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  1. General der Flieger Erhard Milch Born: 30th Mar 1892 Died: 25th Jun 1972 Highest rank reached: Generalfeldmarschall Generalinspekteur der Luftwaffe Oberbefehlshaber der Luftflotte 5 Generalinspekteur der Luftwaffe auch immer der Lufthansa verbunden Ritterkreuz - 4th May 1940 Gemeinsames Flugzeugführer-und Beobachterabzeichen in Gold mit Brillanten Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der NSDAP Image: Promotion citation
  2. Felmy, Hellmuth 28.5.1885-14.12.1965 General der Flieger Oberbefehlshaber der Luftflotte 2 Chef Sonderstab F (Deutsche Militärmission nach dem Irak) Militärbefehlshaber Südgriechenland Komm. Gen. Generalkommando.z.B.V. Felmy Komm. Gen. LXVIII. Armeekorps Komm. Gen. XXXIV. Armeekorps Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (DKiG) - 16.1.1945 Bio: https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/F/FelmyHellmuth.htm Bio: http://www.geocities...Y_HELLMUTH.html Bio: http://de.wikipedia..../Hellmuth_Felmy Evaluation report for Maj. Walter von Gal, Adj. LXVIII.A.K.
  3. Generalfeldmarschall Albert Kesselring Born: 30th Nov 1885 Died: 15th Jul 1960 Befehlshaber vom Luftwaffengruppenkommando 1 Oberbefehlshaber der Luftflotte 1 Oberbefehlshaber der Luftflotte 2 Oberbefehlshabers Nordwest Oberbefehlshabers Süd Oberbefehlshabers Südwest Oberbefehlshabers Heeresgruppe C Oberbefehlshabers West Oberbefehlshabers Süd Ritterkreuz - 30th Sep 1939 / Eichenlaub - 25th Feb 1942 / Schwertern - 18th Jul 1942 / Brillianten - 9th Jul 1944 Image: EK I citation
  4. Kaupisch, Leonhard * 1. September 1878 in Bitterfeld † 26. September 1945 in Weimar Highest rank reached: General der Flieger / General der Artillerie z.V. https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/K/KaupischLeonhard.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonhard_Kaupisch https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonhard_Kaupisch
  5. Löhr, Alexander * 20. Mai 1885 in Turn-Severin, Siebenbürgen † 6. April 1947 in Belgrad, Jugoslawien (hingerichtet) Highest rank reached: Generaloberst Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (RK) - 30.9.1939 Eichenlaub zum Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (EL) - 20.1.1945 https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/L/LoehrA.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Löhr https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Löhr
  6. Halm, Hans * 24. Februar 1879 in Rappoltsweiler, Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen † 9. Oktober 1957 in Kronberg im Taunus 01.11.1927 Kommandeur des 11. (Sächs.) Infanterie-Regiments 01.09.1929 in den Stab des Gruppenkommandos 1 01.11.1930 Infanterieführer V 30.09.1931 ausgeschieden 01.04.1934 in die Luftwaffe eingetreten (Kommandeur des Luftamts IV) 31.03.1938 aus der Luftwaffe ausgeschieden 26.08.1939 Kommandierender General des stellvertretenden Generalkommandos VIII. Armeekorps und Befehlshaber im Wehrkreis VIII 31.04.1942 Führerreserve 30.06.1942 entlassen 01.10.1935 General der Flieger 01.04.1940 General der Infanterie Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (DKiG) - 12.6.1943 https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/H/HalmHans.htm
  7. Witzendorff, Bodo Viktor Adolf Wilhelm * 29. August 1876 in Schwerin in Mecklenburg † 9. August 1943 in Berlin Highest rank reached: General der Flieger Deutsches Kreuz in Silber (DKiS) - 16.11.1942 https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/W/WitzendorffBodov.htm https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodo_von_Witzendorff
  8. Generalfeldmarschall Hugo Sperrle Born: 7th Feb 1885 Died: 2nd Apr 1953 Kdr Luftflotte 3 Ritterkreuz - 17th May 1940 Image: KvK II Kl mit Schwertern
  9. Oberleutnant Erich Rudorffer Born: 01-Nov-1917 in Zwochau Died: 08-April-2016 Highest rank reached: Major 2./JG-2 6./JG-2 Staffelkapitän 6./JG-2 Gruppenkommandeur II/JG-2 Gruppenkoomandeur IV/JG-54 Gruppenkommandeur II/JG-54 Gruppenkommandeur I/JG-7 II/JG-7 RK: 01-May-1941 EL: 11-April-1944 Schw: 26-January-1945 DKiG: 09-December-1941 Credited with 222 Kills
