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Found 24 results

  1. Ok, this is primary source info, so take it for what it is... interprate what you will.... An added note... low numbers may mean a unit is rarer than another, but it does not mean it is automatically more desirable.... Although in the Case of the S.A. Sharpshooters... I would buy em! :-) on a couple of units i have subtracted 1 or 2 men of the roll, just so I can see where it is from if it turns up elsewhere... Best Chris War and Victory medals Numbers on the Roll as of 29.1.21 S.A. Field Artillery Europeans - 2 759 S.A. Field Artillery Natives – 786 S.A. Heavy Artillery – 3 231 Misc. Trades Coy. – 465 C.A.H.T.C. – 6 323 S.A.S.C. – 8 717 1st and 2nd Mtd Brigades – 8 322 S.A. Ordinance – 13 Military Police – 11 S.A.R. Gangers – 10 S.A.R.os.D.S. – 718 S.A.W.S.C. – 182 4th S.A. Horse – 1 201 1st Special S.A. Engineers – 179 A.G. Base – 130 S.A. postal Corps – 30 S.A. Vetinary Corps – 1 090 10th S.A. Horse – 1 070 S.A. mtd. Engineers – 384 S.A. pioneers – 944 S.A.M.C. Union – 2 206 S.A.M.C.C. – 898 Camp. Com.Staff.Potch. – 450 S.A. Sharp Shooters – 24 S.A. Irish – 923 Natal Light Horse – 1 300 2nd Transvaal Scottish – 780 5th Infantry – 1 270 1st Batt. 7th Infantry – 990 Stokes Mortar Battery – 94 Camp.Com Staff Roberts Heights – 661 Div. Sig. Company - 1 458 Garrison M.P. – 172 11th Infantry – 1 430 20th Mtd Rifles – 820 10th Inf Wits Rifles – 1 227 12th Mtd Rifles – 440 5th Mtd Rifles – 560 1st SAI Brigade – 23 798 1st S.A.R. – 324 S.A.M.C.E.A. – 3 206 Base Depot, Durban – 350 Gen. Depot, Wynberg – 114 Native Labour Corps – 327 1st S.A.I. Details – 1 016 Nairobi Howitzers – 49 2nd S.A.R. – 712 Indian bearer Coy. – 660 Recruiting Staff – 80 Record Staff Simonstown – 4 Record Staff Rbts Heights – 13 S.A. Pay Corps – 551 Record Staff Pietermbg – 1 C.C. Staff – 5 Rest Camp Durban – 14 Rest Camp Johannesburg – 9 C.C. Staff Kimberly – 68 S.A.M.C. O/S – 484 Gen Depot Durban – 157 2nd batt 1st Inf D.L.I. – 703 1st Tvl Scottish – 1 090 2nd and 3rd S.A.I. Bgde – 16 127 1st batt 1st Inf – 704 2nd batt Kimberly Regiment 1 000 Hartigans Horse – 4700 12th Inf Pretoria Regt 1 442 2nd Mtd Rifles Ntl Carb – 640 1st Mtd Rifles Natal Carbineers – 728 Cape Corps – 7 473 4th Mtd Rifles – 870 4th Infantry – 1 228 3rd Mtd. Rifles – 601 5th Mtd Rifles 1st ILH – 882 8th Mtd Rifles – 840 3rd Infantry – 778 2nd Infantry – 914 Cape Corps 2nd – 7 473 In Progress (so far) 9th Infantry C.P.R. – 710 4th Dismounted Rifles – 550 11th Mounted Rifles – 400 18th Mounted Rifles – 380 Lists for 1914-15 stars.... Position as at 3.1.1921 115 530 names passed on Rolls. Units dealt with and total of names dealt with during January 1921 10th Infantry – 877 11th Infantry – 70 8th Mounted Rifles – 820 20th Mounted Rifles 280 3rd Infantry – 778 5th M.R. 1st Imperial Light Horse – 882 5th M.R. 2nd Imperial Light Horse – 560 12th M.R. – 440 9th infantry – 710 2nd Infantry – 914 4th Dismounted Rifles – 550 18th M.R. 380 11th M.R. 400 Total for Month 7 661 Daily average per clerk 35 names Position as at 29.1.1921 123191 names passed on rolls. The following units have been dealt with and the under mentioned number of names have been passed on to the rolls during 02.1921 18th Mounted Rifles - 486 11th Mounted Rifles - 100 9th Infantry - 1 510 4th D.M.R. - 519 2nd Imperial Light Horse, 5th M.R. - 563 9th and 10th M.R. - 214 Hartigans Horse Supp Roll - 183 Rand Rifles - 1 107 Potch A Commando - 477 Lichtenburg Commando - 748 Potch B Commando – 331 Ermelo A Commando – 233 Wolmaranstad Commando – 180 Marico Commando – 140 Bloemhof Commando – 130 Krugersdorp Commando – 800 Uys Scouts – 43 De La Reys Scouts – 60 Total