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  1. MAJOR SCHMULA: Hello. The last entry recorded for Major Schmula in the 1914 Prussian ranklist shows him serving on the staff of Infantry Regiment Von Der Marwitz (8. Pomm.) Nr. 61. Prior to that, he was serving on the staff of the 3rd Thuringian Infantry Regiment Nr. 71 with a rank of Hauptmann. Does anybody know his first name and the dates of his birth, retirement, and death? I would like to include this information on a label I've attached to his medal bar. Thank you in advance. Regards.
  2. I would definitely agree with Yankee, Paul and Enzo that Austrian hallmarks are a very complex topic. To clerify some issues about famous ''tax free'' hallmark and Rothe's hallmark (one of the most eminent producers of Austrain decoratios) , I would like to add some points which I've come across when doing research about Austrian producers and hallmarks. I'm presenting here some text parts and pictures from my book Serbian and Yugoslav Orders and Decorations 1858 – 1941. Namely, until 1914, all Serbian decorations were manufactured in Vienna. (there are 30 pages of producers & hallmarks in the book) ''Between 1872 and 1922 the Viennese Assay Office registered about 2,400 (!!) master craftsmen and their workshops manufacturing small artifacts of precious metals. Many of them were producers of decorations.'' I was lucky to be able to study this famous Register of workshops of the Viennese Assay Office (Amtspunzierung Wien), where each and every craftsman has his own hallmark shown; some of them even two or three. In addition, every producer has a detail specification what kind of products or jewelry can produce. Allowance for production of orders is specified as well. ''Until 1922 the products of Rothe & Neffe were hallmarked with 'FR' placed in a rhombus (Amtspunzierung registration number 711; II/158). Over the same period Christian Rothe also used the hallmark which was entered under his personal name in the register of workshops of the Viennese Assay Office (Amtspunzierung Wien). His personal hallmark was in the form of the letters 'FR' placed in a rectangle, with a dot between the letters (Amtspunzierung registration number 722; II/158). This hallmark appeared on decorations made in the early period of workshop production. The marking 'C. F. ROTHE - WIEN' is stamped on the pins. ……. ''The workshop of Rothe & Neffe was famous for producing replicas of Austro-Hungarian and other world orders of the highest quality. The first replicas were made in the early 1930s, usually for recipients who had sold their gold decorations from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in the postwar crisis and replaced them by decorations manufactured later. Most of these decorations were made of bronze, but some of silver. They were automatically hallmarked 'CFR', the mark used by the firm of Rothe & Neffe after 1922. After the Second World War Emil Rothe started producing new replicas, most of which he manufactured himself. To begin with, these decorations were ordered by museums and a few collectors, but when the workshop became linked to the auction house of Graf & Klenau in Munich, mass production started for the needs of collectors. All order badges manufactured at this time were made of silver and are usually hallmarked 'CFR'. As regards order stars, they are only marked with the workshop marking, which is placed on the pin. Otherwise they have no markings. After Emil Rothe's death in 1972, the company was taken over by his daughters Susanne and Elisabeth Rothe. Albeit trained goldsmiths, the sisters had never produced decorations themselves so this work was entrusted to a craftsman and employee of the workshop. Production lasted until the end of the 1980s and was discontinued when the craftsman went to retirement. The Rothe sisters retired in 2004 and 'Hollauerhaus' at Kohlmarkt 7 in Vienna closed its doors for good.'' '' Other secondary hallmarks, such as stock marks, inventory numbers, museum markings, etc. On Serbian decorations from the early period the mark 'Frei' can often be found, or exempt from customs duty, and a hallmark in the shape of the Latin capital letter 'A' in a circle, which collectors often misinterpret as the hallmark of the Viennese Assay office. This hallmark can usually be found on medals and it merely states that the object is made of precious metal. This hallmark was used by the State Mint, where most medals were manufactured. '' As you can see from pictures bellow, hallmark ''FREI'' is quite different from Rothe's hallmark FR, and this one is very very often mistaken. Practically, ''FREI'' hallmark can't be found on Austrian orders and medals, as it was placed only on product which was exported from Austria (and nobody was exporting Austrian orders, naturally). However, even on exported items this hallmark is very rarely seen. I was inspecting many thousands of Serbian orders made in Vienna (and exported to Serbia) but I haven't seen not a single one ''FREI'' hallmark. Bellow: FR hallmark of Rothe and Neffe in rhombus and personal hallmark of Christian Rothe, FR in rectangle, with dott between letter
  3. My research shows there are only two known caed engraved AH pilot badges. Does anyone want to give comment? I know of only four case engraved pilot badges of the central powers - if u go by the three leading text books. Two are pictured bellow. On the right is the AH pilot badge worn by Oksar Fekete. My grandfather is in the background photo for the curious. For pleasure is the reverse side and the engraving of Oskar Fekete’s beautiful all original classic Zimbler AH pilot badge - the make and model u already know. There is no doubt it is his. For those who demand more (I have a hunch I already know who u r 👍) I provide w deep gratitude to the tireless historian Robert Vienfurter who happily published (I’m sure) Fekete’s Daily Mission Report below. The signature is spot on. The military shorthand - last name period then the first 2 letters of a first name. What does that tell u about the man’s military character? I bought this unknown - the pilot’s name - it had long been forgotten. I got lucky. But that’s partly because I knew where to look. Now I need help. I need Fekete’s military records and post war life and a picture of him. He was a capable administrator. He survived the war. How many kills did he have? Was he a desk job man because of injury? There is joy and adventure in his rediscovered story. This is what a real named case-engraved badge looks like. I hope u like it. Some of u might even be blown away. 👍 I was. This is the tyoe of memorabilia I’ll be publishing. For the specialist, note the maker mark on flat metal and the rivets. Any help in ur enjoyment of an answer or comment on information is much appreciated. I’m bringing them back to life one story out a time.
