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  1. Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory - Present Day Market Realities My interest in Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory (which extends back some 15 years) has led me to the following general observations ref the collectors market for Full Cavalier sets that has developed in the United States and Europe over this period. I offer the following as my personal observations and welcome your comments/opinions. The Hierarchy of Collectability (defined by dealers' asking prices for a Full Cavalier set ranked from most expensive to least expensive) as of 24 February 2006: 1) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with accompanying Full Cavalier award booklet that includes photo of recipient, official military commissariat stamp on photo and date when booklet was issued plus all standard entries. 2) Same as 1) above but the photo does not have the official military commissariat stamp and the booklet lacks an entry for date of issue. 3) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with accompanying Full Cavalier award booklet but award booklet is missing the photo, official military commissariat stamp and date booklet was issued. 4) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with accompanying Ordenskaya Knizhka with or without photo. 5) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with accompanying Voenniy Bilet. 6) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals with research e.g. Special Awards Card for HSU and Full Cavalier and/or Standard Awards Card and/or copies of Glory Award Citations. 7) Order of Glory 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class medals that stand alone without accompanying documentation of any sort. NOTES: 1) Over the past 15 years I have encountered a few category 1) Full Cavalier sets that also included the associated Ordenskaya Knizhka (OK). These occasions have been far and few between. In those instances where I have seen them, all of the other accompanying awards (e.g. Red Star or Medal for Valor) were never included/available with the set. For this reason, I have not included a separate ranking for category 1) - 3) Full Cavalier sets that might also include the OK since, in my judgment, dealers don't necessarily adjust the price upwards unless the orders/medals identified in the OK are also with the group. 2) The above ranking does not consider Full Cavalier sets that include duplicate Orders of Glory in their make up. While the duplicate(s) may be original in every respect, their presence markedly detracts from the sets' historic/monetary value. BOTTOM LINE: My observation is that dealers' asking prices for a Full Cavalier set generally follow the above guideline. I look forward to your thoughts. Regards, slava1stclass
  2. Would like to know (if there exists) a guide to Soviet era mint marks. A few of the badge / locking disc ones have me stumped. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you
  3. Here is an interesting Order of the Red Star awarded by decree in 1942 to Nikolai Semyenovich Gershon. By the time the Order was given out in 1986, he had changed his name to Nikolai Semyenovich Mikhlin. It's interesting to see that an award in the range of 3,700,000 was awarded by decree in December 1942. Mikhlin was living in Leningrad at the time his award was finally presented to him, not out in the wilderness, so his name change must have been the reason it took so long to get to him. Anyway, onto the research... Nikolai Semyenovich Mikhlin Sniper Squad Leader - 3rd Guards Motorized Rifle Division Award Card 3 November 1986, RSFSR, Leningrad, Kyibyshev Regional Military Commissariat 1. Last name: Mikhlin 2. Name and patrionymic: Nikolai Semenovich 3. Nationality: Russian 4. Gender: Male 5. Birthyear: 1921 6. Birthplace: Shklov, Mogilev Oblast 7. Party membership: n/a 8. Education: mid-level 9. Military rank: Guards sergeant (reserves) 10. Time in Red Army: 05.1940-06.1945 11. Place of service at awarding: Sniper Squad Leader – 3 Guards Motorized Rifle Division 12. Place of work at present: “Kontakt 4” – welder/instrumental technician 13. Home address: Leningrad, Rubinshtein St. Bldg. 26, Apt. 11 14. Awards: Designation Serial Number Awarding Organization