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  1. This Imperial Navy bar - which came from a seller in Alabama - seems common, but in fact it is not. It is a navy officer's bar, for the "monkey dress" jacket, pre-1914. Red Eagle Order (4th cl probably), Crown Order (4th cl probably), China Medal, Centenary. (but NO LS award!) The combination seems common, but, ok assuming this is the last pre-war bar the wearer had, there is - surprisingly - only one candidate: char. Marine-Generalarzt Dr. Heinrich Schmidt (1871-1945) The combination of having NO long service award BUT still the 1897 Centenary medal AND the China Medal makes it ID'able. Dr. Heinrich Schmidt entered Navy service 1.10.1896 (so just in time to get the 1897 medal) Oberstabsarzt 27.3.1909 Generaloberarzt 24.5.1916 Char. Marine-Generalarzt 27.4.1921 Here is his entry in the 1918 ranklist, with wartime awards: He got PKO4 10.10.1901 as Marineoberassistenzarzt, Marinestation der Nordsee RAO4 9.5.1909 as Marineoberstabsarzt, SMS Zähringen But most important, his China medal is shown in the DOA 1908/09: The Navy Ehrenrangliste has his final rank: All other candidates either do not list a China medal or held a LS award. A particularly interesting case is Korvettenkapitän Hermann Buchholz, who holds the same awards as Schmidt in 1914 (without LS award) BUT his LS is listed in the 1918 RL. By chance, I found Schmidt's death date on the internet: He died at the military hospital Bad Nenndorf in 1945: Marine-General, Arzt a.D., Medizinalrat SCHMIDT, DR. MED. Heinrich 25.07.1871, Homburg v.d.Höhe 05.12.1945, Bad Nenndorf Link: http://www.denkmalprojekt.org/dkm_deutschland/bad_nenndorf_frdh_wk2_ns.htm
  2. Hello all, today i got this nice 5 place ribbon bar - its my frst with a DSWA Medal Greetings Stefan
  3. Hello to everyone, MAX Show pick-ups. I know the first medal is for Southwest Africa service. I am not sure about the 2nd one. Can anyone help me identify exactly what the 2nd medal is. Thank you in advance. Dean
  4. Hi again everyone! Just going through some of my recent purchases and I have been wondering about my China Campaign Medal I picked up. It wasn't until today that I noticed that the ribbon wasn't correct. It's missing the second white stripe in the middle. Also, the campaign clasp seems to be a little "cheaply made" to me. I'm not too concerned about the ribbon as it is definitely old and dirty (just curious as to what ribbon it actually is for), but I do want your opinions on the clasp and the medal... Thank for you time! Jason
  5. I showed this one of the WAF but I think it may be a better fit here. This is a great bar with a particularly violent history. The recipient was awarded for bravery in the First World War as well as during fighting in Africa. His Omaheke clasp commemorates the ruthless campaign against the Herero people - German troops defeated the Herero at the Battle of Waterberg in August 1904. They were forced into the Omaheke desert where countless people died of starvation and thirst. Those who tried to escape were cut down by German patrols on the desert border. It is widely considered the first instance of genocide in the 20th Century. I would almost expect him to have a Waterberg clasp as well.
  6. Hi all, and here the second one. It shows a unknown saxon colonial official with a nice combination of awards: KO4Xw DSWA-Denkm. for fighters SA3bX On the right side (next to his leg) is stamped the year 1908.....So we have to search for someone who had the nice combination of KO4Xw and SA3bX and who served also in Halle/a.S. in 1908! He has to be one of the following candidates: ProvAmtAssistent Bannier Karl DSWA KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 ProvAmtInsp Engst August R. DSWA KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 Intendanturreg Kemter Georg DSWA Feldintendantur KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1907 ProvAmtAssistent Kießling Karl F. DSWA KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 Feldlazarethinspektor Posselt Eduard DSWA Romansdrift KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 ObVeter Scholz Paul DSWA 1. Feldregiment (beritten) KrO4xw 1906 SA3bx 1906 Proviantamtassistent Schulze Emil O. DSWA KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 ProvAmtskontrolleuer Hille Ernst Hermann DSWA Karib KrO4xw 1907 SA3bx 1908 and Ober Intend. Sekr. Seifert who received also KO4Xw and SA3bX who is shown in "Rangliste der Intendanturbeamten für 1914 ". Seifert was born in 1873. So we have 9 candidates in total.I hope that of of them served in Halle/a.S. in 1908 Thanks a lot and best regards Karsten
  7. Hi all, after the sucessful identification of Hptm. von Schlichtegroll: I hope that´s also possible to identify the following two colonial officials. For first the prussian one. The photo shows a prussian colonial official with the following nice award-combination: KO4Xw AEZ DSWA-Denkm. for fighters Centenary-medal The photo was taken in Oels (in Silesia/ near of Breslau) Only 4 candidates are possible....Those candidates are: Kaserneninspektor Annighöfer--> received KO4Xw in 1907 Lazarettinspektor Blümel--> received KO4Xw in 1908 but retired also in 1908 Lazarettinspektor Dybilasz--> received KO4Xw in 1906 Kaserneninspektor Sasse--> received KO4Xw in 1906 but served in Plön (cadet school) after his colonial service After those infos I would tend to Kaserneninspektor Annighöfer and Lazarettinspektor Dybilasz but of course we can not exclude Kaserneninspektor Sasse and Lazarettinspektor Blümel. So I hope that one of those 4 candidates served in Oels between 1907 and 1914. It would be great if someone could give back a name to this nice photo. Thanks and best regards Karsten
  8. Hello all this clasp came on a group of 4 medals (with good colonial Medal). My question is first I do not think this was a early period clasp. Second It does not look like the recent copies (fakes) which have diamond impressed backing. Is this possibly a 1920's or pre-1945 clasp? Thanks in advanced.
