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Found 14 results

  1. I collect documents and signatures of individuals who were involved in the German resistance movement, especially the July 20, 1944 bomb plot. The collection can be categorized into several general groups including the Abwehr resistance circle, including the Reserve Army Command in Berlin, Army Group Centre, the resistance in Paris, and others. First up - a visting card signed by Abwehr Admiral Chief Wilhelm Canaris (1887 -1945) This visiting card of Admiral Canaris includes a signed greeting on the reverse dated May 14, 1938, coinciding with the "May Crisis" war scare over Czechoslovakia. Between 1935 and 1944, Admiral Canaris was head of the Abwehr, the military intelligence service of the Wehrmacht or combined armed forces. Under Canaris' leadership, the Abwehr was a hotbed of anti-Hitler resistance and conspiracy, employing such noted resisters as Hans von Dohnanyi, Hans Oster and Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Canaris is a controversial historical character who vacillated between active plotting against Hitler's regime and mere tolerance of the conspiracies initiated by his subordinates. Admiral Canaris was arrested in connection with Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg's July 20th, 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler. He survived repeated SS and Gestapo interrogations until early 1945 when his incriminating diaries were discovered in Zossen. On Hitler's explicit orders, Canaris was subjected to a kangaroo court and was executed with Oster, von Dohnanyi, Bonhoeffer and others at Flossenburg concentration camp on April 9, 1945 - less than a month before Hitler's suicide and the official end of the war in Europe. Colin
  2. Not something I actively seek out to collect so the ones I have tend to come with other items, i.e. Soldbuch etc, but the Führerschein & Fahrlehrerschein can be a very underestimated item for collectors. Whether they are from hard to find units, contain great photos or signatures of future Generals or winners of high end awards there are plenty of reasons why they can be great additions to a papewrwork collection. So if you have one please feel free to add it to this thread. Here are two for a long serving member of Pz.Rgt 35 (1938-44). The Führerschein is a Zweitschrift issue and was issued by II/Pz.Rgt 35 and contains the signature of Wilhelm Hochbaum who won the DKiG in 1942. The Fahrlehrerschein was issued by Pz.Abt.Abw 9 in which the soldier served from 1936-38. The photo comes from his Wehrpass..
  3. According to the Treaty of Versailles, between 1920 and 1923 many border regions of both Austria and Germany, with a mixed population, were granted a plespecite to define about the nationality of its inhabitants. In some regions this caused reasons for locals to take up arms against the seperatists, but also for Freecorps to intervene. Both sides issued postcards and paper money to stress their point. This postcard was sold to support the Germans who wanted Upper Silesia to remain German.
  4. Work in progress... Anschluss of Saarland, Rheinland, Austria, Sudetenland etc Reichsparteitage of the NSDAP Volksabstimmung & Plesbecite
  5. Just thought it would be useful to have a listing of reference works that cover the area of German Paperwork collecting, whether they are about the paperwork itself or useful publications etc to aid research. I have tried to group them by author. I know there are plenty more 'out there', so please feel free to add the details of any published works that you know of that are not listed be they for Paperwork, Photo Collecting, OOB or anything that can help fellow collectors. (Yet-to-be published books to be added when they become available) Foreman's Guide To Third Reich Documents..And Their Values VOL 1 (ISBN:0-9523571-00 (UK) // 0-912138-58-0 (USA)) - Ignore the valuations as times have moved on, but still a very