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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, there was a website somewhere with the commanders of the units of the Alpenkorps... does anyone know where it was? I am guessing this is von Tutschek
  2. Not something I actively seek out to collect so the ones I have tend to come with other items, i.e. Soldbuch etc, but the Führerschein & Fahrlehrerschein can be a very underestimated item for collectors. Whether they are from hard to find units, contain great photos or signatures of future Generals or winners of high end awards there are plenty of reasons why they can be great additions to a papewrwork collection. So if you have one please feel free to add it to this thread. Here are two for a long serving member of Pz.Rgt 35 (1938-44). The Führerschein is a Zweitschrift issue and was issued by II/Pz.Rgt 35 and contains the signature of Wilhelm Hochbaum who won the DKiG in 1942. The Fahrlehrerschein was issued by Pz.Abt.Abw 9 in which the soldier served from 1936-38. The photo comes from his Wehrpass..
  3. http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...y0%3D%26fvi%3D1 This looked really interesting and off the wall... What a pity it is a dud... :-( Is anyone aware of ANY Togo EKs being awarded?
  4. Originally posted in the Imperial section and thanks to Chris B,http://gmic.co.uk/forums/topic/65914-little-help-please-tamara-orden-rangliste-unit/ it appears Baron Walter Von Kutzchenbach served with Sonderverbande "Bergmann" he also married Olga, daughter of Feld marshal Paulus, it appears he was killed in action in 1944 (to be confirmed) I have found him in the book "Forgotten Legion", "Sonderverbande Bergmann", as Dr Oberlander's assistant (Sonderfuher) born in Tiblisi, spoke Caucasian and carried out selection of volunteers (noted as "Baron Walter Von Kutsenbach") Welcome your thoughts
  5. An unusual Antrag printed on the reverse of an ISA doc. Signed by Major Friedrich Zietlow (DKiG 19.12.41). Stewy
  6. Guys, Another local rescued out of the skip. She looks uncannily like the Willrich post card she herself kept? last one
  7. Guys, I think these would have been aimed at the Luftschutz type folk or as it states military recruits. If anyone has a specific interest in any of them let me know and I will scan them.
  8. Guys a very useful little book for junior commanders. Complete with its table of Orbats and order of march. Of note in the tank section there is no metion of the T34 that was to cause so much alarm later. It is only the same size as a Soldbuch! This is just a sample of the contents as there is quite a bit with 58 pages.
  9. I was fortunate to find this little jewel lately at an auction ,probably as no one could decipher the German Suterlin it was written in ( I nearly missed it as I also struggled)! . It is the complete Ahnenpass belonging to Major Martin Drewes ,the highly decorated ,and famous WW2 German Night Fighter Pilot Ace, and Knights Cross with Oakleaves bearer ,and Group Commander of III./NJG 1.Drewes was only one of a handfull of pilots that saw action in Iraq (under Iraqi colors) in WW2 against the RAF (most collectors do not know about this theatre of action). The Ahnenpass (Ancestral Passport)is a document tracing the Aryan Lineage of a German Citizen 4 generations back .This was a vital document to have if one hoped to make a career in the Third Reich. It came with three original private snapshot photos of Drewes ( which I suspect have never been published) ,which were lying loosely between the pages, which really was a lovely bonus. Translated herunder AHNENPASS of Name:. Martin Drewes Place: Lobmachtersen Adress: Über Wolfenbüttel Telephone: Barúm 272
  10. Guys, Not very interesting but very dangerous in the wrong hands. This book would allow the fraudsteres to run wild as it is a nice early book from 1939 with all of the important spaces open for new entries.
  11. Guys, I found this amusing that the machine functioned to the very end. She was no doubt unemployed by May?
  12. Guys, A bit of local interest for me. Not that exciting for others... 4 x A5 docs for a sports meeting.
  13. Guys, Local interest for me, was able to get it for way less than some clown has penciled on it. The 'kino' still exists and it is alleged Marlene Dietrich's sister worked there during the war selling the tickets.
  14. Hi out there! I recently came across this document of an unteroffizier in the Dirlewanger Brigade. (The 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS) I was surprised to find items from that Brigade who all wants to hide and forget. The Division were composed of criminals expected to die fighting in the front-line. The unit was led by Oskar Dirlewanger, a known sadist and condemned rapist. In may 1945 Dirlewanger´s men were taken into Sovjet captivity but he fled westwards and was arrested in Altshausen. Dirlewanger died on 7 june 1945, killed either by soldiers or former concentration camp inmates, the exact details are unknown. Rumours says that Dirlewanger was found slowly grilled on a fire.
  15. Hello again Now, am I to understand why this man / uterofficer that belonged 1./M.G.Batl.4, Skijäger Ers.Btl./ Taus / Prot. skijäger Brig Finland. Was assigned KvK 2 class with swords in 1943. 1944 -1945, he received the award sturmabzeichen and lappands shield. Need läshjälp to German blah. Page 21st Greetings Edwina Ps, I've started one evening German course to improve my school German, but but.