Red Star 3.766.117 5 Army dated 4 December 1942 Verified by Kyibyshev Regional Military Commissariat Colonel A.A. Yushchenko on 03 November 1986 Award Sheet 1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Gershon, Nikolai Semenovich 2. Rank: Guards Sergeant 3. Duty position: Sniper Squad Leader – Blocking Battalion, 3 Guards Motorized Rifle Division Recommendation for the Order of the Red Star 4. Born: 1921 5. Nationality: Russian 6. In Red Army: since 1940 7. Party membership: Comsomol member 8. Previous combat: Western Front, Karmanov Region, Smolensk Oblast August-October 1942 9. Wounds or shell-shock: n/a 10. Previous awards: n/a 11. Inducted by: Kalinin Regional Military Commissariat, Leningrad 12. Home of record: Leningrad, Mezhdunarodnii Prospekt Bldg. 711, Apt. 34 Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment He has operated as a sniper squad leader since 5.9.42 on our defense’s lead edge near Kostino, Karmanov Region, Smolensk Oblast. By his personal example he has motivated his squad’s soldiers to destroy the enemy, which as a result his sniper squad has destroyed 239 fascist invaders from 5.9.42 to 7.10.42, of which Gershon personally killed 39. Prior to entering into combat Comrade Gershon applied full zeal to train his squad in the skill of sniper shooting and trained brave, accurate riflemen for action in combat. Signed Blocking Battalion Commander Guards Captain Mironov and Guards Politruk Alfimov on 8 October 1942 Endorsed Commander, 3 Guards Motorized Rifle Division, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Vochkov on 14.10.1942 Endorsed 5 Army Deputy Commander General-Lieutenant Fod(?)nskii and Division Commissar Ivanov on 31 October 1942
  4. Hi all, I've had most of these for quite a number of years, but I just got a couple of new additions... one I'm not sure about... don't know if it's a fake or a variation so would love comments on it. First off, the one I'm concerned about: First the obverse. It seems a tiny bit smaller somehow than the others I have. Also the enamel in the star does not stand out quite as well as my others do: Reverse... note the odd nut on the screwback... never seen one like this before: Closeup of the star:
  5. Hi All! This is another recent pickup of mine, a group to Guard Senior Lieutenant Trofimov Nikolai Dmitrievich. He apparently made it from Moscow, through Stalingrad, to Berlin. And he earned a red star (#2,124,058) and OGPW (#659,192) along the way...I think. Those two awards didn't come with an order book, so the only way to know for sure is through research, I guess. If anyone wants better pictures, let me know. Thanks! -Alex
  6. I am planning to travel to DPRK next year and tour the country. Intention is to enter via train from Beijing and exit (via train or car) directly into Russia in the north east corner. This would allow me to visit the Khasan battle site and travel onwards to Vladivostok. Has anybody visited Khasan? Is there anything to see there related to the battle? Wikipedia indicates the village has 700 people living there so I guess I shouldn't be expectinng too much Only thing I've found so far is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Khasan_Memorial.jpg
  7. Since we have a thread on American Awards to Soviets in WW2, I thought I might start a thread about the reverse. I can't go into too much detail here (it's already a 9 page article -without photos- for the JOMSA) but I thought that at least I could give some numbers and a little bit of data. There were three distinct periods of awarding Soviet awards to Americans. First, there were mid-war awards. The majority of these awards were awarded under a February 1944 Ukaz, but the actual awardings took place from April through October of 1944. The awardees in this group included officers that had been KIA with valor (such as COL William Darby of Rangers fame) and senior officers who had been involved with the fighting in the ETO up to that point, to include Eisenhower, Bradley, VADM Hewitt, amongst others. The second period of awarding was immediately following VE Day. These awardings took place on a unit-to-unit basis (for the most part) and were awarded "in the field" (even Ike's Victory was awarded not in a political capital, but in the HQ in Frankfurth-on-Main) Nearly