  10. Please post your unknown Second World War Luftwaffe signatures here.
  11. Hi Guy This is my newest buy and I?m so pleased with it. It is named H. Helleberg), and has very much frosting on the wreath underneath the patina and the eagle has almost all it dark color remaining. Is there anywhere that I might obtain information on this guy? KR Karsten
  12. For me a hobby in the hobby First will be a set for the "Reiter der Schwerin", emblem of II/LG1
  13. Heinrich Wohlers was born on 16 March 1912 at Altkloster in the Stade region of Neidersachsen. Trained as a reconnaisance pilot, Oberleutnant Wohlers was serving with 2.(F)/Aufkl?rungsgruppe 11 early in the war. He later converted to night fighters and was posted to II./NJG 1 on 23 August 1940. On 26 October 1940, Wohlers was transferred to 8./NJG 1. He claimed his first victory on the night of 12/13 March 1941, when he shot down a RAF Hampden twin-engined bomber near Nordhorn. Wohlers was appointed Staffelkapit?n of 8./NJG 4 on 30 April 1942. Hauptmann Wohlers had two victories to his credit at this time. On 1 January 1943, Wohlers was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of II./NJG 4. By the end of 1942, he had increased his victory total to seven, including three RAF bombers shot down on the night of 21/22 December to record his fifth through seventh victories. Wohlers was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of IV./NJG 6 on 13 January 1943. By the end of May, he had nine victories to his credit. In June and July, Wohlers was detached to 3./NJG 1. During his period with the unit he recorded seven victories, including his 10th victory, a RAF Lancaster four-engine bomber shot down near Broich on the night of 16/17 June, two RAF four-engine bombers shot down over Holland on the night of 22/23 June (12-13) and a further two RAF four-engine bombers shot down on the night of 29 June (15-16). On 1 August 1943, IV./NJG 4 was redesignated I./NJG 6. Wohlers retained command of the newly redesignated unit. By the end of 1943, Wohlers had increased his victory total to 28, including three RAF four-engine bombers shot down on the night of 10/11 August (18-20) and a further three on the night of 27/28 August (22-24). On 11 November, Wohlers was promoted to the rank of Major. Wohlers was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 31 December for 28 victories. Major Wohlers was appointed Kommodore of NJG 6 on 2 February 1944. On 15 March 1944, Wohlers undertook a transfer flight from Schleissheim to Echterdingen. His Bf 110 G-4 (W.Nr. 5353) suffered an engine failure and crashed attempting a landing in dense fog at Echterdingen. Wohlers and his crewman, Oberfeldwebel Karl Kleilein were killed. A passenger, a staff officer from 7. Jagddivision, Major M?nsterer, along to observe on the flight, was also killed. Heinrich Wohlers was credited with 29 victories. All his victories were recorded at night. Acknowledgements to Frederic H?noff No Date Time A/c Type Unit Location / Comments 1 13.3.1941 0:10 Hampden 8./NJG 1 5km NE Nordhorn 2 10.7.1941 1:31 Wellington 8./NJG 1 4km S Meppen 3 17.11.1942 21:05 Halifax II./NJG 4 2km NE Consigny / Halifax II (W7863) ?NP-V? of 158 Sqn flown by S/Ldr P de GH Seymour 4 22.11.1942 22:55 Wellington II./NJG 4 10km S Brienne 5 21.12.1942 19:41 Viermot II./NJG 4 5km S Void-Vacon 6 21.12.1942 22:56 Stirling II./NJG 4 Minecourt 7 21.12.1942 23:13 Wellington II./NJG 4 2.5km W Matignicourt 8 15.4.1943 0:23 Halifax IV./NJG 4 Niederl?stat 9 17.4.1943 1:15 Halifax IV./NJG 4 W Kastenbach 10 17.6.1943 1:20 Lancaster IV./NJG 4 1.5km S Broich 11 22.6.1943 2:12 Halifax IV./NJG 4 2km E Kampen 12 23.6.1943 