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Hungarian People's Republic Awards

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Thanks for the excellent information on  this award.  A couple of questions; 1- What was it awarded for?   2-  What was the award criteria ie the difference between the Bronze and the silver? 2-Was it awarded after 1948?





I should have looked in the second link posted above.  Here is an English translation from that forum.

Order of the Hungarian freedom 
Magyar Szabadsag Erdemrend. 
Hungarian Order of Freedom. 

The very first awards of Hungary was established in accordance with law No. 8 of 1946, and that the decision of the Hungarian People's Assembly. The Statute of the order was confirmed by the signature of the President of the Republic Decree No. 5 dated 12 July 1947. 

In the first period of this order is awarded directly to the president and later on these matters decided by Parliament and its chairman. Granting the order of this type was completed in 1953. 

Presidential Regulation No. 61 of 1957 (this regulation was at the level of the Act), was renewed opportunity again to order Hungary Freedom award for important deeds 
- as proven defense of the Hungarian nation and working people in defense of socialism at the time of the counter-revolutionary coup in 1956. Under these really specific merit order could be granted (type 2) in the period: 
- "1. January 1957 to April 4, 1958 " 

This order becomes the order of merit in general and was intended as a high reward citizens of Hungary, the freedom fighters of the country, guerrillas excellent workers in the industrial, scientific capacities and diplomats. The Order loses its specific exclusivity. 

In the time since its founding 10 May 1946 to 10 October 1947 (at that time the statute was enacted Regulations), has been granted: 
- President of the country a total of 1,828 specimens 
- Parliament further 2,150 copies. 

The order was endowed with many privileges, financial subsidies, vouchers for vehicles, spa treatments etc. 

Description order decorations I type. 
This type was awarded during 1946. 

The Order is made of silver and jewelery modified. It is a set of three driven part thickness of 1-1.5 mm. A central medallion is a picture of Lajos Kossuth (right). Around the portrait is broken inscription: 
"In Hungary Freedom" 

Under this medallion are two five-point stars combined to form a common ten-star with a diameter of 43 mm. 

On the back it would place the registration number and the number is below the national emblem of the country in 1946. The jewel in its final form is very nice and interesting, it is made of silver fineness 700/1000. Total weight is 30 grams gem. 

Bronze level has been made of a metal alloy, the weight is 30 grams gem. Production technology is simpler, but overall, this ordinal level looks pretty and interesting. This bronze degrees were awarded a total of "159" people. But in this period begins with the granting of the order, so-called II. type. 




Sample wear. Soviet general, this procedure completely sideways Hungarian nuns clips, and other orders (Bulgarian) are out of order decorations. Is it a manifestation of resistance to wear a number of former enemies ?? 
Hungarian Order of Freedom (Type 2) 

The order takes the form of ten-pointed star of size 45 mm. 
Nun decoration is made of silver or tombaku.Středový medallion bears a portrait Kosshuta (right) surrounded by a green enameled laurel wreath. 

In the central medallion on the back is the top personal coat of arms L. Kosshuta a three-line inscription: 


At the top is hanging tab with ring for hanging on a ribbon. Ribbon triangular 40 mm wide. 



Hungarian Order of Freedom (3.Types) 

Regulations in this form are awarded from January 1957 to 4 April 1958 

Front page order decorations is identical with the order of the so-called type 2 diabetes. 

The center has a label on the entire surface emblem of the Hungarian People's Republic. 





The Decree of 1957. (This image is taken from a specialized Russian faleristic page) 
Hungarian Order of Freedom (4.Types) 
n 1980 the order was incorporated into the assembly order of MLR and becomes the fourth in the order of procedure in order. In this case, the only truly "cheap jewelry" custom order decoration is made by pressing and order is modified into: 
- a gold grade 
- silver level 
- Bronze degrees. 

Order lost in Hungarian society seriousness and respect. Certainly it is one of the reasons why this order in this form after 1991 was not renewed. 



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Gents, Here is a photograph showing this medal. Regards, cimbineus

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No problem, Gordon.

Yes, the Order of Hungarian Freedom was instituted to award Hungarian and foreign nationals who actively participated in struggle for freedom, independence and democracy. It could be awarded posthumously as well. It had two grades but there was no specific mentioning of any kind of distinction between them.

In practice the majority of the awardees were freedom fighters, partisans, participants of national liberation movements in Hungary or in other countries, i.e. Spain, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Soviet Union, etc.

Amongst the awardees there were about 70 Soviet military persons of different ranks but basically high commanders, and about two dozens other foreign citizens, and 111 awards were made posthumously.

Yes, it was awarded after 1948 too, and in 1957 came the 3rd type of the Order, with the Coat of Arms of '57 on the back side, with already a totally different interpretation of "struggle for freedom", meaning the participation in suppression of the revolution of '56 in Hungary.

In 1961 came the 4th type, which already was in three grades and was in the so called "War Awards" series.

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Let me show you something interesting. This is the April page of our Signum Laudis Forum's wall calendar for 2017.


And, here is the picture in a bit bigger size. This Bronze grade was awarded to a Soviet citizen, that is why the award docoment is written in Russian. You can see two types of miniature as well.







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Great looking calendar.  Thanks for the links you posted above.  I particularly like the Red Cross award with war time leaves on the Facebook page.  I've never seen one like that before.  Too bad I have forgotten most of the little Hungarian I learned when I live in Budapest.  I also miss the Coin Show, the weekend markets and the monthly militaria shows.  Nothing like those in my home town in Canada!




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Thank you, Gordon. Yes, it was a long time ago (15 years?) when we met last time in Budapest on a Tuesday afternoon in the Club.

Here is the cover page of our 2017 A3 size wall calendar.


And this is the January page:




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