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  1. Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory - Present Day Market Realities My interest in Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory (which extends back some 15 years) has led me to the following general observations ref the collectors market for Full Cavalier sets that has developed in the United States and Europe over this period. I offer the following as my personal observations and welcome your comments/opinions. The Hierarchy of Collectability (defined by dealers' asking prices for a Full Cavalier set ranked from most expensive to least expensive) as of 24 February 2006: 1) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with accompanying Full Cavalier award booklet that includes photo of recipient, official military commissariat stamp on photo and date when booklet was issued plus all standard entries. 2) Same as 1) above but the photo does not have the official military commissariat stamp and the booklet lacks an entry for date of issue. 3) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with accompanying Full Cavalier award booklet but award booklet is missing the photo, official military commissariat stamp and date booklet was issued. 4) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with accompanying Ordenskaya Knizhka with or without photo. 5) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with accompanying Voenniy Bilet. 6) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with research e.g. Special Awards Card for HSU and Full Cavalier and/or Standard Awards Card and/or copies of Glory Award Citations. 7) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals that stand alone without accompanying documentation of any sort. NOTES: 1) Over the past 15 years I have encountered a few category 1) Full Cavalier sets that also included the associated Ordenskaya Knizhka (OK). These occasions have been far and few between. In those instances where I have seen them, all of the other accompanying awards (e.g. Red Star or Medal for Valor) were never included/available with the set. For this reason, I have not included a separate ranking for category 1) - 3) Full Cavalier sets that might also include the OK since, in my judgment, dealers don't necessarily adjust the price upwards unless the orders/medals identified in the OK are also with the group. 2) The above ranking does not consider Full Cavalier sets that include duplicate Orders of Glory in their make up. While the duplicate(s) may be original in every respect, their presence markedly detracts from the sets' historic/monetary value. BOTTOM LINE: My observation is that dealers' asking prices for a Full Cavalier set generally follow the above guideline. I look forward to your thoughts. Regards, slava1stclass
  2. Hero of Labor notification from the web: Condecoran a nuevos H?roes del Trabajo de Cuba La Habana, 2 may (RHC) Jos? R. Machado Ventura, miembro del Bur? Pol?tico del Partido Comunista de Cuba, condecor? en esta capital a 37 trabajadores, de ellos 15 mujeres, con resultados extraordinarios en la producci?n y los servicios. Machado Ventura entreg? a Eusebio Leal, Historiador de la Ciudad, y a Juan J. Maiquez, mec?nico de la Empresa de Mantenimiento de Construcci?n y Reparaciones, ambos de Ciudad de La Habana, los t?tulos honor?ficos de H?roes del Trabajo de la Rep?blica de Cuba. Tambi?n coloc? medallas que avalan esa condici?n en los pechos de ?lvaro Serrano, operador de alzadora de ca?as de la Empresa Agropecuaria Orlando Gonz?lez, de Ciego de ?vila, y de Jorge Guerra, chofer-distribuidor de la Base de Transporte de Bebidas, de Las Tunas, rese?a la ain. Carlos Lage, Ricardo Alarc?n, Jos? R. Balaguer y Pedro S?ez, integrantes igualmente del Bur? Pol?tico, y otros dirigentes del Secretariado del Comit? Central y de organizaciones pol?ticas y de masas participaron en el reconocimiento oficial a destacados de la clase obrera en su d?a. En una ceremonia en el Sal?n de Protocolo de El Laguito, tras la multitudinaria celebraci?n en toda la naci?n del Primero de Mayo, D?a Internacional de los Trabajadores, cinco obreros sobresalientes recibieron la Orden L?zaro Pe?a de Primer Grado, ocho la de Segundo y nueve la de Tercero. Esa ?ltima fue entregada igualmente a una representaci?n del colectivo de 30 personas del Motel de la Asamblea Provincial del Poder Popular en Sancti Sp?ritus Un operador de equipos industriales, un dependiente, un periodista, un estibador y un cocinero fueron merecedores de la Medalla Jes?s Men?ndez y seis trabajadores m?s la de la Haza?a Laboral. El Sistema de Condecoraciones y T?tulos Honor?ficos de Cuba est? contenido en la Ley 17 que aprob? la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular en su primer per?odo ordinario de sesiones, del 28 al 30 de junio de 1978. Su Reglamento y Estatutos los acord? el Consejo de Estado en diciembre de 1979.
