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Hello friends, I want to share a photo of Order of Queen Tamara. This award belonged to a famous Georgian politician and public figure of the late 1800s- Niko Nikoladze. Niko Nikoladze was the ho

Hello friends,   It seems there was a need for Tamara ribbons in germany in the 20ies and 30ies.   This is from the stock of a well known German outfitter. 27mm, 15mm and 9mm

Picture (drawing) of Friedrich Werner Schulenburg  with Queen Tamara order. The Flag of the Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-1921) on the background.  

Posted Images

Yassums. Those were individually rescued and reunited though I have subsequently found in my Scan Archive THIS bar, brought to my notice by Claudio Ortelli December 26, 2002, and I don't know if he or his brother ended up with it as a FOURTH one to Baron Rechenberg!!!--------->

So I have only THREE OUT OF FOUR. :speechless: Ow! When I don't have ALL THE TAMARAS! :speechless:

Never get between the Nazgûl... er, me and a Tamara! :whistle:

Oh Clauuuuuuuuudiiiiiiioooooooo........ :ninja:

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Great photo! Have you ID'd him?

Of course not, am I a Rick? :blush:

He seems to be a Stabsarzt, not really old, but with nice decorations.

Picture maybe from about 1919/1920 ?!?

Would be nice if someone could get the name - I'm still not sure what the 5th medal on his bar might be?

German Chinadenkm?nze, Ottoman Imtiaz?

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Last Medal is the Turkish Red Crescent Medal

Quote from http://www.turkishmedals.net/ :

"Instituted in 1903 to reward services to the Red Crescent (the equivalent of the Red Cross in Islamic countries). The medal is round, 29 mm. in diameter, with a red crescent facing left on a white field enameled in the center of the obverse. Below this is a sprig of laurel, and above it the inscription "Humane Assistance". The uniquely shaped suspension bar bears the tughra of Sultan Mehmed Reshad V below a white enameled bar that reads "Ottoman Red Crescent Association." There is also a bar at the top of the ribbon, enameled white, which is sometimes seen with year designations on the bar, indicating years served with the Red Crescent. This medal came in three classes, gold, silver and bronze. There was also an oak leaf device worn on the ribbons of all three classes (white with a narrow red center stripe), but as this was a unique practice among Ottoman medals it is not clear whether this represented an additional award or a higher level within each class. Recommendations for award of the two lower classes were made by the Executive Committee of the Red Crescent, but only the Sultan himself could recommend a recipient of the first class. This medal continued to be awarded after World War I, until the establishment of the Republic."



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What a NAUGHTY Doctor!

Wearing his BZ3bX in front of his EK2 (and no EK1, despite the other stuff!!!)

Wearing TWO count 'em TWO Turkish War Medal Stars! :speechless::speechless:

I think this is another blue enamelled so-called "1st Class" and the reflection in the altered spectrum of colors produces the effect seen on the Tamara.

The 3rd from last Medal is almost certainly a Turkish Imtiaz medal off its fancy suspension.


If I squint I can see the border but nothing else-- and that FLATNESS is why I don't think it's German. Half red-half green ribbon just looks solid in the sepia tinting.

I have NO clue who this might be-- but a BZ3bX and if the Roll ever gets published-- WF3aX-- should be an easy pair to spot for a medical officer.

There were no Baden units in Georgia, so whoever he was, he was a "stray" away from his unit.

What a truly bizarre array of awards!

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but if he wears his sworded lion in front of all he must be a truly proud BADENSER :P (sorry Sascha...)

it is the same with the two twm`s as with the german colonial lion badges - sometimes they wear both - one on the bar and one one the breast... the most logical I can see in this is that he must have been very proud of his times in turkish service...

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exactly my words... :D we had discussed this photo on a german forum some time ago. A high decorated officer wearing proudly an award from one state for fighting against another state he is proudly wearing awards from... :speechless1::speechless::jumping:

That`s why I love collecting medal bars and not so complicated things like stamps... :P

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It's again me with Tammy ... :jumping::jumping::jumping:

It seems that many many :P Badener fought against the Turkish in 1918 after fighting with them - here's again one (again, from my father's collection).

At least I think he was Badener, no problem with the Z?hringer without swords behind(!) the "Frontk?mpfer-Ehrenkreuz" ...

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Close up? Has someone asked for a CLOSE UP?

Gentlemen, here you are. Thanks for your patience.


I know there is a lyakat medal missing, will be replaced as soon as bought. :blush:


You also might take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamar_of_Georgia if interessted.

Edited by saschaw
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There were NO "classes." All the variations are simply clever marketing by the various manufacturers trying to get those entitled to buy more expensive versions by (sniff) making the lowest cost item seem "beneath" them.

I have been studying the Tamaras for 29 years. My best estimate would be about 1,400-1,800, with the vagueness because of the "odds and ends" strays who were present-- like the wearer of the medal bar above.

That is a very interesting medal bar. The campaign bar on the crappy ISSUE Turkish War Medal star being impropeprly worn that way (quite common in the 1920s, rare after 1934 when everytbody SHOULD have known better) is for the trans-Suez expedition under Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein.

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I am interesting in acquiring 1 or 2 or so but with so few pictures around to review before purchase it's a bit confusing. Would it be possible for you to post some comparative pics (incl. reverse) of the various Tamara's you have in your possession?

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