handy reference for citations. Foreman's Guide To Third Reich Documents..And Their Values VOL 2 (ISBN:0-9523571-19 (UK) // 912138-63-7 (USA)) - Ignore the valuations as times have moved on, but still a very handy reference for citations. German Military Award Documents 1939-45 by Emilie Caldwell Stewart Signatures Of The Third Reich by Emilie Caldwell Stewart A Collector's Guide To World War II German Wehrpasses & Soldbuchs by Emilie Caldwell Stewart Wehrpass by Emilie Caldwell Stewart Military Identity Documents Of The Third Reich by Emilie Caldwell Stewart Leaders & Personalities Of The Third Reich: Their Biographies, Portraits & Autographs VOL 1 (ISBN:0-912138-27-0) by Charles Hamilton Leaders & Personalities Of The Third Reich: Their Biographies, Portraits & Autographs VOL 2 (ISBN:0-912138-66-1) by Charles Hamilton Collecting World War II German Military Pay & Service Books (ISBN:1-905142-10-2) by Nigel Allison (Ulric Of England) German Military Dictionary (German-English/English-German) - Various examples for sale and also available for free PDF download online. Papers Please! Identity Documents, Permits and Authorizations of the Third Reich by Ray and Josephine Cowdery - A handy book to have due to the various appendices showing such things as a Sutterlin & Runic alphabets, Illness Codes & Medical Defect Tables, Body Parts in English & German (handy for working out injury entries in WP & SB), the Pay Groups of the Wehrmacht & Often Encountered German Words In Military & Paramilitary Documents. German Third Reich Era Documents VOL 1 - Paramilitary & Civil Organisations (ISBN:0-9666122-0-5) by Jeffrey F Young & Daniel W Meinz German Third Reich Era Documents VOL 2 - Military (ISBN:0-9666122-1-3) by Jeffrey F Young & Daniel W Meinz German Third Reich Era Documents VOL 3 - Special Edition (ISBN:0-9666122-2-1) by Jeffrey F Young & Daniel W Meinz Luftwaffe Efficiency and Promotion Reports for the Knight's Cross Winners VOL 1 (ISBN: 978-0764326578) by French Maclean Luftwaffe Efficiency and Promotion Reports for the Knight's Cross Winners VOL 2 (ISBN: 978-0764326585) by French Maclean Personal Groupings, Award Documents, and Ephemera of Rommel's Afrikakorps (ISBN: 0764321137 // 0-7643-2113-7) by Robert Kurtz Leaders of the SS & German Police, Vol. 1: Ahrens to Gutenberg by Michael D Miller Knight's Cross Holders of the SS and German Police 1940-1945 (CD-Rom) by Michael D Miller Gauleiter - The Regional Leaders of the Nazi Party and their Deputies 1925-1945 Vol 1: Albrecht to Hüttmann by Michael D Miller The SS Leadership Corps, Vol 1: A-E (ISBN: 0-9541997-5-8) by Max Williams (Ulric Of England) Führerliste der Waffen-SS (CD-Roms) by John P Moore Ordensträger (CD-Rom) - Lists the holders of Anerkennungsurkunde, DKiG & DKiS, RK-EL-Schw-Brill, Ehrenpokal, Ehrentafelspange, Ehrenblattspange, NKSiG, RK-Kriegsverdienstkreuz, Großkreuz.. Feldpostübersicht der deutschen Wehrmacht (CD-Rom) - Feldpost Database Luftwaffe Generals - The Knight's Cross Holders 1939-1945 (ISBN: 978-0-7643-3243-2) by Jeremy Dixon Die Generale Des Heeres und die Sanitatsoffiziere im Generalsrang (ISBN: 3-7909-0202-0) by Wolf Keilig Rangeliste Des Deutschen Heeres 1944/45 (ISBN: 3-7909-0113-X) by Wolf Keilig Die Dienstlaufbahnen der Offiziere des Generalstabes des deutschen Heeres 1935-1945, Vol 1 A-K (ISBN: 3-7648-2446-8) by Christian Zweng - Provides assignment details of all General Staff officers of Major and above. Die Dienstlaufbahnen der Offiziere des Generalstabes des deutschen Heeres 1935-1945, Vol 2 L-Z (ISBN: 3-7648-2455-7) by Christian Zweng - Provides assignment details of all General Staff officers of Major and above. Torpedo Los (ISBN: 978-9329700297) by Gordon Williamson - Plenty of examples of the various associated Citations and entries in WP & SB's. War Badges Of The Kriegsmarine (ISBN: 978-1932970173) by Gordon Williamson - Plenty of examples of the various associated Citations and entries in WP & SB's plus the various