  3. Hi, I spotted lately one medal for long service in security forces. There are many such medals for 10 and 20 years of service in security forces. But this is one medal for 30 year of service made in GOLD. I saw only two times such medal in many years, I believe that it is not very common.
  4. Gentlemen, very interesting and very old Badge given to Yugoslavian Participants of October Revolution 1917. Enjoy.
  5. Hi all, First all, let me say that I had to "borrow" a couple of pics from Grenzer.com, an excellent site on the Grenztruppen der DDR, the DDR border and just about anything you'd want to know about same. First off, here's what we're looking at... I believe these are 2nd generation DDR border post signs: Now I post these here because several months ago I was lucky enough to get ahold of an excellent copy of one of these signs:
  6. Hi all, this is my armband of "Movimiento 26 de Julio". originally and local-made during the Revolution time: please add your M-26 Julio related items. regards, Emanuele
  7. This fellow has offered me this badge and I am interested, but have no clue on the reality of the piece. Is this a legit Mongolian Badge for anti partisan. The book while very intriguing, doesn't seem to really conform to what I would expect for an award document per se. Any and all opinions are welcome and the guidance greatly appreciated. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEDW%3AIT&rd=1 Thanks much guys!
  8. HERO OF THE MONGOLIAN PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC T1 only 6 awarded T2 41 awarded 14 posthumous titles awarded, they were NOT accompanied with the Gold Star. Pix from Yuri Yashnev's site
  9. Following the example of the Soviet Award Pages here is a provisionary list of the Order Booklets of the MPR The dates are very approximative Type 1 & 2 : 1940-45 / Uighur writing / text of T2 is slightly different Type 3: 1946-47 / State seal with uighur text / booklet: gold coloured inscription, partly in Uighur, partly in Cyrillic ?Odon medaliin devter? (decoration (note)book) In this type the date of awarding corresponds to the calendar in which 1911, the year of the independence of Outer Mongolia, is considered being year 1. Hence the date 2/5/37, would stand for May 2nd, 1947. Type 4: 1950-54 / State seal with Cyrillic text / booklet: black coloured inscription, partly in Uighur, partly in Cyrillic ?Odon medaliin devter? Type 5: 1954-60 / State seal with Uighur text / booklet: Gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?Bugd nairamdakh Mongol ard uls / Odon medaliin devter? Type 6: ??? / State seal with Cyrillic text / booklet: Gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic Odon medaliin devter? Type 7: 1961-71 / 1970's state seal / booklet: gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?Bugd nairamdakh Mongol ard uls / Odon medaliin devter? Type 8: 1971-76 / 1970's state seal / booklet: gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?Bugd nairamdakh Mongol ard uls / Odon medaliin unemlekh? (decoration licence) Type 9: 1976 / 1970's state seal / booklet: brown rather than red cover / gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?BNMAU / Odon medaliin unemlekh? Type 10: 1982 / 1970's state seal (large sized) / booklet: gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?BNMAU / Odon medaliin unemlekh? Type 11: 1986 / 1970's state seal (small sized) / booklet: gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?BNMAU / Odon medaliin unemlekh? Type 12: 1995 / 1970's state seal (medium sized) / booklet: gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?BNMAU / Odon medaliin unemlekh? Type 13: 1991 / 1970's state seal / booklet: Plastic bound, grey interior, gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?BNMAU / Odon medaliin unemlekh? Type 14: 1997 / Soyombo / booklet: Plastic bound; gold coloured inscription in Cyrillic ?Mongol Ulsiin Odon medaliin unemlekh? Please add, correct, help where necessary Jan
  10. First pics to follow this evening. Sadly only the documents, but this is one hell of a set of documents! Detailed pics when the mailman arrives. I know, this is a bit of a tease, but good to see interesting stuff still popping up :cheers:
  11. Attached Golden grade (number 1000). Apparently there are two different variations although this is the only type I have.
