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Order of the Badge of Honour - S/N award & date research

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I'd like try to compile some data re award dates and serial numbers of the "Order of the Badge of Honour".

Could anyone having award booklets or reseach for the Order of the Badge of Honour kindly send in the data and possibly scans of the award booklet showing serial number and award date so that I can attempt to compile data. Any interesting or early variations are always worth showing as well.

Thanks for your very kind assistance and I hope that your feedback is good enough to be able to present something of interest at a later date.



(Also please see similar thread for the Order of the Red Banner of Labour - Thanks)

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Gornyak ( a "twofer" since it also has her Labor Glory 3rd)




Ones I have personally observed (as with the military serial numbers data base) with the 3 above :beer:

268,296 = 4/7/57

276,582 = 22/3/66

285,778 = 31/12/65

403,455 = 29/7/66

414,086 = 26/8/66

484,227 = 12/12/67

552,929 = 8/4/71

618,531 = 8/4/71

795,733 = 8/4/71

913,281 = 27/2/74

1,144,887 = 24/12/77

1,192,788 = 10/3/76

1,200,059 = 6/4/76

1,435,998 = 23/2/81

1,574,131 = 4/5/89

You will observe from this a huge block of awards-- over 200,000 awarded in a torrent in 1966-67 (that 31 December 1965 one (not ISSUED until February '66, though, implying quite a backlog piled up on these) suggests there was some wiggle room in the numbers--which is, of course, what we all would like to nail down!


over 240,000 (so far noted) were awarded on a single day-- 8 April 1971 !!! :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

In an Order bestowed for almost 60 YEARS, and with total awarded about 1,500,000, ONE IN SIX were all awarded on ONE DAY! That is quite extraordinary, isn't it? :ninja:

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May I permit myself to revive the research threads I had started in the hope that members out there who can still contribute scans and relevant information will help to amass the data on serial numbers/dates of the orders in question. Yet again.....your assisistance is always mostly appreciated.


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Thanks Gerd! :beer:

We need more data on these Orders. Even though they are not the ones that make most hearts beat, if nothing else, compiling the serial number and award data is always good for creating the a benchmark against which the orders can at least be dated!

Jim :cheers:

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