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Hello, I?m new to the forum and I want an opinion on my Erdkampfabzeichen. I have no idea if it?s fake or real, I got it from a friend a long time ago. I?m not planning on selling it, just curious if it?s real.

Best Regards from Sweden


Some pictures of it:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

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Welcome to the club, Sandstorm.

Before I make any comments on your badge, could you let us have a full frontal picture of the eagle and one of the hinge.

These unmarked LGAB?s are certainly accepted as original? However, as with everything in our collecting field, there are copies about.

There are two types of original badge by this maker. The earlier type is heavily plated and has a separate catch soldered to the wreath (picture one).

2. The late type is of one piece construction with the hinge and catch being part of the die. The wreath is, if there?s any left, frosted. (picture two)

I notice that the one you show has a replacement catch, showing remnants of the original catch. This could be a good sign, or bad.

More detailed pictures will help.

In the meantime, here are the types, one and two. Do some comparisons and see if they match your badge.

First up... The earlier plated type.

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IMO it looks like a cast copy to me ...

I agree , IMO this looks like a cast copy . I would stay away from any badge that has a crude , cast looking back to it with a replaced pin assembly . almost all badges that I have seen with a replaced pin or hinge has been a repro , the faker's are are trying to cover up an incorrect pin / hinge by replacing it with a " replacemeent pin " making the badge look like it was damaged and repaired .

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