  12. This is all I have my be sum body can show some other one.
  13. H 23 -- Mongolia A tiny little thing, the Mongolian map and dove section is only 22 x 16 mm.
  14. As this was made at the Russian mint I think it qualify to be posted in this forum. It is the first version of The Order of the Saur Revolution made for Afganistan. It's very heavy and has a look one would not expect from a suspended order. Anyone else that has Afgani awards? /Kim
  15. Verdienstmedaille der Seeverkehrswirtschaft Instituted: 1965. Awarded: To recognize the efforts of civilian sailors in transportation on the open seas, in 3 classes (Gold, Silver and Bronze). This is the Silver Medal:
  16. Hello all: As some of you may know from the WAF, I have a penchant for communist period Albanian decorations (well, I should say, I have a penchant for little explored areas of interest), so I thought for my first post on this forum I would share one of my favorite items, an Albanian six place plastic/metal ribbon bar from the 1950's. The ribbon bars used in Albania in the 1950?s were painted plastic mounted onto a substantial metal frame. Some early newsreels of Enver Hoxha visiting with communist allies such as Stalin and Bulgaria?s Georgi Dimitrov show him in the uniform of a colonel-general wearing a ribbon bar setup like this one. However, I have to say, photos of Albanians wearing communist decorations are few and far between. This ribbon bar belonged to a member of the 8th Offensive Brigade who fought primarily around Visegrad, Yugoslavia, until April 1945. Afterwards, he was sent to a Soviet military academy in Odessa until 1952. He achieved the rank of Major until the abolishment of ranks in 1966/1967. The medals are: 1. Order of Skanderbeg 3rd class 2. Medal "Remembrance 1942-1943" 3. Order of the Red Star 4. Medal for Bravery 5. Medal for the Liberation of the Country (essentially the WW II victory medal) 6. Medal for 10th Anniversary of the Army (which dates this bar to about 1955) I hope you like this ribbon bar. I have been doing some research on Albanian decorations and I hope to share some of it here if it is of any interest. Cheers, Eric
  17. Gentlemen, In a thread on the HUPR sub forum I listed three medals medals awarded to a Hungarian General that had recently been bought, through the GMIC, by Christophe. He suggested I post the medals and add some details about each one. One of the awards was a Polish Grudwald non portable medal document. At the end of that thread, seb16trs suggested we start another thread strictly about Grundwald awards. Well since I bought a new one last week lets list the ones I know about, with what little information I have on them, and perhaps we can fill in some more info on this particular award. The award document to the Hungarian General first.
  18. Hi all, I've had most of these for quite a number of years, but I just got a couple of new additions... one I'm not sure about... don't know if it's a fake or a variation so would love comments on it. First off, the one I'm concerned about: First the obverse. It seems a tiny bit smaller somehow than the others I have. Also the enamel in the star does not stand out quite as well as my others do: Reverse... note the odd nut on the screwback... never seen one like this before: Closeup of the star:
  19. Here's another one of the goodies I picked up this past weekend that y'all may be interested in seeing. This is a badge for the Albanian Red Cross (Kryqi i Kuq Shqiptar or KKSH) that was made in the USSR by the Pobeda Factory in Moscow, so this dates to sometime in the 1950s. The Pobeda Factory also made the Badge commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Peoples rmy that was awarded in 1958 (unfortunately, I do not have one of those to show). If you thought Albanian medals were hard to research, try badges. There are no references at all for them, so this is definitely "seat of the pants" research.
  20. Known medals: - medal for 10th anniversary - medal for 40th anniversary So logically you'd expect a 20th and 30th as well... Anybody with pics - go ahead!