  9. Hello friends What is your opinion? Original or copy? Manufacturer? Thank you very much for your great help :-)
  10. I was doing an essay for my 19th Century Europe course. A portion of it covered East Africa and General Lettow-Vorbeck's involvement in WW1. My question is, did the men who were a part of the guerrilla war in East Africa receive the German Colonial Service Medal? I know that the Germans were eligible for combat decorations, but I do not know if the Colonial Service Medal was awarded as well. Also, I read that there were only a couple hundred Germans and thousands of native African militiamen. Were the natives eligible for German awards? Surely some demonstrated themselves heroically. The best writeup I could find was actually compiled by Chris (I cited him in my paper). http://www.kaiserscross.com/188001/437364.html
  11. Hi Guys - I have had this bar for years and am now considering selling it. Before doing so, I want to make sure it is right. Is the 1868-1907 Baden Silver Merit Medal wrong for this bar? Shouldn't it be a plain yellow ribbon? In this case, is this a ribbon for the 1908-1916 Friedrich II Silver Medal of Merit and that is what should be there? If it is wrong, isn't the 1868-1907 medal more valuable? I appreciate the help! Brian
  12. Guys, Not much about from WW1 this weekend, did like the Wachtmantle and the musician so took them the rest were sadly not that interesting. Jock
  13. This is not in my collection, but am wondering if the bar is okay on this. It's got a strange reverse to the bar too. If good, it's a nice medal bar.
  14. Hi Gents, an early colonial officer with. Württembergian Friedrichsorden Ritterkreuz 1. class with swords Prussian Kronenorden 4th class with swords At the back signed with Sanleben or Sauleben, I couldn´t find him. Help as allways very appreciated. Andreas
  15. Guys, I have gone German colonial as this predates WW1? If I am wrong please correct as required. Yet again rescued from the paper skip! It has a few interesting shots of various players that are well decorated by the looks of them. Not my thing though so here for you Imperial buffs. The other two are normal looking books of the period although one is in a strange language. cheers jock
  16. Here is a Prussian ribbon bar, which I assume is naval, sue to the awards and blue backing cloth. The ribbons are: Order of the Red Eagle Prussian Crown Order Long Service China Denkmunze Medal Kaiser Wilhelm Commemorative medal Order of the White Elephant (Thailand).
  17. Dear friends, I've found this Little photograph of a German general. I nee your hellp because I'm not sure about his identification. I think that he could be Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck? What do you think? Anyone of you has theis image on bigger size? I'd like too see better his Prussian Crown Order on the buttonhole. Thanks.
  18. Here are two similar ribbon bars for two guys who possible fought along side one another. They both have 25 years service. The ribbon bar features: Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914-18, (Both) Honour Cross with Swords, Honour Cross without swords. Prussian war aid Medal.(both) Long service medals for 25 years. Schinkel form one bar. Order of the Red Eagle (both) Chinese Commemorative Medal (both) Kaiser Wilhelm Commemorative medal 1897 (both) And Eiserner Halbmund.