for month 7 823 Each clerk averages 32 names per day. Position as at 26.2.1921 121014 names passed on rolls. The following units have been dealt with and the undermentioned number of names have been passed on to the rolls during period 27.2.1921 and 1.4.1921 Wolmaranstad Commando - 61 Marico Commando - 204 Bloemhof Commando - 200 Krugersdorp Commando - 162 Standerton B Commando - 242 Heidelburg B Commando - 362 Bethel Commando - 284 Heidelberg A Commando - 510 Middleberg B Commando - 250 Standerton A Commando - 470 Middleberg A Commando - 857 Piet Retief Commando - 275 Vryheid Commando - 220 Carolina Commando - 210 Collins Scouts - 90 Lemmers Scouts - 46 Utrecht Commando - 318 Wakkerstroom Commando - 360 Ermelo Commando - 240 Bothas Natal Horse - 581 Swarts Scouts - 50 Groblers Scouts - 40 3rd Regt. 5th Mtd Brigade - 350 1st Regt. 5th Mtd Brigade - 368 2nd Regt. 5th Mtd Brigade - 374 6th Regt. 5th Mtd Brigade - 373 5th Regt. 5th Mtd Brigade - 381 4th Regt. 5th Mtd Brigade - 399 Lydenburg Commando - 438 Rustenburg Commando - 353 Bothas Scouts Left Wing - 104 Bothas Mtd Rifles - 235 Pieters Commando - 338 Helgaardts Scouts - 30 Waterburg Commando - 263 Enslins Horse - 130 Hunts Scouts - 10 1st Rhod Regt - 240 Total for Month 10 418 Position as at 1.4.1921 131432 names passed on rolls. The following units have been dealt with and the undermentioned number of names have been passed on to the rolls during period 1.4.1921 and 30.4.1921 Helgaards Scouts - 31 Hunts Scouts - 60 6th Infantry - 882 5th D.M.R. - 440 10th D.M.R. & 13th M.D. - 610 17th M.R. - 627 6th D.M.R. - 722 14th D.M.R. - 550 Celliers Scouts - 100 Durban Garrison Art. - 300 9th D.M.R. - 907 1st D.M.R. - 654 S.A.M.C. Officers - 358 7th Citizen Battery - 160 Cape Fort Engs. - 193 Enslins Horse - 491 1st Rhod Regt - 349 8th Citizen Battery - 170 Cape Garrison Arty - 770 Mt Bbde Field Amb. - 360 12th Citizen Battery - 240 Heavy Art - 220 6th Citizen batt (European) - 113 6th Citizen Batt (Native) - 68 Britstown Commando - 273 Victoria West Commando - 290 Total for Month 9 938 Position as at 30.4.1921 141370 names passed on rolls. The following units have been dealt with and the undermentioned number of names have been passed on to the rolls during period 1.5.1921 and 25.5.1921 Mtd. Bgde Field Abulance - 508 Cape Garrison Artillery - 20 Machine Gun Detachment - 550 Heavy Artillery - 720 Victoria West Commando - 8 Carnarvon Commando - 352 S.A.M.N.S. - 190 Clan William Commando 450 S.A.M.C. - 1085 Fraserburg Commando - 336 Prieska Commando - 240 Kimberly Commando - 320 Cullinans Horse - 557 Sutherland Commando - 250 Graaff Reinet Commando - 490 Kalahari Horse - 710 Calvinia Kenhardt Commando - 794 Hanover Colesburg Commando - 320 Hay Commando - 230 Barkley West Commando - 910 De Aar Commando - 80 8th and 13th D.M.R. - 650 S.A. Pay Corps - 380 Cradock Commando - 380 Hopetown Commando - 130 Total for Month 10 660 Stars engraved to date 30 318 Stars despatched to date 28 494 Position as at 28.06.1921, 152030 names passed on Rolls. The following units have been dealt with and the undermentioned number of names have been passed on to the Rolls during the period 29.5.1921 to 1.6.1921 Kalahari Horse - 430 De Aar Commando - 61 Pay Corps - 80 Hopetown Commando - 144 Midland Scouts - 50 Parkinsons Horse - 66 Mafeking Commando - 139 S.A.E.C. - 1914 Vryburg Commando - 510 2nd Regiment S.A.M.R. 710 1st Regiment S.A.M.R. 905 Philipstown Commando - 231 Gordonia Commando - 151 Van Rhysdorp Commando - 740 3rd Regiment S.A.M.R. - 570 NAmaqualand Commando - 409 4th Regiment S.A.M.R.