award criterias. The War Merit Cross (ISBN: 978-1932970067) by Gordon Williamson & Josef Charita - Plenty of examples of the various associated Citations and entries in WP & SB's. Also provides brief biographical details of the holders of the RK-KvK. The Wehrmacht At War (ISBN: 907532338-7) by Andris J Kursietis - a very handy book to quickly check who was Commander of a particular Division, Armeekorps, Armee, Armeegruppe, Wehrkreis & when (Waffen-SS included.) Waffen-SS Commanders, Vol 1: Augsberger to Kreutz (ISBN: 978-0764303562) by Mark C Yerger Waffen-SS Commanders, Vol 2: Krüger to Zimmermann (ISBN: 978-0764307690) by Mark C Yerger Allgemeine-SS: Commands, Units & Leaders Of The General SS (ISBN: 978-0764301452) by Mark C Yerger German Cross In Silver Holders Of The SS & Polizei (ISBN: 0-912138-87-4) by Mark C Yerger German Cross In Gold Holders Of The SS & Polizei, Vol 1 DAS REICH - Amlacher to H Lorenz (ISBN: 0-912138-94-7) by Mark C Yerger German Cross In Gold Holders Of The SS & Polizei, Vol 2 DAS REICH - K H Lorenz to Zimmermann (ISBN: 912138-99-8-5) by Mark C Yerger German Cross In Gold Holders Of The SS & Polizei, Vol 3 NORDLAND (ISBN: 1-932970-07-X) by Mark C Yerger German Cross In Gold Holders Of The SS & Polizei, Vol 4 CAVALRY (ISBN: 1-932970-10-X) by Mark C Yerger German Cross In Gold Holders Of The SS & Polizei, Vol 5 POLIZEI (ISBN: 1-932970-16-9) by Mark C Yerger German Cross In Gold Holders Of The SS & Polizei, Vol 6 POLIZEI (ISBN: 978-1932970227) by Mark C Yerger Totenkopf (ISBN: 978-2840481713) by Charles Trang - Has a very handy appendix that lists Totenkopf Commanders right down to Kompanie level. Has come in very useful for trying to decipher signatures in Soldbucher. Elite Of The Third Reich: The Recipients Of The Knights Cross Of The Iron Cross - A Reference (ISBN: 978-1874622468) by Walther-Peer Fellgiebel - Lists the winners of the RK (& EL etc) providing Name, Unit & Date Of Award. Die Ritterkreuzträger der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1939-1945, Vol 1 - Sturmartillerie (ISBN: 3-7648-1447-0) by Franz Thomas & Günter Wegmann - Gives a short biography on each winner and also shows various citations of RK winners. Die Ritterkreuzträger der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1939-1945, Vol 2 - Fallschirmjäger (ISBN: 3-7648-1461-6) by Franz Thomas & Günter Wegmann - As above Die Ritterkreuzträger der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1939-1945, Vol 4 (Pt 1 & 2) - Die U-Boot-Waffe by Manfred Dörr - As above Die Ritterkreuzträger der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1939-1945, Vol 7 (Pt 1 & 2) - Die Überwasserstreitkräfte der Kriegsmarine by Manfred Dörr - As above Die Ritterkreuzträger des Panzerkorps Großdeutschland (ISBN: 3-935102-07-0) by Ralph Tegethoff - Short biographies of the RKT's as well as plenty of photos and images of their citations. (English Version) The Knights Cross Holders Of Panzerkorps Großdeutschland: And Its Sister Units (ISBN: 978-1874622932) Die Ritterkreuzträger der Deutschen Panzerdivisionen 1939-1945 (ISBN: 3-925480-43-9) by Christian Federl - Gives basic details of each winner with photo where possible. Their Honor Was Loyalty: An illustrated & Documentary History Of The Knights Cross Holders Of The Waffen-SS & Polizei 1940-45 (ISBN: 978-0912138510) by Jost W Schneider - Gives very basic information on the RKT's. Die Ritterkreuzträger der Kampfflieger, Vol 1: Baumbach to Kunze (978-3-941437-07-4) by Jochen Kaiser - Dual German/English text. Die Ritterkreuzträger der Kampfflieger, Vol 2: Stahnke to Zöllner (ISBN: 978-3-941437-09-8) by Jochen Kaiser - Dual German/English text. Also has paperwork examples and statistics in the Appendices. Die Ritterkreuzträger des LG-1 1939-1945 (ISBN: 978-3-86619-013-9) by Ralf Schumann German Order Of Battle, Vol 1: 1st-290th Infantry Divisions (ISBN: 978-0811734165) by Samuel W Mitcham - Not geatly detailed but handy to have book for a quick