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Found 6 results

  1. This Imperial Navy bar - which came from a seller in Alabama - seems common, but in fact it is not. It is a navy officer's bar, for the "monkey dress" jacket, pre-1914. Red Eagle Order (4th cl probably), Crown Order (4th cl probably), China Medal, Centenary. (but NO LS award!) The combination seems common, but, ok assuming this is the last pre-war bar the wearer had, there is - surprisingly - only one candidate: char. Marine-Generalarzt Dr. Heinrich Schmidt (1871-1945) The combination of having NO long service award BUT still the 1897 Centenary medal AND the China Medal makes it ID'able. Dr. Heinrich Schmidt entered Navy service 1.10.1896 (so just in time to get the 1897 medal) Oberstabsarzt 27.3.1909 Generaloberarzt 24.5.1916 Char. Marine-Generalarzt 27.4.1921 Here is his entry in the 1918 ranklist, with wartime awards: He got PKO4 10.10.1901 as Marineoberassistenzarzt, Marinestation der Nordsee RAO4 9.5.1909 as Marineoberstabsarzt, SMS Zähringen But most important, his China medal is shown in the DOA 1908/09: The Navy Ehrenrangliste has his final rank: All other candidates either do not list a China medal or held a LS award. A particularly interesting case is Korvettenkapitän Hermann Buchholz, who holds the same awards as Schmidt in 1914 (without LS award) BUT his LS is listed in the 1918 RL. By chance, I found Schmidt's death date on the internet: He died at the military hospital Bad Nenndorf in 1945: Marine-General, Arzt a.D., Medizinalrat SCHMIDT, DR. MED. Heinrich 25.07.1871, Homburg v.d.Höhe 05.12.1945, Bad Nenndorf Link: http://www.denkmalprojekt.org/dkm_deutschland/bad_nenndorf_frdh_wk2_ns.htm
  2. I present to the forum the Ehrenritter cross of later Major General Bruno von Rudgisch. I bought it thinking it was bronze gilt as the seller confirmed there are no markings on the cross. When looking closely with a loop a "FR" can be seen engraved into the bottom of the cross. I had to use a loop to see it. Turns out this is a hollow gold version. Most likely the closest I will come to a PLM.
  3. Dear Forumites, I recently acquired a very nice Reserve's Pickelhaube with black eagle star and without Vaterlandsbandeau for Garde Kraftfahr-Bataillon (like also Garde-Pionier-Bataillon) of a subaltern officer apparently named Urtel (see inside the leather sweatband). It's a really nice untouched helmet in almost unused conditions. Since this surname "URTEL" is rather uncommon in Germany, maybe the research on this officer could be easier I thought. An entry of this officer can be found also in the Rangliste of 1913 on page 796. I also just found that a German auction house sold a document group of a driver with a signed original signature in his Militär-Führerschein of this elusive officer, then in 1915 commanding officer of Personenkraftwagenpark in Metz (back then still under German Empire in the Lorraine), see also picture of the group. Can somebody add anything interesting to this officer, like date of birth and death, first name/s and his later career if he had any? Thank you very much in advance for your most appreciated inputs and comments. Claudio
  4. Hi everybody, I want to create a big database showing photos of officers with their knight cross with X of House Order of Hohenzollern. Here I want only photos, not the medal ribbon bars or what else. There is special topic for that : http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/20668-house-order-of-hohenzollern-info-needed/?hl=hohenzollern If you know that one officer has received the HHO3X but you don't have a photo of him showing this medal please don't post it. I want only photo of officers with their medals appears on medal, ribbon bars or on device on EK ribbon on the uniform. Thanks. Christophe
  5. I am trying to confirm this bar to Major aD Walter Seebohm of IR 167. The awards are: 1914 EK2 HOH3x WVK3 WVK4 SMK Hindenberg TR 25yr Faithful Service Everything on the bar, except the TR 25yr, confirms to Seebohm. I am trying to determine if he was in some type of civil service between the wars. Seebohm wrote the unit history for IR 167 and maybe there is a picture of him in it or maybe be provides some detail as to what he did from 1920-1932 when the book was written. I also think he had TR army service as I find an Oberst (E) by that name in 1939. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Dear forumites, Here I'd like to show a pretty surely less known commemorative medal for the Centenary of the Garde Füsilier Regiment's foundation, which their nickname (Spitzname) was "Maikäfer" (in English "Maybug, Melolontha melolontha"). see also: http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/G_FR ; http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garde-Füsilier-Regiment ; http://www.diekrugsammler.de/html/maikafer.html ; http://www.deutsche-kriegsgeschichte.de/maikfreg.html Please feel free to post pictures of soldiers of this regiment in this thread! ;-) ciao, Claudio
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