- 678 5th Regiment S.A.M.R. - 762 Nieuwoudsville Commando - 204 Herbert Commando - 359 Art. Training Depot - 990 S.A. Vet Corps - 490 S.A.A.C. - 166 S.A. Ord. Corps - 910 S.A.M.R. F.A.B. - 660 C.O.C.s Bodyguard - 110 Kakamas Commando - 48 Special Intelligence - 68 Cape Cyclist Corps - 60 1st, 2nd & 3rd Ind. Mtd.R. - 80 S.A.S.C. - 440 8th Cit Batt Natives - 100 B.S.A.P. - 54 S.A.M.R. Med Section - 60 S.A.M.R. Natives - 485 Depots (Base and Gen) - 280 Staffs (Rank and File) - 180 Total for month - 14294 Stars engraved to date - 38 175 Stars despatched to date - 25 020 The Engravers 1 Chief Supervisor J. Storey 10 Supervisors F. Sutherland F. Mackintosh J.S. Anderson H. Reeves H.H. Dolphin N.E. Coker Van E. Noome S.G.N. Webber R.E. Horwood 36 Assistants J.A. Russouw J. Smith (Left employ) H.A.T.v.d.Poel J.J. Pienaar E. Gardener C.W. Apsey O. Schunke R.L. Jubber A.E.J. Prince E. van Broembson H.L. Hurray J. Murray J.S. Pretorius E. Donovan L.A. Mahon Dexter ? H. Elstab H. Booth J.S.T. Wates S. Bloom J.T. Weir G.T. Hendry P.J. von Os C.O. Oxenholme J. Keith W.S. Forbes W.H. Baker R.C. de Villiers D.J. van Enter M. Russouw V. Shearsmith C.F. Margetson Stampers L.H. Brink W.D. Mattews
  2. Hello Gentleman’s Military Interest Club, I wonder if anyone can kindly help me with identifying the uniform worn by the gentleman in the two images I’ve uploaded? The photo negatives were passed to me by a relative as part of my family tree research, but unfortunately he is not sure who the gentleman is, so I am looking for clues via his uniform. The negatives were scanned in back to front, but the shoulder titles appear to start with the letters “QUEEN” (one photo) and end with “NSTERS” (other photo). The cap has a large and hopefully distinctive cross on it. My research online so far has turned up nothing remotely similar. Perhaps it's not even a military uniform? I would hazard a guess based on other pictures on the same negative strip that these photos were taken in the 1930s–1950s. Any clues to help me solve this puzzle would be gratefully received! Thank you.
  3. Hi Gents, I got a German medal bar which contains a RVM Edward VII Silver. My question is, do there exist rolls with the names from German recipients? My hope is, that it is possible to identify the former owner with the help from forum members. Eyery help appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
  4. Hi Gents. I was offered a medal bar with the engraving: 4. t-14543203 s.sgt k.g.lampard.r.a.s.o, GSM with bar Cyprus and 5. t-14543203 w.o.cl.2. k.g. lampard.raso, LSGC Regular Army medal, the other medals are without a name 1.The 1939 - 1945 Star 2. The France and Germany Star 3. The War Medal 1939 - 1945 I couldn´t find anything about raso Is it a standard medal bar or something better? Every help appreciated. Kind regards Andreas
  5. What is the origin of the tourie? I have seen 18th-century reenactors' bonnets with them, usually in the same colour at the bonnet itself, but images from earlier periods show only the bonnet.
  6. HI anyone can explain what is logo mean and what is meant by number 24 on the middle !!! this logo remain at Aden until now beside mountain this mountain used as British military base or weapon storage on the past thanks in advance
  7. Guys, The miniature set I got out of the skip yesterday but I only had 10 minutes to look as they were closing. I hope the full size medals are not in there too as it will get pushed Monday morning and then lost forever as am away at BASF, Ludwigshafen for the week so I can't bend in. The question is what is the one on the blue and red ribbon? The second query is for the husband of my wife's friend, Grandad was in Africa as can be seen but what is the strange looking medal on the right of the group in the frame? Thanks for any info.