  4. How do u read this Cryllic? Anton Sergeyvevich Popov? I could not find him in Robert Veinfurter we’ll-researched book. Not surprised. Many records were destroyed in the WW2 bombings. According to my Russian speaking friends the inscription is clearly in dedication mode - TO An. Serg, Popov in 1908. The year. The g after 1908 indicates year. In Russian - this "TO" is in the form of suffix "U" - Popovu and is Nominativ is POPOV, Dativ (To Popov) is PopovU. Thr badge is definitely a legit beautiful 1917 AH Observer badge. The weak back pin was replaced w hooks. This badge was clearly worn in combat. The script is hand-done not by machine. My Bulgarian jeweler examined and confirmed. i have seen hundreds of original engraved scripts. The date 1908 is what is throwing me off. could it be an anniversary date? Or was engraved after the war for sentimental reasons and someone got it wrong? This came out of a collection put together 60 years ago! I know of Austrians who flew for the Russian Air Service and it makes sense that Russian-speaking people could have flown for the AH Empire since parts of the empire spoke Russian, i.e. like the Western part of today’s Ukraine. If any one knows anything about this observer or wants to take a shot at the name below - feel free. The date (if it is a date) is the only thing I still can’t explain. By the way I am very good at decipher unknown engravings on German and AH aviation badges and silver. I may post more of my findings of my confirmed discoveries. To date I have solved 26 unknown names. Engravings are like messages in a bottle to the future. If real. At first I thought the g was an s and maybe was an aerial ground assault unit reference. I have no doubt this is authentic aviation heirloom. But this one mystery remains unless I am misinterpreting this beautiful Cyrllic script. A dear friend with 45+ years experience wrote me: most engraved items are repros but some original EK's or aviation badges are fake engraved by well known aces to double the price but most engravings are poor quality, there are still no silver smiths left, who could engrave the original style of the old german letters by hand like then.
  5. Does anyone on this forum collect Austrian uniforms and headgear from WW1? I have great interest but haven't found many people who also share interest in uniforms of this period. If anyone has items please share images.
  6. I have always had trouble distinguishing between field grade officers and generals. From what I've read on Glenn J's site this tunic would be for a general. Am I correct?
  7. Conrad von Hötzendorf, Franz Xaver Josef - from 1910 "Freiherr Conrad von Hötzendorf" - from 1918 "Graf Conrad von Hötzendorf" - from 1919 "Conrad" * 11. November 1852 in Penzing bei Wien † 25. August 1925 in Mergentheim, Württemberg k.u.k. Feldmarschall 1895-1899 Kommandant des Infanterieregiments Nr. 1 1899-1903 Kommandant der 55. Infanteriebrigade 1903-1906 Kommandant der 8. Infanterietruppendivision 1906-1917 Chef des Generalstabes für die bewaffnete Macht Österreich-Ungarns 1917-1918 Oberbefehlshaber der Heeresgruppe Südtirol (Heeresgruppe Conrad) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Conrad_von_Hötzendorf https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Conrad_von_Hötzendorf
  8. Horthy de Nagybánya, Miklós * 18. Juni 1868 in Kenderes, Österreich-Ungarn † 9. Februar 1957 in Estoril, Portugal Admiral, 1920-44 Regent of the Kingdom of Hungary https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miklós_Horthy https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miklós_Horthy
  9. As a newbie to this forum (and site), I just wanted to say hello and to share a medal bought very recently.... the Austrian Army Cross 1813-1814 (aka Cannon Cross). I am trying to collect (as funds and time allow!) all the medals associated with the Peninsular Wars (and particularly Waterloo) having long had an interest in the subject area - it just seems a natural extension. I don't have any depth of knowledge with medal collecting and am very much 'learning as I go'....so any any information/advice you might have would be gratefully received. Does anyone know where I might get a ribbon for this medal (I tried and failed with the main ribbon suppliers that come up in google searches)? Anyway - I'm sure you will know more than me, but here's what I do know about the medal I have: Dates to the Hapsburg Monarchy 1814 - Emperor Francis I instituted the cross for the victory over Napoleon;27mm diameter;Made of forged brass;It is lacking the green enamel on both faces;It has the official 'hallmark' stamped onto the top of the suspension loop - a double eagle in a diamond;Has a thin grooved suspension ring (I believe that there were 3 types of suspension ring - thick grooved, plain and thin grooved).
