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Reference list of Emperors


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10 Mar 1846 - 30 Jan 1867 - Osahito (統仁 - Komei-tenno - 孝明天皇), (b. 1831 - d. 1867)

13 Feb 1867 - 30 Jul 1912 - Mutsuhito (睦仁 - Meiji-tenno - 明治天皇,), (b. 1852 - d. 1912)

30 Jul 1912 - 25 Dec 1926 - Yoshihito (嘉仁 - Taisho-tenno - 大正天皇), (b. 1879 - d. 1926)

25 Nov 1921 - 25 Dec 1926 - Prince Hirohito (regent), (b. 1901 - d. 1989)

25 Dec 1926 - 7 Jan 1989 - Hirohito (裕仁 - Showa-tenno - 昭和天皇), (s.a.)

7 Jan 1989 -- - Akihito (明仁), (b. 1933) [to be Heisei - 平成]

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    • Sounds great other than the Orange & Mango squash only because I prefer cran-pomegranate juice.
    • "(...) disgusting herbal concoction (...)" I took note of this description, to enrich my otherwise limited, English "Wortschatz"...
    • At work the standard indian tea such as PG tips is referred to as chimp tea. This goes back to the days when we had a Spanish girl working for us whose command of the English language was extremely limited. One lunch she said she was going to the shop could she get anything. I asked if she could get a pack of tea bags. She returned with some disgusting herbal concoction. I tried to explain what was required but without success. I then remembered PG tips had a picture of a chimpanzee on the packe
    • When I read Lapsang Souchong i decided to post something about these Tea . Many years ago I dont  know about Lapsang until I read James Michener book Centennial and the description of the savour of the Lapasang as a mix of tar and salt & smoked made me proof . It was exact ! and i liked it since then .
    • I have been known to drink Lapsang Souchong and Tea, Earl Grey, Hot... both "without pollutants". I normally have one mug of coffee in the morning, then spend the rest of the day drinking Orange & Mango squash (by the pint). Then evening comes and it's a pint, followed by red wine with dinner and sometimes a drop of Laphroaig afterwards.
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