all of these awards went to US Army personnel, and the majority were either undocumented or had only temporary citations. The third (and final) period of awarding was by an August 1945 Ukaz, which bestowed awards on US Navy personnel "for keeping open the sea lanes" in the Atlantic. Recipients had nearly all been awarded US Navy decorations for valorous acts while serving in the Atlantic, though only about half of the recipients actually were involved with convoys to the USSR and the like. Some never even saw a Soviet, or even a Soviet ship the entire War - but were still awarded a Soviet decoration. A rough numerical breakdown is as follows: Award Name - Army - Navy Order of Victory 1 - 0 Order of Suvorov 1st Class 3 - 0 Order of Suvorov 2nd Class 11 - 2 Order of Suvorov 3rd Class 1 - 1 Order of Kutuzov 1st Class 2 - 1 Order of Kutuzov 2nd Class 7 - 1 Order of Kutuzov 3rd Class 2 - 1 Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2nd Class 1 - 0 Order of Nevsky 10 - 1 Order of the Red Banner 5 - 0 Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class 38 - 28 Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class 24 - 27 Order of the Red Star 10 - 28 Order of Glory 3rd Class 1 - 45 Medal For Valor 2 - 25 Medal For Military Merit 5 - 25 Ushakov Medal 0 - 5 Nakhimov Medal 0 - 15
  8. This is one of my favorite groups. It belonged to Guards Lt. Colonel Mikhail Aleksandrovich Tolkachev. Colonel Tolkachev joined the Red Army on 18 September 1938 and served until 11 December 1964. He served through WW2 and and advised the Red Chinese. He was a career tanker, though his positions during the War included service with motor rifle units. The greatest thing about this group was that he kept the photos he took at the end of the War! It sheds an interesting light on the road to victory (so to speak) at the vanguard of the 3rd Guards Tank Army, where he served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations for the 22nd Motor-Rifle Brigade attached to the 6th Guards Tank Corps. During the War, he earned the Red Banner, two OGPW 1sts, and the Red Star. His citations include the following: In the village of Medvezhinskoye 27 January 1943, after all our rifle commanders were killed during an enemy counterattack, he stopped a squad from the battalion and personally led the soldiers into an attack. As a result of this surprise counterattack, our soldiers retook the village and forced out the enemy. After the enemy had fled, our soldiers launched another attack and destroyed the enemy forces. He acted with exceptional courage. His first Order of the Patriotic War was awarded in September 1943. He was initially nominated for a second Red Star, but it was upgraded to the Order of Kutuzov 3rd Class. Other minds prevailed however, and he was awarded the OGPW 1st Captain Tolkachev, as a Chief of Staff of the 1059th Rifle Regiment, immediately participated in the preparation of operations carried out by the regiment between 22 August 1943 and 28 September 1943. In combat, during the offensive, he provided prompt leadership. As a result of the implemented plans that have been developed with Comrade Tolkachev?s active participation, the troops broke through heavy German fortifications of the on the western bank of the Severnaya Dontsa river in the village of Krivaya Lyka from 4 to 5 September 1943 and advanced, taking over the villages of Krivaya Lyka, Zakatnoye, Kolenniki, Bezkrovny, Rai-Alexandrovka, as well as the mountain of Slovyanska and the height 168,4 towering over Slovyansk. The taking of this height provided for the advancement of our troops to the west and south-west of Slovyansk, to the village of Shostakovka, where the enemy attempted to stop the advancement of our troops. As a result of the able and prompt leadership of Captain Tolkachev during the attacks, up to 950 enemy officers and soldiers, 8 trucks carrying goods, 2 artillery and 1 mortar batteries, 10 earth and timber pillboxes were destroyed. Ten motorcycles, 3 warehouses with ammunition, 30 bicycles, 2 fuel warehouses, 6 machine-guns and other smaller pieces were captured. Comrade Tolkachev deserves to be awarded the Order of Red Star. His second Order of the Patriotic War was awarded in January 1945 with the following citation: During the course of brigade?s