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  1. Schwalbe, Eugen Felix * 25. März 1892 in Kleinprießligk, Borna, Königreich Sachsen † 12. Juni 1974 in Bielefeld 1939 Kommandeur des Infanterie-Regiments 461 1940 Leiter der Heeres-Kontrollkommission III 1941 Kommandeur des Infanterie-Regiments 109 1942 Kommandeur der 344. Infanterie-Division 1944 Kommandeur der 719. Infanterie-Division 1944 Führer des LXVII. Armeekorps 1944 Führer des LXXXVIII. Armeekorps 1945 Kommandierender General des LXXXVIII. Armeekorps Highest rank reached: General der Infanterie Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (RK) - 13.7.1940 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (DKiG) - 7.12.1944 Ritterkreuz des Kgl. Sächsischen Militär-St. Heinrichs-Orden (SH3) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugen_Felix_Schwalbe https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/S/SchwalbeFelix.htm
  2. Frölich, Gottfried * 3. Juni 1894 in Dresden † 30. Juli 1959 in Heidenheim an der Brenz Kommandeur des Panzerartillerie-Regiments 78 mit der Führung des Grenadier-Regiments 7 beauftragt mit der Führung der 36. Infanterie-Division beauftragt mit der Führung der 8. Panzer-Division beauftragt Kommandeur der 8. Panzer-Division Führer der Korpsgruppe von Tettau Höherer Artilleriekommandeur 313 Highest rank reached: Generalmajor Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (RK) - 20.10.1943 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (DKiG) - 2.2.1942 Ritterkreuz des Kgl. Sächsischen Militär-St.-Heinrichs-Ordens (SH3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gottfried_Frölich https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gottfried_Frölich
  3. Boltze, Arthur * 18. März 1878 in Höhnstedt in Sachsen † 7. November 1954 in Jugenheim 1914 Adjutant der 88. Infanterie-Brigade 1915 Bataillons-Kommandeur im Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 139 1916 Bataillons-Kommandeur im Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 179 1920 Kommandeur des Ausbildungs-Bataillons des 11. (Sächs.) Infanterie-Regiments 1926 Kommandeur des I. Bataillons des 11. (Sächs.) Infanterie-Regiments 1928 im Stabe des 11. (Sächs.) Infanterie-Regiments 1930 Kommandeur des 10. (Sächs.) Infanterie-Regiments 1934 mit Charakter als Generalleutnant verabschiedet 1939 Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen IV bzw. Kommandeur der Division Nr. 154 1942 entlassen Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant z.V. https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/B/BoltzeArthur.htm
  4. Boetticher, Friedrich von * 14. Oktober 1881 in Berthelsdorf, Königreich Sachsen † 28. September 1967 in Bielefeld-Schildesche 05.08.1914-08.11.1915 im Generalstabe der Armee 09.11.1915-30.06.1918 beim Generalkommando des XXVI. Reservekorps 01.07.1918-23.11.1919 im Generalstabe der 241. Infanterie-Division 24.11.1919-22.08.1924 im Reichswehrministerium 23.08.1914-08.06.1926 im 4. Artillerie-Regiment 09.06.1926-30.09.1929 im Reichswehrministerium 01.10.1929-28.02.1933 Kommandeur der Artillerie-Schule 01.03.1933-31.03.1933 im Stabe des Gruppenkopmmandos 2 01.04.1933-08.12.1942 Militär-Attaché in Washington 09.12.1942 Führer-Reserve OKH, kommandiert zur Attaché-Abteilung im Generalstabe des Heeres Highest rank reached: General der Artillerie Ritterkreuz des Kriegsverdienstkreuzes mit Schwertern (RK-KvK Schw) - 26.5.1942 Ritterkreuz des Kgl. Sächsischen Militär-St. Heinrichs-Orden (SH3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_von_Boetticher https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_von_Boetticher_(General) https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/B/BoetticherFriedrichv.htm Miscellaneous Anerkennungen over the years.