  10. Dear members, I was wondering if anyone has any information about when, where and to whom was awarded the austrian medal of 1912-13 (Balkan Wars). http://www.medal-med...c5b43b517e712e6 Any help would be highly appreciated!
  11. Milit?r-Maria-Theresien-Orden Instituted: 13 May 1757. Discontinued 1919. Awarded: To officers for courage in the face of the enemy, or commanders whose actions determine success in battle. Grand Cross Badge
  12. It's show and tell for my hats, and this poor puppy, mothed, dirty from use and wear, has such character that I have always kept it. It was bought for me in the UK by a close friend, who got to the militaria show late...this hat was deemed so trashed by the south-east UK collector community that no one would even ask about it. So it became a gift, the shoulder strap was something that came in a large collection and is, I believe, correct for this piece of headgear, at least the piping is the same and the Karl cypher dates it to the same late war period. Yes, dirty and beat up, but likely worn high up in the mountains while fighting one of the numerous battles with Italy...it has a good story.
  13. Hello all, I was told these are a type of Austrian gymnastics association insignia. I have one cloth and three different metal pieces. I cannot find any information on them though. These are supposedly from a WWII veteran. Any help on ID, dates, etc would be great! And would these be considered more military or civilian? THANKS!
  14. Can anyone provide me with some information on the war time commands of these two gentlemen please? Feldzeugmeister (24 Aug 1914) Johann Freiherr von Friedel (14 May 1856–27 Aug 1928) (Titular) General der Infanterie (10 Aug 1917) Ottomar Friedrich Madlé von Lenzbrugg (07 Jan 1858-29 Dec 1945) Regards, Ian
  15. Another common KuK medal seen in the photo thread that doesn't have a good topic of it's own... Awarded to soldiers, regardless of rank, who had been with a combatant unit for at least twelve weeks and who had actually served at the front.
  16. One of my collecting obsession is definitely KuK Kriegsmarine. Especially cap tally or Mützenband photos. I hope I am not alone here. Show us what you got. Here are few of mine: Photos of same man wearing 2 different cap tallies. On the first photo he wears KuK Kriegsmarine tally and on the second photo S.M.Tb. 97F tally. S.M.Tb. 97F was KuK torpedo boat, class TB 82F (1915-1916). 1. 2 sailor on river monitor Bodrog wearing S.M.S. Bodrog tallies. This boat, to some info, fired first shots in the WW1. 2. S.M.S. Lussin tally 3. S.M.S. Bellona tally
  17. Here are my Wound Medals. The thin red line in between the wide grey/green stripes indicate the number of wounds; 1, 2 or 3 wounds. Doc
  18. Hi, I got yesterday this Austrian Military Merit Cross (Militärverdienstkreuz) and would like to know who was maker "E"? Like I understand second award clasp on the ribbon is pretty common thing?
  19. As the inimitable Chris B. wrote in another thread, "Them Austrians are confusing..." I'm not familiar enough with KuK uniforms to be certain these are all artillerymen; however, the cards have artillery unit stempel on the reverse and that's good enough for my purposes. If anyone can confirm/identify the uniforms, it would be greatly appreciated. This fellow I'm fairly certain is artillery. He's also wearing a medal that I believe is the Militär-Jubiläumskreuz 1908 (simply by it's shape, since all that can be seen is a side view). The reverse stempel is KuK Festungsartillerie Rgt. Nr. 1 The writing on the reverse appears to be Czech.
  20. I love the posting by Chris Boonzaier and others on the Imperial German forum regarding the German Stormtroops. Hope we can make something similar here for the AH Storm Troops. Unfortunately my own collection is small in this field so please help and get this going! All the best Erik
  21. We've posted a lot of Imperial German photos, let's get the Austria-Hungary ball rolling too! Post your photos! I really like this one of a Feldwebel (unknown regiment or branch) with a bronze FJ Tapferkeitsmedaille and a Mobilisierungskreuz 1912/13 He also has a good number of Kappenabzeichen on his Feldmutze. And a pretty wife with roses.
  22. Hi! This picture is currently advertised on ebay.de. Clearly he is not wearing K.u.k. general's insignia - is he a post-war Austrian general, or not Austrian but German? Can anyone please put a name to him. http://cgi.ebay.de/GROSSES-PHOTO-KUK-GENER...1QQcmdZViewItem Many thanks in advance, VJK
  23. Can any one identify the uniform of this gentleman? It is Hungarian and I think it may be pre WWI. There is braiding on his sleeves and the upper part of his trousers. He is wearing a bayonet, and appears to be of tizades rank (corporal?)
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