military campaigns, Guards Captain Tolkachev, as a Deputy Operations Chief of Staff, maintained the operations of his department at top levels. By providing timely information about the situation on the battlefield, informing the sub-units of military orders, and ensuring their complete fulfillment, he helped the brigade to successfully fulfill its military objectives. Comrade Tolkachev actively participated in the crossing of the rivers Nida and Pyalitsa by the sub-units of the brigade. The crossings of the rivers were exemplary. For his courage and bravery he deserves to be awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War 1st Class. His final wartime award was the Order of the Red Banner in April 1945. He was initially nominated for an Order of Lenin, but it was downgraded to the Red Banner. Comrade Tolkachev works as the deputy head of operations. During the course of brigade?s military actions, he has showed himself as a courageous, developing commander. On 24 April 1945 during forced crossing of the Teltov Canal, Guards Captain Tolkachev, who was among the infantry under heavy enemy artillery fire, organized the crossing of the Canal with only locally procured materials. During street fighting in Berlin, Comrade Tolkachev organized effective coordination between the means of enforcement and advancing infantry. He is brave and resolved in battle, fulfills the orders of his commanders without regard for his life. For courage and bravery in battles he deserves to be awarded with the Order of Lenin. What an amazing wartime record! And yet, as can be seen by the photos, he never lost his wry smile. A truly amazing man that I would have loved to have met in person. Enjoy the following posts.... Dave
  9. The following U.S. Army decorations were awarded to Red Army personnel for heroism or meritorious service in World War II: Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) - 53 Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) - 20 Silver Star (SS) - 119 Legion of Merit (LOM) - 321 By degree: - Chief Commander - 7* - Commander - 35 - Officer - 85 - Legionnaire - 194 Bronze Star Medal (BSM) - 40** Notes: *Documentation is available to verify the award to MSU Zhukov. Awards of the LOM in the degree of Chief Commander to MSUs Govorov, Meretskov, Rokossovskiy, Vasilevskiy as well as General of the Army Eremenko and Chief Marshal of Aviation Novikov, however, are based solely on photographic evidence. **Information available in an OMSA publication suggests that the number of BSMs awarded to Red Army personnel was higher. This is likely true since many BSMs were awarded at the U.S. Army corps level and below. The number above reflects only those BSMs to Red Army personnel authorized by War Department General Orders. I came across no hard evidence to confirm that either the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) or Soldier's Medal (SM) was awarded to Red Army personnel. This same OMSA publication, however, indicates that three DFCs and one oak leaf cluster (OLC) to the DFC as well as one SM were awarded. As with awards of the BSM, it is also likely that the number of LOMs awarded to Red Army personnel may be higher for the reasons cited above. Should you wish to confirm the award of any one of the above U.S. Army decorations to a specific Red Army soldier, please contact me via private message. I will be happy to check my list and furnish specific information concerning the awarding authority. The U.S. Army Distinguished Service Medal awarded to top Soviet ace Pokryshkin (Triple HSU) is clearly seen in the below photo. Regards, slava1stclass
  10. These guys are what I deem as "Dangerous" line of work. Behind enemy lines. While some got these for being the leaders of Partisans and not for actually fighting ... regardless .. they were behind enemy lines where capture meant CERTAIN death ... not that the regular captives had a much better time Post 'em folks How about a 1st Class awarded to Savely Lukitch Grischenko May 18, 1949:
  11. Medal ?Sukhrat? / Медаль ?Сухрат? Date and details of establishment of a medal are unknown. Apparently, the medal is awarded for labor merit. Медаль ?Сухрат? Дата и подробности учреждения медали неизвестны. Судя по всему, медаль вручается за трудовые заслуги. This #130352.