  8. What I think/hope is a complete list of British losses in Crete between 1897 and 1909, and commemorated on the island, is attached. Alternatively, it can be found here: http://mickmctiernan.com/history/british-military-deaths-crete-1897-to-1909/ I think I've tracked them all down, but if anyone has any to add please let me know, I'm more than happy to update the list. I'm also happy to supply a spreadsheet with this, and a bit more, info on request. Mick McT British Military Deaths in Crete 1897 to 1909.docx
  9. I recently purchased what I believe to be a genuine Africa General Service Medal - Kenya Bar but am unable to interpret the inscription relating to the recipient: A.S. 374 A/I .(R) Abdul Raoof Khan Can anyone assist? Thank-you.
  10. Hey everyone, very very new to this forum. Just joined today. This is my great grandfathers medal that was presented to him by the Queen. My question about these medals is I can't seem to find even a reference about the medal having been presented with smaller versions to be worn?(one large, one much smaller that appears to be silver with blue enamel and a third even smaller one, however I only have the lone poor quality photo of it for now.) I was hoping maybe someone online here would know more about that. I've spent alot of time searching online and unless I'm missing a key word or whatever I can't find a trace of the smaller versions. Any ideas? Edit: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/41727/supplement/3724
  11. I have recently realised that I am unlikely to leave Sth. Africa and have had my Bournemouth flat cleared ready for Letting. A van and a car were required to take it all to auction. I chose the leading Militaria Auction in the UK - Wallis & Wallis - in Lewes in Sussex. I have known the owner Mr Roy Butler for many years - he used to be the militaria expert on the Antique Road Show - one of the most popular shows on TV. Mostly with a Police link - my Lots are 605 to 628 + 633 and 750. The auction is on July 22nd. The catalogue is full of lovely items - worth buying for reference. The online catalogue is at - www..the-saleroom.com Here are a few of my items : click This is the 1st pattern for the Royal Irish Constabulary : http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2014/post-6209-0-99651400-1404903803.jpgclick The very rare Lovell's Bayonet for this rifle http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2014/post-6209-0-36634100-1404904080.jpgclick Victorian belt and cuffs to subdue violent prisoners http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2014/post-6209-0-27335100-1404904365.jpgclick 4 early staves from the Victorian period. 1st on left. Overseer's truncheon/stave from the early days of Australia. Markings (a little faint from wear, but visible) for Van Dieman's Land. Became Tasmania in 1855. " Crown, VDL, 16, and Port Arthur Penal settlement. " It existed 1830 to 1877 - however, this will be pre 1855. Some real history for Australia. 2nd on left : They are showing this as an Indian staff of office. I had always thought it a Midlands Police Force walking stick for an early Police Head Constable. It has the Royal Cypher - V1R. This dates it between 1837 and about 1841 - when they realised she was the only Victoria and dropped the '1' 3rd and 4th: These are Nigerian Staffs of Office - presented by the Govt. to deserving Chiefs. Both are Edward 7th, 1901 - 1910. There were three categories. A 1st class chief had a beautiful silver one , with a silver Hippo on the top. Only the British could make someone a 3rd. class chief............... All of these items are genuinly investment pieces.
  12. An interesting purchase from a couple of months ago, and purchased as one Lot. Attached on the inside of the lid is a miniature tipstaff and lions head cape fastening. The other items were in the box. One ....a large wooden ceremonial type tipstaff that sits horizontally on its own stand.....and the two other truncheons. I was told that the box belonged to a retired Superintendent in the Lancashire Constabulary.