overview of a units actions. German Order Of Battle, Vol 2: 291st-999th Infantry Divisions, Named Infantry Divisions & Special Divisions (ISBN: 978-0811734370) by Samuel W Mitcham - Not geatly detailed but handy to have book for a quick overview of a units actions. German Order Of battle, Vol 3: Panzer, Pz.Grenadier & Waffen-SS Divisions (ISBN: 978-0811734387) by Samuel W Mitcham - Not geatly detailed but handy to have book for a quick overview of a units actions. Order Of Battle Of The German Army, February 1944 (ISBN: 978-1847349989) by Military Intelligence Division - Originally published as a classified work for Allied Command units during WW2 German Order Of Battle, Vol 1: Infantry in WW2 (ISBN: 978-1853673931) by George F Nafziger - Shows the theoretical OOB rather then actual for the units. German Order Of Battle, Vol 2: Panzers & Artillery in WW2 (ISBN: 978-1853673597) by George F Nafziger - Shows the theoretical OOB rather then actual for the units. German Order Of Battle, Vol 3: Waffen-SS & Other Units in WW2 (ISBN: 978-1580970587) by George F Nafziger - Shows the theoretical OOB rather then actual for the units. Die Deutsche Kriegsmarine 1939-1945, Vol 1 by W Lohmann & H H Hildebrandt - Covers the multitude of commands and units and who staffed them. Die Deutsche Kriegsmarine 1939-1945, Vol 2 by W Lohmann & H H Hildebrandt - Covers the multitude of commands and units and who staffed them. Die Deutsche Kriegsmarine 1939-1945, Vol 3 by W Lohmann & H H Hildebrandt - Gives basic assignment details for alot of KM Officers. Uniforms & Insignia Of The Großdeutschland Division, Vol 1 (ISBN: 978-0-7643-3342-2) by Scott Pritchett - Plenty of examples of various pieces of paperwork and photos. Uniforms & Insignia Of The Großdeutschland Division, Vol 2 (ISBN: 978-0-7643-3343-9) by Scott Pritchett - Plenty of examples of various pieces of paperwork and photos. Also provides signature examples (and alphabetical list) of numerous GD personalities, Document stamp examples, GD unit naming conventions, GD RKT (including Pothumous issue & those that did not survive the war), GD DKiG holders, GD Ehrenblattspange holders. Uniforms & Insignia Of The Großdeutschland Division, Vol 3 (ISBN: 978-0-7643-3543-3) by Scott Pritchett - Plenty of examples of various pieces of paperwork and photos. Die Träger des Deutschen Kreuzes in Gold - Das Heer by H Scheibert Die Träger des Deutschen Kreuzes in Gold - Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Waffen-SS: Deutsches Kreuz in Silber - Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Waffen-SS by H Scheibert
  6. As this relates to paperwork I thought I'd post this here rather than down in the Book Section. This book seems to of been released with very little fan-fair but it looks like being a very interesting book to have. German Military Travel Papers Of The Second World War by Matt DiPalma is a big book (published by Schiffer - ISBN: 9780764350863) of 280 pages and covers the various aspects of the process and paperwork required by the German Serviceman when taking leave and/or traveling. The pages are of good quality and photos appear on pretty much every page showing various examples of all the different pieces of paperwork that the German serviceman required including leave request forms, the Reiseverordnung which held the regulations that governed travelling, various types of Urlaubschein & Sonderausweis, ration cards issued for those travelling, leave passes ranging from those for just a few hours leave to home leave for a number of days and postcards to name just a few. Quite often paperwork sets come with those little extra pieces of paper that gets ignored or passed over as so little is known about them but now they can take on a new lease of life within our collections thanks to this book. This is one of those books that appeals to those who not only collect paperwork but also have an interest in the daily life & routines of members of the Wehrmacht.