1:35 Stirling IV./NJG 4 2km S Apeldoorn 13 23.6.1943 2:12 Halifax IV./NJG 4 Kaalherin 14 25.6.1943 1:07 Halifax IV./NJG 4 1km N Welldorf 15 29.6.1943 2:17 Lancaster IV./NJG 4 S Volkel 16 29.6.1943 2:40 Stirling IV./NJG 4 1.5km E Moulfort 17 14.7.1943 1:48 Stirling IV./NJG 4 2km NE Rothem 18 10.8.1943 - Halifax I./NJG 6 Spe?bach 19 11.8.1943 0:37 Halifax I./NJG 6 Bad Kreuznach 20 11.8.1943 - Stirling I./NJG 6 Schaffhausen 21 11.8.1943 - Halifax I./NJG 6 Asbach 22 28.8.1943 1:33 Halifax I./NJG 6 J?ngholzhausen 23 28.8.1943 1:46 Stirling I./NJG 6 Oppenheim durch 24 28.8.1943 2:53 Viermot I./NJG 6 2.5km SE Alzey 25 6.9.1943 0:16 Stirling I./NJG 6 NE Pirmasens 26 6.9.1943 0:29 Stirling I./NJG 6 J?gersburg 27 7.9.1943 0:29 Halifax I./NJG 6 SW M?nchen 28 26.11.1943 20:12 Halifax I./NJG 6 Maria Buchen 29 25.2.1944 22:45 Lancaster Stab/NJG 6 30km W Augsburg Victories : 29 Awards : Ehrenpokal (9 August 1943) Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (31 August 1943) Ritterkreuz (31 December 1943) Units : NJG 1, NJG 4, NJG 6
  14. This thread will be dedicated to the study of one of the lesser known Luftwaffe suborganizations. This intent of this thread is to bring out participation. Any information including details and photos of uniforms, insignia, and the actual men themselves are greatly encouraged. I will start off by going over a few of the uniform regulations. Luftwaffe Corps of Engineers: By decree of the the Fuhrer and Reichs Chancellery on 20Apr1935, the "Corps of Engineers of the Luftwaffe" was created. It was further deemed on 18Oct1935 that the members of this newly formed corps were not soldiers but "members of the Luftwaffe" with a status very similar to that of Officials. This was an Officer only career field. Requirements for entry into the Corps of Engineers changed several times, yet the basic requirement was a University(equiv to a Masters Degree?) or College(Basic four year, Bach. Degree) degree in engineering. University graduates were brought in at the rank of Fl. Hauptingenieur and College degree qualified for the rank of Fl. Ingenieur. Members of the Corps of Engineers wore the basic Luftwaffe style uniform. Insignia comprised of: 1. Tabs- Rose Pink. Rank was denoted with the use of the wreath and blades of the propeller(instead of gulls like the Luftwaffe proper). 2. Boards- Standard style, with pink waffenfarbe. Reserve members are identified by a blue secondary piping on the tabs and shoulder boards. The role or purpose of this formation is not noted in my Angolia or Davis books. Did they design aircraft? Plan and construct Airbases? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Corps of Engineer Officers: An order dated 11May1940 created the "Corps of Engineer Officers" with the eventual disbanding of the "Corps of Engineers" in mind. The many delays in acting on this order, the Corps of Engineers was never disbanded and both the Corps of Engineers and the Corps of Engineer Officers co-existed for the duration of the war. The only difference in the two services was the collar tabs. Tabs: Rose Pink. Rank was denoted with the use of the wreath and gulls, like regular Luftwaffe Officers. Wartime Members of the Corps of Engineers: This was not a career area. They were civilian engineers brought into the service of the Luftwaffe for the duration of the war to fill billets. These men were given a ranking based upon their age, experience, and schooling. Once assigned a rank, they were non promotable. Starting on 15Jan43, the Wartime Members of the Corps of Engineers wore the same uniforms as those used by the Corps of Engineers. The insignia differed as stated below: 1. Tabs- Rose pink, as the Corps of Engineer tabs. Ranking consisted of the embroidered wreath only. No propellers or gulls were used. The exact ranking was noted on the shoulder cord. 2. Shoulder Cord- As with other Sonderfuhrer shoulder cords, these were to be unpiped(although this rule was frequently broken). The rank exact rank was noted on the shoulder cord by the use of yellow "sliders".