  13. Gents, does anyone know what these gold anodised aluminium badge and title is for? These are from the 1970s Singapore era and read "Universities Air Squadron". -achern
  14. Dear all, I'm in the process of doing a Masters degree with a dissertation looking at the British Military involvement in Crete from 1896 to 1913. I'm concentrating on the earlier part of the involvement, in particular on the role played, on the Army side, by: 1/Seaforths 4 Mountain Battery RA 2/Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1/Border Regiment 1/Northumberland Fusiliers 1/HLI 2/Rifle Brigade 2/Dorsetshire 1/Lancs. Fusiliers I'm looking at all the 'usual suspects' for information, National Archives, National Maritime Museum, National Army Museum, regimental archives etc and I've been in contact with 'rusticalex' re his marvellous photographs. I appreciate that it may be a long shot, but does anyone on the forum have any photos, letters, journals etc. that they might be willing to share? I'm afraid all I can promise in return is an acknowledgement in the final dissertation! Many thanks Mick McT
  15. I am going to be showing the Officer's medals + all of his other equipment. This will be a long thread and it may-be that I will have to do it in stages - I will see how my hands hold-up. Very rarely do all of the accoutrements of a senior rank remain with the medals and I think you will find this of interest. I will split the post into three parts - Introduction - Lt.Col. Whitaker & his medals and equipment - and finally, 27 pages taken from his file. I do not normally give praise - however, this research was made possible by Audrey (Rhino Research) who lives in Johannesburg and is one of our members. Because of the length of the article I will 'pin' it for a while. Please remember, that Brian and I are always looking for good articles, within the British sections, that we can pin and award an Administrators' Certificate of Merit. .................................INTRODUCTION............................. Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Edward Whitaker was born in Britain in 1895. From his papers he was a man of fairly humble origins and after a basic education was apprenticed as a motor mechanic in a garage. Remember , this was about 1910, so the very early days of vehicles. Around 1912 he joined the Territorial Army and was posted to the 5th. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI) - a famous Regiment. With the outbreak of War in 1914 it appears that he became a Regular and is shown as serving from 4/8/1914 to 14/7/1916 with the 2nd West Riding Ambulance Corps. This would have been attached - or, was part of the KOYLI. He served in France and would have been a stretcher bearer - one of the most dangerous of jobs. On 14/7/1916 he was transferred to serve as a Fitter with the British Royal Flying Corps. There was no gap between units. His former occupation of motor apprentice was of value and he served with the RFC until 19/2/1919 when he was demobilised This post has been promoted to an article
  16. Hello, This is my first post on this site. (By the way it is a really great site!) I recently purchased a 1911 Coronation Medal to P.C. H. TIDDY. Herbert Tiddy joined the Metropolitan Police on 27/7/1908 and was given Warrent Number 95960. He was attached to "F" Division. On 9/4/1925 he was prompted to the rank of Station Sergeant, by this stage he was attached to "S" Division. Police Orders of 12/21931 stated that Stn. P.S. Tiddy had died. Could anyone out there help me in finding out what happened to Herbert Tiddy? This is a very hard thing to research from Australia. All the best, Cat
  17. My first post! I have a truncheon that probably belonged to my great-grandfather in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire. Whether he, himself, carried it is unknown. It is quite plain, 20.25" long, with a crown and VR as the only markings. Can anyone suggest what kind of poilce would use this and in what era? Tom
  18. There is a post on the Lounge congratulating the Authorities in the US for the conclusion of the terror attack. However, since this is specifically the GMIC's Police Forum, I think it appropriate that we also congratulate our Colleagues involved in this dreadful series of attacks. Particularly - in my view - the Boston Police acted bravely and professionally. I saw they were supported by the State Police - so really all authorities must have been involved. Our deepest sympathies to the families of the Brave Men who sacrificed their lives to defend the public. We, of all people, know how quickly these incidents happen.
  19. Gents Had a bit of a surprise today. It's a bit of a story but hang in as I need some help. One of my other half's relatives is taking herself of to a home for the elderly as she's alone now and can't look after herself. We visited today and during the visit she says to me "oh there's my (now deceased) husband's dad's medals in the box there have a look". So inside are three medals - now I'm no medal expert hence this post - there are two WW1, an allied victory medal and british war medal and another that I didn't know that well but it's (I think) a General Service Medal with a young Victoria on the obverse. This one has seven (yes count them) seven clasps. I can only remember Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Toulouse but there were seven. I believe this is a serious piece of metal and although she wasn't about to part with it (I did try), I would like to let her know just what she may have and what it may be worth. Can you guys help? I've no pictures but I suppose I could get them if needed when we visit next. Thanks in advance Spaz This post has been promoted to an article
  20. This may be of interest.... http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/27188-your-family-members-military-photos/page-9#entry533942