  19. Hello members, I think it could be interesting for you to see the only pre-war-award of BrH4x. The recipient was Oberveterinär Wilhelm Bertram. He served form 1905-1908 in German-Southwestafrica and was member of the "2. Ersatzbatterie" of the "II. Feld-Artillerie-Abteilung". In 1907 he received the following decorations: DSWA-Denkm. KO4Xw BrH4x (the only pre-war-award!) In 1914 is Bertram listed as a "Veterinäroffizier der Reserve" in "Landwehrbezirk Sangerhausen". Best wishes Karsten
  20. Hello, today I like to show this nice photo of Oberstabsveterinär aD Paul Tuche. In my opinion it´s an interesting photo because it´s unusual to research the reason of an award. Here some infos: 15th May 1905: joined the Schutztruppe for GSWA 25th November 1907: Award of the KO4x 18th December 1912: left the Schutztruppe and joined to the Feldartillerie-Regt. Prinzregent Luitpold von Bayern (Magdeburgischen) Nr.4 Since 1914: Landwehr 2. Aufgebotes im Landwehrbezirk Magdeburg And here is the reason for the award of the KO4x (I hope I translated well ) : At the end of September of 1905 a transport of ten ox-carts were attacked by the Bondelzwarts and the covering of 10 soldiers were crush down by 200 Bondelzwarts. Some driver of the ox-carts could escape and reported that there were a lot of wounded german soldiers on the battlefield. Those statements were affirmed by nuns of the home mission Heirachabis. The military governor of Ukamas Lt. von Eberstein couldn´t relinquish one of his 20 soldiers. So Paul Tuche volunteered to help those wounded soldiers. Tuche rode unarmed and only equipped with medicine to the battlefield. Tuche found those wounded soldiers in the near of the home mission. One day later the germans were captured there by the Bondelzwarts of Morenga. This was the beginning of two days with long conversations. After the second day Morenga showed Tuche his injury. After that Morenga told him that he knows that he will loose the war but he want to be free (dead or alive) and so he wanted: "fairplay fecht tot die End." The next day reached them another large group of Hottentotten under the command of Morris. After a short conversation with Morenga, Morris was also well-disposed towards Tuche. The result of this incredible meeting was a charter. This charter allowed Tuchel and the wounded germans to reach their military station in Ukamas without danger. This charter was written by the former schoolmaster of Warmbad and signed by Morenga (with 3 cruces), Morris (with his name) and some others leaders (see addition). For this "journey" and experience received Paul Tuche his KO4x (see also the addition with the statement of Tuche). The additions and infos came from: Mitteilungsblatt des Traditionsverbandes ehemaliger Schutz- und Überseetruppen Nr. 40/41 (Mai/ Juni 1967). Best wishes Karsten
  21. Hello Forums member, today I like to show you this nice photo of Premier-Lieutenant Albert Freiherr von Schrenck von Notzing. He served in the Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 34 until 10th. december 1891. From that date until 24th. August 1896, he served in the 4th company of the kaiserliche Schutztruppe for German-Eastafrica. He took part on the battle of Moschi/ Kilimandjaro (12th.august 1893) and received for his participation on that battle the KO4x As we can see, he also received the following decorations of Tunesia and Zanzibar (!!): TNJft3 ZstSt2c Did Premier-Lieutenant Albert Freiherr von Schrenck von Notzing receive more decorations after his service in Africa?? What happend with him after 1896? And the most important question: Is it possible to find out when he got the TNJft3 and for what reason?? Hope you like that photo also like me Best wishes Karsten
  22. Hello, after posting some photos, I wish to post this nice and rare certificate to the governor of German-New-Guinea!! Rudolf von Bennigsen was the first governor of German-New-Guinea. Von Bennigsen served also in German-Eastafrica (as a financial director) and introduced the so-called "Hüttensteuer" in 1897. In German-Eastafrica he was also the deputy of the governor. In 1901 ended his career as a governor. May be he received the RAO3mSchl for his adoption? Here is a nice link of Rudolf von Bennigsen. Unfortunately only in german: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_von_Bennigsen_%28Gouverneur%29#cite_ref-3 In the Rank lists of 1902 we can find the following decorations: RAO3mSchl LD1 SC2b Best wishes Karsten P.S: Sorry I tried it several times but I couldn´t post a scan with higher solution. So I hope that this one is good enough
  23. This one doesn't have a "story"--it's just a remarkably nice Schutztruppen sword. The blade was made in 1890 and used for the new M1891 colonial pattern. The "Grosse" guard is spectacular. Everything else is proofed--indicating a senior NCO issue sword. Of particular note is the sword knot--first I've ever seen on ANY colonial sword. The grip cipher was altered to the Reichs crowned W in 1913. The 2-ring nickled scabbard had a ring removed and then it was de-nickled and blued. This one saw a lot of service!!!!
  24. Hello, nearly one year ago I acquired the correspondence-estate of Hptm. Eymael. This correspondence-estate of Hptm. Eymael was so important for me because I own a photo of him. So I wanted to know more about him and his service in Cameroon, Fernando Poo and Zaragoza/ Spain. In a letter I could find the following interesting entry. It tells shortly about the destiny of one of his lieutenants. Thereby you can imagine that the colonial service was a hard job. Hptm. Eymael wrote: "One of my lieutenants had a nervous breakdown and has to travel back to Germany after a service of 2 and a half month." But who was this lieutenant? In the rank list of 1913 I could find only one lieutenant. It was lieutenant Zobel. Seems to be him but I looked up also in DKB and found there the following entries. -Lt. Zobel was transferred to the "Schutztruppe" on 6th April 1912. -His departure was on 10th April 1912. and the last entry was his retirement of the Schutztruppe!! -On 31st october 1912 Lt. Zobel retired from the Schutztruppe in order to transfer into Württemberg Services. Now I´m sure that it was Lt. Zobel, who had a nervous breakdown. It´s interesting to see for what could be stand a short time of service. In the rank list of 1913 (also 1914) we can find Lt. Zobel in the württemb. Inf.-Regt. No. 120. BUT..... .....but what happened with Lt. Zobel? Did he survive the World War One?? Best wishes Karsten
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