  15. Good Afternoon! As most of you might know, I collect mainly LW uniforms and medical uniforms from all branches. Now the big question... Is there such thing as a Luftwaffe Veterinarian(that utilizes the carmine waffenfarbe like the Heer)? If so, my quest will be to find such a tunic. Any insight will be greatly appreciated! Warm regards Paul
  16. A small but interesting set of documents to Oberfeldwebel Erwin Heinemann who served with the 2./ Aufkl?rungsgruppe Ob.d.L. (Aufkl.Gr.Ob.d.L. : Aufkl?rungsgruppe Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe. The Reconnaissance Wing of the Commander in Chief of the German Airforce) and was mentioned in dispatches for his courage & bravery whilst on a mission over Glasgow in 1941. In short, during the reconnaissance mission, Heinemann?s Ju88 came under attack by two fighter aircraft. These fighters made five passes and as well as knocking out one engine, they hit the Ju88 with a total of 250 cannon rounds. Even though Heinemann?s aircraft was seriously damaged, he continued his mission and completed the task of photographing potential target sites. On the return flight to his base in France and still being over Britain, his controls seized. This plus the fact that he was flying on one engine, forced him to drop to an altitude of 800ft.. At this height, Heinemann had to negotiate concentrated antiaircraft fire from coastal batteries. Heinemann fought to keep his aircraft in the air (?with an arm of Iron &steel?), and after a nerve wracking flight lasting five hours they finally reached France. On finding a level piece of ground, Heinemann had to crash-land the aircraft as the landing gear had been put out of action. On removing the photographic equipment, it was found to badly damaged by shell fire but the film itself was intact. Heinemann was promoted for his efforts. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Dave for kindly letting me have this document group. Document (Urkunde) for his pilot qualification. Dated : 9th March 1940. Signed by Generalleutnant Gustav Kastner-Kirdorf
  17. Luftwaffe Fire Fighting Officials There were two different fire fighting organizations within the control of the Luftwaffe. This is a confusing topic, as the two organizations work so closely together, it is difficult to say if they are two organizations or one with a definite border in regard to ranking/responsibility. The first one was the "Air Base Fire Departments" (Fleigerhorstfeuerwehr). These personnel were civilian employees of the Luftwaffe and were paid an hourly wage. Their job was to provide fire protection duties on Luftwaffe air bases and other Luftwaffe assets. Fire Departments were organized into "Extinguishing Groups" which had about 14-18 members. The designated branch color was Carmine. These men held a special status. They were not considered to be Soldiers or Officials. They had the title of "Luftwaffe Members". During the war, men who were physically fit were mobilized as soldiers for foreign based Luftwaffe Bases. These men were given LW standard uniforms with their insignia applied in 1940, these men were officially transferred to the Luftwaffe and give the standard yellow flight piped insignia. There were three ranking titles: 1. Feuerwehrman 2. Obereuerwehrman 