  7. I was fortunate to find this little jewel lately at an auction ,probably as no one could decipher the German Suterlin it was written in ( I nearly missed it as I also struggled)! . It is the complete Ahnenpass belonging to Major Martin Drewes ,the highly decorated ,and famous WW2 German Night Fighter Pilot Ace, and Knights Cross with Oakleaves bearer ,and Group Commander of III./NJG 1.Drewes was only one of a handfull of pilots that saw action in Iraq (under Iraqi colors) in WW2 against the RAF (most collectors do not know about this theatre of action). The Ahnenpass (Ancestral Passport)is a document tracing the Aryan Lineage of a German Citizen 4 generations back .This was a vital document to have if one hoped to make a career in the Third Reich. It came with three original private snapshot photos of Drewes ( which I suspect have never been published) ,which were lying loosely between the pages, which really was a lovely bonus. Translated herunder AHNENPASS of Name:. Martin Drewes Place: Lobmachtersen Adress: Über Wolfenbüttel Telephone: Barúm 272
  8. I just found these 2 links, and for a non German speaking or reading type person it is going to be invaluable as the online translation service often lets me down when it comes to some of the terms and abbreviations. I hope they might be of help to others TM 30-506 German Military Dictionary (May 1944) http://downloads.sturmpanzer.net/mlw/TM_30...yDictionary.pdf German Military Abbreviations (War Department: Apr 1943) http://downloads.sturmpanzer.net/mlw/Germa...breviations.pdf
  9. We have had a Führerschein thread so in conjunction with that please feel free to add any Luftwaffe licenses that you have in your collections be they Bordschützenschein, Rollschein, Bordfunkerschein, Fallschirm-Prüfschein etc etc. To get the ball rolling here are three to a member of LLG-1 & TG-1. They are the Luftwaffen-Bordwartschein which has a lovely photo of the airman wearing his awards, his Luftwaffen-Bordschützenschein and his Rollschein with Ju-52 qualification noted inside.
  10. On seeing Gordons super Polizei group with Kripo connection, I thought I'd share a little info regarding Kripo ID credentials. There were four different types of Kriminalpolizei headquarters throughout Nazi Germany and the size of these was determined by their area population and local requirements. The ratio was approximately one Kripo detective per 5,000 inhabitants. Kriminalpolizei Leitstellen - KPLSt - Regional Headquarters Kriminalpolizei Stellen - KPSt - Sub-Regional Headquarters Kriminalpolizei Außendienststellen - KPAuDSt - Large branch office Kriminalpolizei Außenposten - KPAuP - Small branch office It is now known that each of these HQ's had there own associated dienstausweis. KPLSt and KPSt both shared the same wording on the dienstausweis but in the case of the KPSt, the word "Leit" was crossed out. However, I have seen several examples were this was not practised. The dienstausweis of the KPAuDSt and KPAuP both had different titles printed on them. KPLSt - Regional HQ There were approximately 150 - 250 detectives allocated to each of the 22 KPLSt.