  5. Neuling, Ferdinand Heinrich Wilhelm * 22. August 1885 in Bautzen † 22. Februar 1960 in Hildesheim Kommandeur des Infanterie-Regiments Rastenburg Kommandeur des Infanterie-Regiments 23 Landwehr-Kommandeur Oppeln Kommandeur der 239. Infanterie-Division mit der Führung des LXII. Reservekorps beauftragt Kommandierender General des LXII. Reservekorps Kommandierender General des LXII. Armeekorps Highest rank reached: General der Infanterie Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (RK) - 28.2.1942 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (DKiG) - 19.12.1941 Ritter des Kgl. Sächsischen Militär-St. Heinrichs-Ordens (SH3) - 23.9.1918 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferdinand_Neuling https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferdinand_Neuling https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/N/NeulingFerdinand.htm
  6. Müller, Alfred * 1. Januar 1866 in Bautzen † 29. Oktober 1925 auf dem Truppenübungsplatz in Jüterbog Kommandeur des Reserve-Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 104 Kommandeur der 63. Infanterie-Brigade Kommandeur der 24. Reserve-Division Kommandeur der Reichswehr-Infanterie-Brigade 47 Infanterie-Kommandeur der Grenzjäger-Brigade 1 Führer der Grenzjäger-Brigade 1 Landeskommandant von Sachsen Kommandeur der 4. Division 21.01.1913 Oberstleutnant 12.01.1915 Oberst 18.04.1918 Generalmajor 01.07.1921 Generalleutnant Komtur des Kgl. Sächischen Militär-St. Heinrichs-Orden (SH2b) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Müller_(Generalleutnant)
  7. Körner, Gerhard * 27. Mai 1892 in Meißen, Sachsen † 27. April 1941 in Hannover (infolge Autounfall) 1937-39 Chef des Generalstabes des X. Armeekorps 1939-40 Chef des Generalstabes des stellv. I. Armeekorps 1940 Oberquartiermeister der 9. Armee 1940-41 Kommandeur der 45. Infanterie-Division Highest rank reached: Generalmajor (1.11.39) Ritter des Kgl. sächsischen Militär-St. Heinrichs-Orden (SH3)
  8. Brück, Anton Friedrich Franz August Karl * 30. Mai 1869 in Leipzig † 15. Juni 1945 in Dippoldiswalde xx.08.1915 Kommandeur des Feldartillerie-Regiments Nr. 64 15.09.1915 Kommandeur des Feldartillerie-Regiments Nr. 68 xx.05.1919 Kommandeur des Reichswehr-Artillerie-Regiments 12 01.10.1920 Kommandeur des 4. Artillerie-Regiments 01.02.1925 Artillerieführer IV 31.01.1927 verabschiedet Highest rank reached: Generalmajor Komtur des Kgl. Sächsischen Militär-St. Heinrichs-Ordens (SH2b) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Brück_(Offizier)
  9. Oldershausen, Martin Heinrich Franz Hans Freiherr von * 24. November 1865 † 23. Juli 1924 20.03.1912 Oberstleutnant 20.08.1914 Charakter als Oberst 04.11.1916 Oberst 06.11.1917 Generalmajor 31.12.1920 Charakter als Generalleutnant 02.08.1914 Kommandeur des Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 106 13.08.1914 Kommandeur des Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 105 04.03.1915 Chef des Generalstabes des VIII. Reservekorps 02.07.1916 Chef des Generalstabes des Oberkommandos der 3. Armee 30.01.1918 Kommandeur der 24. Reserve-Division 09.11.1918 Chef des Generalstabes der Armee-Abteilung A 01.02.1919 Kommandeur der Division Nr. 32 11.09.1919 Offizier z.b.V. beim Chef der Heeresleitung 31.12.1920 verabschiedet Ritter des Ordens "Pour le Mérite" (PLM) Komtur des Kgl. Sächsischen Militär-St. Heinrichs-Ordens
  10. Carlowitz, Hans Karl Adolph von * 25. März 1858 in Riesa † 9. Juli 1928 in Gersdorf bei Roßwein 23.04.1904 Chef des Generalstabes des XII.Armee-Korps 15.04.1908 Kommandeur des Grenadier-Regiments Nr. 100 24.09.1910 Kommandeur der 64. Infanterie-Brigade 09.03.1912 General á la suite SM des Königs von Sachsen 22.05.1913 Generaladjutant SM des Königs von Sachsen 21.05.1914 Kriegsminister von Sachsen 10.09.1914 Kommandierender General des XXVII. Reservekorps 27.10.1914 wegen Erkrankung beurlaubt 30.11.1914 Kommandeur der 12. Reserve-Division 26.08.1915 Kommandierender General des III. Reservekorps 08.08.1917 Kommandierender General des XIX. Armeekorps 06.08.1918 Oberbefehlshaber der 9. Armee 22.09.1918 Oberbefehlshaber der 2. Armee 14.01.1919 zur Disposition gestellt 21.01.1920 verabschiedet 27.01.1906 Oberst 24.09.1910 mit d. 23.03.1910 Generalmajor 22.05.1913 mit d. 03.02.1913 Generalleutnant 20.08.1914 zum General der Infanterie ernannt 05.04.1917 General der Infanterie Ritter des Ordens "Pour le Mérite" mit Eichenlaube (PLM EL) Komtur mit Stern des Kgl. Sächsischen Militär-St. Heinrichs-Ordens https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolph_von_Carlowitz https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolph_von_Carlowitz http://prussianmachine.com/aok/carlowitz.htm