  16. If you own Christoph's Wehrpass or Soldbuch you might like to contact me - I have 6 original documents relating to his death (KIA, Russia, August 1941).
  17. Guys, Not much about today, just this sadly! Seems a bit odd as it does not seem to confer any medal it appears to be just a thanks from the veterans organisation on behalf of the State? It is larger than A4 so the scan has not caught the edges, sorry!
  18. Guys, Again from last week. Sorry about the order of the pictures but it is a bit awkward as it is an A5 fold out affair.
  19. It has been a fair while since I showed a grouping from my collection so here is one of the most recent. It consists of the Wehrpass, Citations and a few extras for a pilot in a night ground attack unit but not just any pilot. This pilot going by the name of Ludwig Bellof won the Knights Cross, German Cross in Gold & Ehrenpokal with 1./Nachtschlachtgruppe 3, a unit which flew 'nuisance' raids using such obsolete aircraft as the Ar-66 and Go-145 in a similar fashion to the well known Soviet Po-2 'Sewing Machine' of earlier war years on the Eastern Front. The only citations missing are the prelim RK & Kurland Cuffband examples but it is impossible to know if they were ever issued in the first place or have become lost/seperated over time. Ludwig Bellof was originally a member of the Heer before WW-2 which included a spell with Pz.Abwehr-Abteilung 36 but before the war he transferred over to the Luftwaffe and commenced his flying training. This was the time when the fuel & war situation was such that the Germans could afford to give pilots a full and thorough training and so it was that Bellof would attend numerous training schools and courses from the beginning of 1939 to the end of 1942, a full 3 years and more including time at Jagdgruppe Drontheim and Aufkl.Fl.Schule Brieg. Completing his training in November 1942 Bellof was assigned to 2./Störkampfgruppe Luftflotte 1. This unit was set up in October 1942 in the area of Leningrad to copy the Soviet tactics of sending small, slow aircraft over enemy lines at night to conduct nuisance raids keeping the enemy soldiers on edge and to deprive them of sleep. A lot of the time the pilots of such units would fly up to 4 or 5 sorties in one night with probably the best sortie ratio being achieved in March 1943 when the Gruppe flew 3,052 sorties in 22 nights - an average of 138 sorties per night for the Gruppe!! In October 1943 Störkampfgruppe Luftflotte 1 was renamed Nachtschlachtgruppe 3 with 2./Störkampfgruppe Luftflotte 1 becoming 1./Nachtschlachtgruppe 3. By this time Bellof had already been awarded both grades of the EK and up to the Bomber Clasp in Gold, and a few days after the renaming to 1./Nachtschlachtgruppe 3 he was awarded the Ehrenpokal.
  20. I have posted pieces of this grouping in the various Citation & LW Schein Databases but here it is in it's entirety. The set consists of the Soldbuch, Flugzeugführerschein and citations to Feldwebel Wilhelm Leymann who won the DKiG & Ehrenpokal with KG-54 'Totenkopf' and may also of been a pilot of the Me-262 jet. After joining the Luftwaffe in 1939 Leymann underwent the lengthy training process to become a pilot of bomber aircraft, a process that took 2 years. In February 1942 he joined 10./KG-54 of IV Ergänzungsgruppe, the training Gruppe of the bomber wing and remained with them until May of that year. The Gruppe was based in Southern Italy at that time and as well as the training crews were also participating in convoy escort sorties which even saw them attack a submarine on 10th March in the Gulf of Tarento. On 25th May 1942 Leymann joined 5./KG-54 with which he remained until January 1944 and so saw plenty of action in Central Russia, UK, North Africa and Italy. In just 6 months of service with 5./KG-54 Wilhelm Leymann had already won the EK II, EK I, the Bomber Clasp in Bronze, Silver & Gold and the Ehrenpokal by 16th November 1942 - a good indicator of the pace of operations. Leymann left 5./KG-54 on the 21st January 1944 for IV Ergänzungsgruppe again but on 20th March 1944 he won the DKiG, which was issued for something he did during his service with 5./KG-54. In January 1944 he was also promoted to Feldwebel for an act of distinction. Unfortunately what that act was is unknown to me, as is the act that won him the DKiG. He remained with the training Gruppe until August 1944 when it was reduced to just one staffel with some of the Gruppe being reassigned to the Fallschirmjäger while others (including Leymann) being sent to 9./KG-54 to train on the Me-262 jet fighter. On the 16th October 1944 Leymann was awarded the Bomber Clasp in Gold with '200' Pendant. In Me-262 Combat Diary & Radtke's book on KG-54 there are numerous known Me-262 pilots mentioned and listed but Leymann's name is not among them. However, in the Soldbuch there are a few entries that hint at Leymann being a possible 'unknown' or 'unconfirmed' pilot of the jet aircraft. On page 6 there are four sets of equipment issues dated for late in 1944 and two in 1945, while between Pages 8 & 9 there has been an extra note attached showing the issue of a summer & winter flying headgear. And finally on Page 14 there is an entry dated for 1st May 1945 from the Staffelkapitän of 4./KG(J)-54, Werner Brandau (Ehrenpokal). Among the signatures in the Soldbuch are those of Horst Bressel (DKiG) and Wilhelm Hannak-Hammerl (Ehrenpokal).
