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Russian Stalingrad Maps

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For the last 2 years i've been doing research at TsAMO into Russian units that defended Stalingrad in 1942. In doing research i've come across roughly 200 original archival maps of unit actions for virtually every major unit of the 62nd Army. The maps are in their original Russian text, scale 1:5000 to 1:10000, spanning the timeframe September - December 1942. If anyone would be interested in obtaining these materials, please contact me at sergei@idcomm.com

Here are units for which maps are available:

13 Guards Rifle Division with 14 maps

37 Guards Rifle Division with 17 maps

39 Guards Rifle Division with 13 maps

45 Rifle Division with 19 maps

92 Rifle Brigade with 18 maps

95 Rifle Division with 47 maps

112 Rifle Division with 8 maps

138 Rifle Division with 53 maps

284 Rifle Division with 6 maps

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