we know today. Patton was also Pershing's aide during WW1 and had a good look at what Pershing was doing and undoubtedly discussed the topic with him and learned the value of a good staff before moving onto an armor unit. It is recognized that Patton's worst campaign of the war was the Lorraine Campaign where he got bogged down in city fighting. Something that he and his staff had little experience with when compared to the Germans. Okay, that's my take on the best Field Marshall. Will anybody take the challenge of laying out the best four star? Tom
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