  11. Hi everybody, Here is my new ribbon bar from an Officer of the Jäger Btn Nr. 13. I showit here with EK1, RK and paar of Oblt Shoulderboards. This ribbon bar come with the trapezoidal medal bar (without medals). I have found only two names (maybe more) of officers who had the same combo on the ribbon bar : Lt Paul Hederich who died in 1916 Oblt Georg Graf Vitzthum von Eckstädt who died in 1945. Christophe and now with trapezoidal medal bar
  12. Hi everybody, I would like to show you my collection of Saxon medals, ribbon bars and pieces of uniform. I begin with ribbon bars : First one is a ribbon bar of Rittmeister Reinhardt Westrem zu Gutacker Christophe
  13. Hi everybody, i'm looking for informations about this officer. On the photo we can find the SV3X, EK2 and campaign medal for the Franco-Prussian War. He probably wore the Albert knight cross but it was hidden I have no information about Saxon officer before 1900. Thanks for your help Christophe
  14. Hello everybody I would like to show you a great collection of one of my friend who give me authorisation to show his collection of the "Schützen Regiment Nr. 108". He is still interested by items from this unit. Don't hesitate to pm me and then I will give him information. Enjoy Christophe
  15. Hi everybody, Here is a very nice card photo of Leutnant Franz Büchner showing his new Pour le Mérite, his ribbon bar, the iron cross 1st class and the pilot badge. Franz Büchner was born in 1898, he was enlisted in the IR 106 as a volounteer in september 1914. Wounded in 1916 he joined the air service after recovery. He then became a pilot in March 1917. With a lot of victories, he was put at the head of the Jasta 13. His first victory was on August 17, 1917, but the confirmation of the victory came two months after, so the second plane he shot down was confirmed first (October15, 1917). For that he received one month later the Ehrenbecher for the first victory. If someone wants to know more about this officer, Neal O’Connor has written small story in the third volume of the Aviation awards of the Imperial Germany pp. 145-147. Büchner received the following awards and badge. Knight cross of St Henry : 07.10.1918 Knight cross 2nd class with X of Merit order of Saxe : date unknown Knight cross 2nd class with X of Albert order of Saxe : 26.04.1916 Iron cross 2nd class : date unknown Knight cross with X of House Order of Hohenzollern : 20.08.1918 Pour le Mérite : 25.10.1918 Iron cross 1st class : date unknown Pilot badge : September 1916 Ehrenbecher : November 1917 If someone has got more info about him, thanks for sharing them with us. Christophe
  16. Hello all, I'm been researching my great grandfather known to us as Herbert Müller. He is listed as Oberst (retired) Christian Herbert Müller on his wife's death certificate. He was the Commander of The 2nd royal Saxon. Hussar Regiment No. 19 "Crown Prince Wilhelm of the German Empire and Prussia", from 1915 until their disbandment in 1919. There is a photo of him in the a publication celebrating the Regiment's 125 year anniversary here https://digital.slub-dresden.de/werkansicht/dlf/368539/19/0/#. We have copies of several of the photos in this commemorative book, as well as some other photos of him in military dress. Since finding this book online, I have been unable to find any other details or further information on him. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me or possibly even have some record relating to his war service? Any assistance would be hugely appreciated. Cheers, Irene
  17. Dear friends, here is a medal bar that I think is a bit unusual, I'm having hard time figuring out the criteria of such a combination and origin. It features a centenary medal, a service medal from Saxony Kingdom, no other Saxony awards but a Saxe-Weimar order of white falcon. Please share your thought. Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I will take more photo when I have the chance.