  21. Hello, Although I used to collect this kind of document in the past, I almost forgot most of the things I knew back then. Besides that, I'm having some serious problems to translate its entries. Here some of the questions: - Where he was born? - Civil occupation? - Religion? - His father's pccupation? - Award? I read bayer. Militär Verdienst Kreuz - is that correct? - What are the entries on page 29? Any additional information you might consider as interesting is welcome. Many thanks in advance! Douglas.
  22. It has been a while since I posted something from my collection so here is one I managed to acquire earlier this year. It is this Luftwaffe Soldbuch and Passport to Oberst Carl Reifschneider. He initially served within Reichsluftministerium (RLM) from 1933 until just before the start of WW-2 when he was re-assigned to the flying school Luftkriegsschule 2 which was located at Berlin-Gatow. Reifschneider remained at LKS 2 until late 1942 when he went from a flying unit to a staff position at a Luftwaffe ground command, namely the position IIa (Adjutant) at IV LW Feldkorps which was based in Southern France. As can be seen from this entry - IV LW Feldkorps - it had a number of Heer divisions under its command. Reifschneider stayed with IV LW Feldkorps until late 1944 so would of been involved in the defence against the Allied invasion of Southern France, Operation Dragoon. After his transfer away from IV LW Feldkorps, Reifschneider spent the remainder of the war within two Luftgau Kommando organisations.
  23. We have had a Führerschein thread so in conjunction with that please feel free to add any Luftwaffe licenses that you have in your collections be they Bordschützenschein, Rollschein, Bordfunkerschein, Fallschirm-Prüfschein etc etc. To get the ball rolling here are three to a member of LLG-1 & TG-1. They are the Luftwaffen-Bordwartschein which has a lovely photo of the airman wearing his awards, his Luftwaffen-Bordschützenschein and his Rollschein with Ju-52 qualification noted inside.
  24. Hello readers; Only recently was the pictured form brought to my attention and is the first one of the kind to be seen by me. What makes it very special to me is the sad fact of pertaining to the grave of my godfather, Obergefreiter Hermann Holste who lost his life during the last phase of the war on the Italian front leaving a widow and two little daughters. Contrary to German customs I have incorporated a middle initial ( H. for Hermann) in his memory. The pictured form is called "Grabmeldung " or Grave Report and was to be applied by all military formations which made up the German Wehrmacht or German Armed Forces. It was to be made out in two copies, all questions to be answered, clear/legible writing or with fresh carbon if typewritten. My uncle belonged to 3./Aufklaerungs Abteilung 1057 and died of abdominal wound on 15. April 1945. He was buried together with other comrades (Kameradengrab) near the south entry of the property House Number 196, near Via Emelia Kilometer 119 within the community Bergo Pernigale in the Province of Bologna. This form was to be forwarded to the officer charged with administration of military losses. Why or how this form also found its way to our family is unknown but I would like to show it as a sample how this matter ws handled, at least when circumdtances allowed it. My uncle Hermann found his last resting place at the German War Cemetery , Futa Pass. Bernhard Hermann Holst
  25. Hello readers: I am posting a few pictures and portions of a flight log kept by Unteroffizier Heinz Schoenherr, radio operator of a He 111 deployed mainly on the Eastern Front on bombing and supply duty. Missions included Cholm, Demjansk and Stalingrad. The latter missions involved supply flights with landing , unloading and take-offs In Stalingrad as well as supply drops. The log ends with date of 28 November 1943 for unknown reason and gives a rundown on total flights with Uffz. Schoenher's pilot Oberfeldwebel Hannes Leutl.I believe that Uffz. Schoenherr survived the war, he was decorated with the German Cross i.Gold in late 1944 as shown by a newspaper clipping and a congratulating letter but no entry in any current reference books. Here is a photo of the crew : with Uffz. Schoenherr at left then the pilot Ofw. Leutl, observer Ofw. Bonte and mechanic Uffz. Schaarschmidt. Uffz Schoenherr's plane belly landed after fighter attack with fatal losses on board while on shuttle flight from Stalingrad. Extract from flight log with entry of Uffz.Schoenherr's 491 and 492 total flights todate from Nowotscherkask to Pitomnik ( Stalingrad) with a takeoff two hours later apparently with army personnel on board. Attacked by four fighters and received three hits by AA. Starbord engine hit. Belly landing with air gunner Haas killed as well as two passengers with two others wounded. Log entry of 1 and 2 February 1943 showing supply flights from Stalino to Stalingrad and back with the 2 February flight noted as the one before last plane to drop supply load. The summary gives 40147 minutes flight time with Ofw.Leutl as pilot, 201000 km distance, 433 take offs and landings, hit 45 times by fighters and AA, attacked 21 times by fighters. With Leutl as pilot Schoenherr flew 189 combat missions and 29 other non-combat transport missions. He states five times around the globe! Bernhard H. Holst
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