  21. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me out. Did the 7th bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers have a unit color patch on the puggaree of their Wolesley FS helmets in the Gallipoli campaign? Can anyone show me a pic or at lest describe it for me. Best Darren
  22. Dear Members I have this little collection of medal claps/bars. Hope someone can tell me what it is and whether there are copies among them. Regards North Denmark
  23. Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen...... I an starting this posting with a medal for two reasons, I know that this is a medal / militaria forum and this is a mixture of both...... While at a garage sale some time ago I was going through a box full of costume jewelry and in the bottom of the box I spotted a medal ribbon..... On pulling it out of the box attached to the ribbon I found the Canadian Centennial Medal...... I asked the seller what they wanted for it and was told $1.00 Canadian which I gladly paid..... I was then informed that there were some certificates in the house that are about the man who was awarded the medal...... ********************************************** PART ONE (Picture One) The first to be handed to me was the framed award certificate for the Canadian Centennial Medal, shown and described below..... Surmounted by the Canadian Coat of Arms On the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of the Confederation of Canada the Centennial Medal is conferred on Frank G. Ballachey, Esquire In recognition of valuable service to the nation. July 1st, 1967 ************************************************ PART TWO (Picture Two). The second frame that was given to me held a Letter from the then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney....... Surmounted by the Canadian Coat of Arms Prime Minister - Premier Ministre Ottawa, K1A 0A2 November 29, 1985 Dear Mr. Ballachey I am writing to thank you for your outstanding contributions to our country as a member of the Study Team on Culture and Communications Task Force on Program Review. Your experience, dedication and leadership have contributed greatly to the study team. I know that my colleague, the Deputy Prime Minister, is most grateful for your volunteer contribution. The decision of the Task Force Ministers to include both private and public sector individuals in their work is a welcome experiment in public administration. I am particularly grateful to you for so generously making your time available to the Government of Canada. Again, thank you for your dedicated services to your country. Yours Sincerely, Brian Mulroney Mr. Frank George Ballachey Consultant, F. Ballachey Associates Inc., Suite 310 90 Sparks Street Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5T6 There is also a small card......... Deputy Prime Minister (Canadian Coat of Arms) Vice-premier ministre In grateful appreciation of your dollar-a-year contribution to Canada And a Framed Dollar Bill...... ************************************************** PART THREE - (Picture Three) I feel that this is the crowning piece, apart from the medal of course............ In the Upper Left is the Great Seal of Canada with the signature Alexander of Tunis Below the seal.... (Signature Unable to read) For Attorney General, Canada CANADA George the Sixth by the Grace of God of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith. To All and Singular to whom these Presents shall come,- Greetings Whereas We have thought it necessary for encouraging Canadian citizens trading to China to appoint as Vice Consul of Canada at Shanghai China, to take care of Canadian citizens and to aid and assist them in all their lawful and mercantile concerns. Now Know Ye that We reposing special trust and confidence in the discretion and faithfulness of Our Trusted and Well Beloved Frank George Ballachey Esquire have nominated and constituted and appointed, as We do by these Presents nominate, constitute and appoint him the said Frank George Ballachey to be a Vice Consul of Canada in China As aforesaid, hereby giving and granting unto him Full Power and Authority by all lawful means to aid and protect those Canadian citizens who may trade with or visit or reside within his Consular District, and to hold the said office during our pleasure with all rights, privileges and immunities thereunto appertaining. And We do hereby strictly enjoin and require all Canadian citizens to take due notice of this Our Commission and yield obedience thereto. In Testimony Whereof We have caused by these (Our) letters to be made patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed. Witness: Our Right and Trusted and Well beloved Cousin Harold Rupert Leofric George Viscount Alexander of Tunis, Knight of (Our) Most Noble (Order) of the Garter, Knight Grand Cross of (Our) Most Noble Order of the Bath, Knight Grand Cross of (Our) Most Distinguished (Order) of Saint Michael and Saint George, Companion of (Our) Most Exultant (Order) of the Star of India, Companion of (Our) Distinguished Service Order upon whom has been conferred the Decoration of the Military Cross, Field Marshall in (Our) Army, Governor General and Commander in Chief of Canada. At (Our) Government House, in (Our) City of Ottawa, this third day of June in the year of (Our) Lord one thousand, nine hundred and forty-eight in the twelfth year of (Our) Reign. By Command Louis St. Laurent Secretary of State for External Affairs Recorded 14th July 1948 Liber 401, Folio 542 (Unable to read signature) Acting Secretary of State of Canada (Unable to read signature) Deputy Registrar General of Canada *********************************************** Most of the signatures have very badly faded as this Commission must have been left hanging in the sun..... I again asked the seller what she wanted for all the pieces and was quoted a price which gave me change from a $20.00 bill....... To me it is a priceless piece of Canadian history especially when you think of what was happening in China in 1948 and onwards...... Mike
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