  18. Hello, here is another nice photo of Saxon Hauptmann Arnold Frölich He received during the woar both iron crosses, Beobachter Abz, SA3aX (13 Arpil 1916) and the crown to the SA3aX (18 January 1917). This photo has been taken in October 1916. Christophe
  19. Bonjour, A interesting Colonial ribbonbar, with some rare clasps : - 1914 EK-II, - Militär Ehrenzeichen 2. kl, - Sachsen Meiningen mit Schwerter Spange "Afrika" (about 20 awarded), without the medal, - Landwehr DA 2. kl, - DA 15 Jähre, - Kolonial Denkmünze mit Spange "Deutsch Neuguinea 1913", - DSWA Denkmünze mit Spange "Grossnamaland" u. "Hereroland". Crdl Thierry
  20. Hi everybody, here is one ribbon bar belonged to OSA Johannes Friedrich who received SA3aXKr, EK2, OK2, SDA He received EK1 and OK1 too Christophe
  21. Hi everybody, Here you will find papers, medals and ribbon bar to a young saxon officer
  22. Hi everybody, Last year I have bought this nice ribbon bar to another collector. I have not positive id of him till recently. Indeed, I have found that only one man that have this combo (SH3, SV3aX, SA3aXKr, EK2, SMK). The officer : Major Otto Schmidt from IR 134. He was born in 1874, for the moment I have not found his death date. Leutnant : 23.01.1896 Oberleutnant : 11.09.1903 Hauptmann : 21.01.1910 Major : 22.05.1916 He received the follwing medals : SH3 : 13.11.1915 SV3aX : 09.11.1916 Kr zu SA3aX : 19.10.1915 SA3aX : 22.11.1914 EK2 : ? EK1 : ? SMK : 08.05.1916. Here is the ribbon bar and the photo of Major Otto Schmidt (he is the first officer from the right). It take one year to have positive id of the ribbon bar and to find the photo of our man Christophe
  23. Hi everybody, Here is another very rare ribbon bar I have received recently. The owner of this bar is Oberst Bernhard von Süßmilch gen. von Hörnig (1867-1923). He served the most part of the WW1 at the head of the IR 139. He received the following orders and medals : SH2b : 2.12.1917 SH3 : 15.10.1914 SV3aX : 4.08.1916 SA3X : 29.08.1916 X zu SA3a : 9.10.1914 SA3a : 18.05.1909 SDA : 25.03.1911 Kr zu PRAO4 : 13.07.1911 PRAO4 : 15.09.1903 PKO3 : 10.09.1912 EK2 : 16.09.1914 EK1 : 14.10.1914 OH3Kr : 19.12.1906 ChDM : no date. PJR : 25.07.1913 PJE : 23.09.1905 VAs : 1918 Christophe
  24. Hi everybody, Recently I was lucky enough to get this very nice mini chain which belonged to Leutnant der Reserve Walter Dittrich. It is composed by SA3bX, SHMg, SHMs, EK2. Of course the rarity is about the SHMg. Only 150 were awarded during the Great War and only three men received it as flyer. He received the following orders : SA3bX, ? probably at the end of 1918 or after. SHMg, 24 juillet 1917, SHMs, 31 octobre 1916, EK2, 14 janvier 1916, EK1, ? Pilot badge, 13 janvier 1916, Ehrenbecher, 1917 Wound badge, probably silver or gold, 1918. Here is photo of Dittrich from the following book : Ehrenbuch der Inhaber der Sächsische Goldenen Militär St Heinrichs-Medaille, Dresden, Selbst Verlag, 1936, 264 p. There is a little biography on the O’CONNOR (N.W.), Aviation Awards of Imperial Germany in World War One, vol. 3, The Kingdom of Saxony, Princeton, New Jersey, 1993, 279 p. As you can see, he has chosen to wear the Albert Order before the SHMg. I have in my collection a small ribbon bar which have the same combo (both SH ribbons and after the SA3 ribbon. I have no idea if it is from the same man or not. I can only imagine. I think about the ribbon bar that this one the first ribbon is for the knight cross of St Henry and after the SHMs. That's why both ribbons are ahead the SA ribbon. Christophe
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