3. Loschmeister In Jun1944, when parts of the Air Base Fire Departments were transfered to the Luftwaffe under a soldiers status, Oberfeuerwehrmen and Loschmeister level personnel needed to possess a military rank. These men were afforded the ranking of Sonderfuhrer-F (Feuerwehr) and given specialist leaders ranks of Sonderfuhrer- G(Unteroffizier) or Sonderfuhrer-O(Oberfeldwebel). The branch color was Golden Yellow. The second formation were the Officials of the Fire Protection Branch. These officials were placed in leadership postions of the local fire departments as well as administrative postions within the RLM and other major command centers. The officials who provided the leadership in the Fire Departments were at a Medium Grade career level while the Officials filling the Administrative postions held a High Grade Career. The High Grade Career was established in early December 1939 and were under the General Construction and Administrative Branch. These men wore the standard LW Official's uniform with the bright red Nebenfarbe and the gold piping around the collar tabs. These men used the same insignia configuration as the Luftwaffe Administrative Officials, with a dark green branch color and agolden brown designation color (nebenfarbe) Most of the initial staffing of these two organizations cme directly from civilian and volunteer fire departments. * For more details on the career levels, please see the Administrative Officials thread http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=18055 Here is an example of a Sonderfuhrer F Tab, Elevated ranking.
  18. Home Air Raid Protection and Rescue Branches- SHD, LSW, and RLB The purpose of this thread is to explore the little reviewed areas of the German Air Raid Early Warning, Rescue and Recovery Services. These units were uniformed civilian auxiliaries of the Luftwaffe. These organizations were all under the control of the Reichs Air Ministry(RLM). These organizations were: Air Warning Service(Luftschutz Warndienst- LSW) Security and Assistance Service(Sicherheits und Hilfsdienst- SHD) Air Protection Police(Luftshcultzpolizei) The Air Protection League was a different organization whose role was to teach the public about air raid procedures. As the war waned on, this organization's usefulness dissolved, as did its ranks. Despite these organizations initially being volunteer, as the war progressed manpower became scarcer. As a result, personnel were actually conscripted to fill the ranks.
  19. Gestapo Müller? Fuggedaboudit!!! Gaze upon the face that no Allied airman wanted to EVER see!!!! An unpublished photo formerly in the Evil Ricky Collection.
  20. I thought that having a quick and easy reference guide to the maker marks used on Luftwaffe badges would be useful... So, here it is. There are a few missing, which I'll add as soon as I get the time to photograph them. As mentioned, this is a general guide to Luftwaffe badge markings... Not all manufacturers produced the complete series of badges, so, for example, BSW produced pilot/para badges and clasps but is not known for making observers badges.. G.H Osang produced para/ground assault badges and clasps but is not known to have made any of the qualification badges, so, seeing these particular marks on the type of badge that we know they didn't make should be a 'red flag'. Each maker's original mark, like the badge, has its own characteristics...Study the original and it should help in cutting down the odds of picking up a fake.. 1st up... Assmann marks. Top left.... Pre /Early War. Top right.. Mid/Late war Bottom..... Double mark.. Mostly found on early pieces made in aluminium.