  12. To all: On 12 July 1945, Field Marshal Montgomery, acting on behalf of the King of England, presented honorary British knighthoods to the following Red Army officers: Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov; Commander, 1st Belorussian Front - Knight Grand Cross of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath (G.C.B.) Marshal of the Soviet Union Rokossovskiy; Commander, 2nd Belorussian Front - Knight Commander of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath (K.C.B.) General of the Army Sokolovskiy; Deputy Commander, 1st Belorussian Front - Knight Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (K.B.E.) Colonel General Malinin; Chief of Staff, 1st Belorussian Front - Knight Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (K.B.E.) The ceremony took place in the heart of shattered Berlin directly underneath the Brandenburg Gate. The Kings Company of the Grenadier Guards formed the Guard of Honor with tanks of the Kings 8th Royal Irish Hussars drawn up on either side. Regards, slava1stclass
  13. To all: You've seen examples of these these hairy troopers posted elsewhere in the Soviet section of this forum. Let's get these Soviet military beard boys gathered up in one thread and see who has the best beard among them. Shaving profile, what shaving profile? Let the contest begin! This split-beard Captain 1st Rank is an appropriate chap to kick the competition off. Regards, slava1stclass
  14. Gentlemen, In the thread “Red Star Awarded for Battle of Kursk” an interesting point was raised with regard to the rarity of decorations and awards for The Battle of Kursk. Rather than send Soviet 1000’s thread off in another direction, I thought that we could use a separate thread dedicated to this question of rarity and for posting Kursk awards. I would like to start by presenting Order of the Patriotic War, 1st class, #15515 which was issued on 6 August 1943 to Col. Vladimir Mikhaylovich Kramar, assistant operational department commander, Headquarters of the Central Front. The award citation notes that “During the July operations, comrade Kramar strenuously worked...”.
  15. Hello! And Merry Christmass! Please, meet Captain Rabinovich Shmul-Izek Semenovich (b.1920). In service since 1938, when after graduating school he entered the Black Sea Higher Naval order of the Red Star Nakhimov School (ЧВВМУ). Graduated 15/Nov/1941. Here is the hero in the centre as the Captain of the target ship "Цель" (Target), 1953. The identity is not 100% confirmed though... just 95% confirmed. The Red Banner order awarded to Commander Rabinovich Sh.S. in November 1944. Note, that the order has been customised from medal-ribbon brooch to screw back.This was a common practice among naval personnel, pilots and tank troops. They found it to be more practical.
  16. Since some of my good friends (and members of this forum) collect Soviets (daredevils! ) I decided to create this little thread. Just in case Hope it will be appropriate especially since the original Order for Personal Courage could cost you up to 2 G`s (even right in the middle of the second wave of world wide crises ) and sometimes even more …
  17. I understand that 1 of the Order of Victory eventually found its way into private hands. Is it known which one this is (ie presumably not one awarded to Zhukov for instance) and where it's gone to?
  18. Do the Orders of Victory have a serial number ? This Order was the only one done not done in a mint, but at the Moscow Gem and Watch Factory. No one seems to have seen a SN at the back of the Order of Victory. But this does not prove there is none... And, if there is none; why ? Maybe because these Orders have not been produced in a mint... Many questions... So, first question : Has someone already seen / studied a SN at the back of an Order of Victory ? If yes, could you post a pic ? For your viewing pleasure, here is Eisenhower's one, with the screwplate (so we can't see if there is a SN or not...). Cheers. Ch. Pic : www.soviet-awards.com
  19. Can the Medal for strengthening Military Cooperation be awarded twice ? Here is the answer on this Colonel General of Aviation uniform... Have you already seen this ? Cheers. Ch. Pic : ? Christophe ? ChR Collection
  20. Have always wanted one of these and finally found one. I saw one in one of my references a good while back and thought it was really cool how the triangle fold meant it was from a soldier. I read somewhere years ago that there were a ton of these that had never been sent home as they were from units that were wiped out and that it would be considered bad for home front morale if they were delivered. They were discovered in the late 80's or early 90's if I remember correctly. I'll provide better scans when I have it in hand. Hoping someone will be able to provide more info on what it says.
  21. Just when you think that items and research have betrayed you, you get surprised. That is one thing I like -- I think -- about this "hobby". Solo Order of the Red Banner #264731.
  22. To all: This gentleman took a lickin' and kept on tickin'. Regards, slava1stclass
  23. Hi all, Here's a Fire Fighting medal: [attachmentid=63223] [attachmentid=63224]
  24. It was time to try our new hp scanner so I decided to scan this bravery medal with temporary award document. It appears that it crashes when I don?t make a scan in colour?. If it can scan colour why not black and white!... Anyway? I think his name is Sirogis Karl Petrovich the rest I can't read. Was it given 12 December 1945 for something he did in 1942? Or have I got everything vrong? I think I will use my digital camera in the future. /Erik
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