  21. Hi All! This is another recent pickup of mine, a group to Guard Senior Lieutenant Trofimov Nikolai Dmitrievich. He apparently made it from Moscow, through Stalingrad, to Berlin. And he earned a red star (#2,124,058) and OGPW (#659,192) along the way...I think. Those two awards didn't come with an order book, so the only way to know for sure is through research, I guess. If anyone wants better pictures, let me know. Thanks! -Alex
  22. In the efforts to make headway on our own research I would like to begin this thread to complie a database of the Hungarian Partisan Badges. There were several types and some variations. It would be great if everyone could post an image of the badges (front and back) or at least 1) if you have a badge 2) does it have a number. Designations: Type 1.1: Probably Soviet manufactured, silver, thin base, screwback style, commonly unnumbered Type 1.2: Hungarian manufactured, silver, thicker base, pinback, commonly unnumbered Type 1.3: Probably Soviet manufactured, zink, thicker base, pinback or screwback, commonly unnumbered Type 2.1: Hungarian manufacture, guilded bronze, pinback, numbered Type 2.2: Hungarian manufacture, guilded bronze, pinback, unnumbered (1980's type) Type 1.1 2 unnumbered Type 1.2 1 unnumbered Type 1.3 1 unnumbered 1 with hand scratched number 901 1 with hand scratched number 446 Type 2.1 #1 #9 #56 #84 (documented Dr Janos Beck) #444 (document - no badge) #490 (miniature only) #558 #724 #804 (on eBay 12/2/12) #824 #826 #1019 #1057 #1069 #1089 #1094 #1149 #1249 (documented Dr Janos Beckne) #1622 #1735 #1860 #2142 (Document - no badge) #2228 #2448 (document - no badge) #2767 (document - no badge) #2809 (mini) #2888 (mini) #3100 (document - no badge) #3159 #3473 #3649 #3662 (on eBay 9/25/12) #3695 #3711 (Collect Russia Web Site, 12/30/08) #4062 #4148 #4194 #4302 #4352 #4428 #4567 #4668 #4876 #4936 #5070 #5074 #5076 #5240 (Documented to Joszef Nagy) #5312 #5367 #5524 #5765 #6043 #6064 #6066 #6301 #6367 Type 2.2 2 (unnumbered)
  23. Hello, is it an original: http://www.zeige.com/cgi-bin/cat-art-index.pl?art_no=525&rubrik=4550&lang=d&kat=auktionskatalog ? Thank you!
  24. Titles T?tulo "H?roe del Trabajo de la Rep?blica de Cuba" Type 1 (screw attachment) T?tulo "H?roe del Trabajo de la Rep?blica de Cuba" Type 2 (Pin attachment) Orden Orden "Combatiente de la Guerra de Liberaci?n" Type 1 (Silver) Orden "Combatiente de la Guerra de Liberaci?n" Type 2 (Silver Gilt) Orden "Por el Servicio a la Patria en FAR" (III) Var 1 (Silver Star) Orden "Por el Servicio a la Patria en FAR" (III) Var 2 (Bronze Rays) Orden "Ana Betancourt" Type 1 Orden "Ana Betancourt" Type 2 Medals Medalla "Combatiente de la Guerra de Liberaci?n" Type 1 (Matt finish) Medalla "Combatiente de la Guerra de Liberaci?n" Type 2 (Staybrite finish) Medalla Conmemorativa "Victoria de Playa Gir?n" Type 1 (Early) Medalla Conmemorativa "Victoria de Playa Gir?n" Type 2 (Later) Distinctions Distinci?n "Rafael Mar?a de Mendive" Type 1 (SNTE reverse) Distinci?n "Rafael Mar?a de Mendive" Type 2 (SNTEC reverse) Distinci?n "Rafael Mar?a de Mendive" Type 3 (SNTECD reverse) "Ricks" please add and edit as required.
  25. I know that there is a separate tread on this badge already but I could not figure out how to attach a picture. So decided to start a new topic. Sorry. Anyway, my latest acquisition: Shockworker badge of the MPR # 18.
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