  21. Hello Forumfriends, I would like to share my newest aquisition to end this year with. This is the very rare and exclusive "Ehrenplakette der Luftflotte 1". This is the awarded piece from Fw. W.K?hler who was awarded this piece on 22.10.1942 fom Generaloberst Freidrich Keller himself. Fw. W.K?hler was a glider pilot who did earn this very rare (non portable) Lw. award for this efforst and participation in the Cholm battle. FYI, this is the only known original Ehrenplakette der Luftflotte 1 with a provenance. As far as is known there where only 2 glider pilots who did get this very rare award. It is unkown iff others also where awarded with this piece. It is probable but proof does fail at this point. Therefore it is known that at least 2 of these where awarded, from wich one towards W.K?hler (the shown piece here). Enjoy
  22. Hello, A few off you migh be aware of my passion for the german (military) glider pilots and i would like to share one of the portraits out of the collection. It is a widely unknown area so it seems and it might be good to share amongst each other. So feel free to post also a few portraits with the rare badge in wear. Cordial greetings
  23. Good time of the day Gentlemans! Im happy to present you a little but interesting DK doc grouping of Feldwebel Hermann Harders, Luftwaffe/Transportgeschwader 2. Waithing for your opinions Thank you in advance!
  24. Hello, The German glider pilots badge is a rare bird in a collection nowadays, the cloth version is to be considered even more rare and is not a easy one to find. Due to this rarity it was only a mtter of time before fakes would appear, in this thread it is the purpose to show a real badge and its fake counterpart. The fake badge as shown here has known its birth in the mid 80's in germany. It was produced in order of a very large German LW collector and a original badge was used as reference piece. To make things even a bit more difficult original cloth and original threads where used to reproduce this badge. So a blacklight wont bring you any help any more, the difference is al in the details (such as the feathering) and knowing what you are after is the main thing one can do. The badge shown in this post is a original cloth glider pilots badge, this one was worn by a glider veteran and was obtained directly from this person. Cordial greetings,
  25. Luftwaffe Administration Officials Previously known as the Air Administration Branch of the Reich Air Ministry, the Luftwaffe Administrative Officials came into existance when the Luftwaffe officially came to be on 28Feb1935. Officials did not have the same status as soldiers yet were considered as "Members of the Luftwaffe". Officials were actually governed by two sets of regulations. They were subject to military laws and regulations as well as the Reich Civil Service laws according to their status as Reichsbeamten. The Officials held ranking as determined by their level and of education, experience, and sometimes age. Unlike the regular military, rank was not used for command purposes. Rank does not define superiority in a military sense, even when certain groups of officials were authorized to give professional directions to soldiers in the line of duty. However, it is estimated that starting in 1938 some leadership roles were gradually conferred upon certain officials in select positions within units and Headquarters. After several attempts of the High Command to transform the status of Officials to that of Soldiers, the Special Troop Service was established and open for volunteers in Nov1944. For more information on the TSD, please click on the link below: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=16844 Often times, Officials were selected from Enlisted and NCO rankings from within the Luftwaffe. These Officials held a duel role as an active Official, yet retained their Luftwaffe ranking as a member of the Reserves. There were four career levels based upon education and experience. Lower Career Level- Feldwebel/Oberfeldwebel- Grade school education without further education/qualification was required. Medium Career Level- Oberfeldwebel/Oberleutnant- High School Diploma and an apprenticeship of a trade was required. Elevated Career Level- Leutnant/Oberstleutant- Educational level between High School and College, with an addition two-three years of practical training required. Highest Grade Career- Leutnant/Generalleutnant- University degree is required. The highest two career levels held officer rankings. In the medium career, it was possible to rise from an Enlisted to Officer ranking. As a side note, NCOs with 12 years of military service and have completed from two years of speciality training could be appointed as officials in the medium and elevated careers. The career levels could be identified by the color or the lack of the piping around the collar tabs. Specialities were distinguished by the secondary color(nebenfarbe) on the administrative shoulder board. I will get more into that shortly. The basic branch(waffenfarbe) color for the Administrative branch is dark green. Other basic Luftwaffe Administrative branch colors are: Reich Air Traffic Controller- Light Green- Covered here: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=17336 Supreme Reich Court Martial- Bordeaux- Covered here: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=17433 Judicial Officials- Wine Red- Covered here: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=17433 Officials of the Construction Service- Black
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