  11. This oddity was found in a Panzer wrapper, together with a 5RM-note, a small photo and a small photo of a KC-holder from a newspaper. I assume the last page of a soldbuch has been used and the other side arranged to be a provisional id-card for a POW. The date at the top left corner of the photo reads 10 Mai 1945. Does this sounds plausible?
  12. This is a very long, detailed post. I will call it PART ONE of a TWO PART POST: I would consider myself a fairly experienced, knowledgable medal collector, with a collection of over 600 medals, and experience of 33 years in the hobby. I have just this week received my 2013 copy of Medal Year Book. I would like to hear the views and opinions of other members of this "Club" as to exactly HOW they value the medals in their collections - that is apart from the obvious, of looking up a medal in the MYB and seeing that the value is from £30 - £35. Of course, we all know that it is NOT that simple. The MYB valuation is for a bog-standard medal, to a bog-standard individual, in an average everyday unit, and in average to good condition. Then, of course, there are those amongst you who may wish to argue that the prices quoted in the MYB are in many cases higher than they should be, and that you just WISH that you could get those levels of prices for your medals, IF you sold them. Well to those people, I would say that, no, you will not get those prices for your medals if you sell them to a dealer, who, in turn, wants to make a profit, and will try to sell your medals at MYB levels or more, if he can get more. Secondly, you may get MYB prices or higher if what you are selling is something a potential buyer REALLY wants and needs - he may well pay a premium. Then of course, we come to medals that you have put some WORK into. If they are named, and you have done research on them, got papers for them verified the awards on the medal roll, checked the casualty lists, printed out CWGC death certificates, if the poor fellow was K.I.A. and so on and so forth, you will add value to the medal, or group. Likewise, if you check the London Gazette for confirmation of gallantry and similar awards, and make copies of the LG references, etc, you will add value. If you do further IN DEPTH research on the individual, you may find that he received his award for a noteworthy engagement - for example, I have in my collection, a South Africa group with a Military Medal, awarded to a man, in a Victoria Cross recommended action, at DELVILLE WOOD. What is more, my man was shot twice, escaped (hence the award) but was captured, and made a P.O.W. Groups like that are gold. Or a WWII group to an uncle of mine who won a British Empire Medal for gallantry, at Cassino, Italy. A very famous battle. More gold. Or another WWI pair I have, with a death plaque to a South African Royal Flying Corps pilot, shot down, over the Somme, becoming a "Bloody April" casualty for April, 1917. You just don't find stuff like this every day. BUT it all starts with an apparently "ordinary" medal, or group. You the DO THE RESEARCH, and, if you can find something good - you can ADD masses of value. Like the WWI East Africa "K.I.A." casualty I have, where his demise is recorded in his regimental history. That, "during the late afternoon, there was a lull in the battle....." My man, with two others sat in a group, and one shared cigarettes with the others. As the THIRD MAN (my casualty) lit his cigarette, "......... he received a mortal wound, from enemy rifle fire...... a fact which was later noted by the others, that he was the third person to light up....'' You just can't make stuff like this up. But lots of diligent research is required. Now IF after you have this kind of documented research, neatly and properly recorded, or even published, then almost certainly you will sell at well ABOVE MYB price levels, especially at AUCTION, where the buyers usually are NOT buying for re-sale, but for themselves and their own collections - therefore they will generally pay higher prices, at auction. BUT let us leave aside the Medal Year Book price arguement for the time being. In other words, we will not argue if these are above, or below what you might consider "fair market value". That is an entriely different arguement. What we are talking about here is: HOW DO YOU VALUE A MEDAL or MEDAL GROUP, having account for factors like: What are the different medals in the Group? Are they verified? If any medal / medals have bars, or clasps, are they correct? Have you verified them? What if the medal recipient belongs to a 'special' or 'unusual' unit or regiment? What if he holds rank, higher than just a plain private? What if the "he" is in fact a "she" - does that command a premium on the price?. What if your man was killed in action? Wounded in action? Taken as a P.O.W.? What if you have private papers for the man, or a photograph of him, especially one of him in uniform? What if you have a group. like I have, to man who, in WWII was in the Royal Armoured Corps, but, in addition to his '39-'45 Star; Africa Star, Italy Star and France and Germany Star, was awarded an "ATLANTIC" clasp to his France and Germany Star? How is this possible? After all the Atlantic Star was issued (primarily) to men who were in the Royal Navy, and spent at least six months in Atlantic waters. But this man is from the Royal Armoured Corps. Never was in the navy. Can he have an "Atlantic" clasp? To an 'army' man. YES!!! He can ..... because he was R.A.C. crew on Ship's Landing Craft. Both for the Italy landings (1943) and then for the Normandy landings 1944. Ship's Landing Craft crew qualified for the Atlantic Star. This is part of a long service group I have. This fellow also has WWI medals, with an MM, as well as coronation and long service medals. But that is another story. So, we have seen now, how complicated an apparently (and outwardly) simple appearing medal or group of medals can be. And, I repeat, now that you know all this EXTRA information about your medals, is / are the Medal Year Book prices correct / accurate? Probably not. Here is my PROPOSITION to the Readers of this thread: Over the years, I have tried, as best I can, to answer these questions, with a sort of "formula" to valuation. After correspondence with some leading medal dealers, and after reference to some leading medal publications, WHAT APPEARS BELOW, is as close as I can come to a sort of "formula" for valueing a medal / group of medals. For purposes of arguement, we do not bicker about whether the MYB is correct or not. We simply ACCEPT that the 2013 MYB prices are diligently compiled, from many reputable medal dealers, and many reputable medal auction houses, and we will treat the cataloged prices, NOT AS MONEY, but as a BASE PRICE of 100. Or of 100% Or 100 units of price. So where do we go from here? END of PART ONE - Continued in PART TWO. (Below.......) ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Hello to all members, I just wanted to post some information about my museum site featuring the KdF liners Wilhelm Gustloff & Robert Ley. There are currently 30 albums, over 3,000 photos, over 200 speisekarten (or menus) and much more! I also have photographs from the Aviso Grille, Robert Ley, several other KdF cruise liners, ships of the Kriegamarine, and photo albums from uboats - specifically the U708, U62, and U841. I have recently found this site and quite enjoy reading the threads that keep history alive. Regards, Eddie Wilhelm Gustloff Museum www.wilhelmgustloffmuseum.com
  14. As a range of different citation threads have sprung up they have started to dominate the first page of the section abit, pushing the 'everyday' posts further down the page. To overcome this problem I have decided (thanks to a pointer from Chris) to have a single thread pinned as a 'Catch-all' with links to the relevant threads for each citation type. So if you wish to find a particular database or add an item to one which may no longer be on the first page, just click on the relevant link below: This is currently a work in progress so if you see a citation type that has yet to be covered feel free to start a thread and I will add the link here. All Services & Civil: Cuff Bands & Arm Shields Dienstauszeichnung Service Award Deutsche Kreuz in Gold Drivers Badge EK & Spange Flower Wars Foreign Awards To Germans Heldentod KvK & KvM Mother's Cross Promotion Service Awards (Polizei, Zoll etc) Shooting Awards Sports Awards Westwall Medal Wound Badges Heer & Waffen-SS: Close Combat Clasp General Assault Badge Heeres Flak Badge Infantry Assault Badge Panzer Assault Badge Luftwaffe: Aircrew Qualification Badges Flak Badge Flight Clasps Ground Assault Badge Luftwaffe Schein Kriegsmarine: Auxiliary Cruiser Badge Blockade Breaker Badge Destroyer Badge E-Boat Badge High Seas Fleet Badge Marine Artillery Badge Minesweeper Badge U-Boat Badge & Clasp Führerschein - All examples
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