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Foreign Volunteers

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Has anyone ever seen a breakdown on the nationalities of foreign volunteers who served on BOTH sides?

This Information on the Republican International Brigades was linked in a previous post. With kind permission from Marcus Wendel (AHF) I am able to post it here. Thanks again Marcus.

Interantional Brigades with the Republican forces

11. International Brigade Hans Beimler (later Th?lmann), Formed on 22 Oct 1936

12. International Brigade Garibaldi, Formed on 5 Nov 1936

13. International Brigade Dombrowski, Formed on 12 Dec 1936

14. International Brigade La Marseillaise, Formed on 2 Dec 1936

15. International Brigade, Formed on 31 Jan 1937

86. International Brigade, Formed on 13 Feb 1938

129. International Brigade, Formed on 13 Feb 1938

150. International Brigade, Formed on 27 May 1937


Battalion Abraham Lincoln (Main nationality, US - Brigade 15)

Battalion Adam Mickiewicz (Main Nationality, Polish - Brigade 13)

Battalion Andr? Marty (Main nationality, French & Belgian- Brigades 12 & 150)

Battalion Austrias Heredia (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 11)

British Battalion (Main nationality, British - Brigade 15)

Battalion Commune de Paris (Main nationalities, French & Belgian - Brigades 11 & 14)

Battalion Deba Blagoiev (1)

Battalion Dimitrov (Main nationality, Balkan - Brigades 13, 15 & 129)

Battalion Djure Djakovic (Main nationality, Balkan - Brigade 129)

Battalion Doce Lenguas (2)

Battalion Dombrowski (Main nationalities, Polish & Hungarian - Brigades 11 & 12)

Battalion Domingo Germinal (3) (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 14)

Battalion Edgar Andr? (Main nationality, German - Brigade 11)

Battalion Espa?ol (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 15)

Battalion Figlio (4) (Main nationality, Italian - Brigade 12)

Battalion Galindo (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 15)

Battalion Garibaldi (Main nationality, Italian - Brigade 12)

Battalion George Washington (Main nationality, US - Brigade 15)

Battalion Hans Beimler (5) (Main nationality, German - Brigade 11)

Battalion Henri Barbusse (Main nationality, French - Brigade 14)

Battalion Henri Vuillemin (Main nationality, French - Brigade 13)

Battalion Juan Marco (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 13)

Battalion Louise Michel (Main nationalities, French & Belgian - Brigades 13 & 14)

Battalion Louise Michel II (6) (Main nationality, French - Brigade 14)

Battalion Mackenzie-Papineau (7) (Main nationalities, Canadian & US - Brigade 15)

Battalion Madrid (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigades 11 & 12)

Battalion Marsellaise (Main nationality, French - Brigade 14)

Battalion Mathis Rakosi (Main nationality Hungarian 13, 150

Battalion Otumba (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 13)

Battalion Pacifico (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 11)

Battalion Palafox (Main nationality, Polish - Brigade 13)

Battalion Pasionaria (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 11)

Battalion Pierre Brachet (Main nationality, French - Brigade 14 )

Battalion Prieto (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 12)

Battalion Primera Unidad de Avance (Main nationality, Spanish - Brigade 14)

Battalion Sans nons o Des Neuf Nationalit?s (Main nationalities, Mixed - Brigade 14)

Battalion Six F?vrier (Main nationality, French & Belgian - Brigades14 & 15)

Battalion Th?lman (Main nationality German - Brigades 11 & 12)

Battalion Thomas Mazaryk (Main nationality, Czech - Brigade 129)

Battalion Tschapaiew (Main nationality, Balkan - Brigades 13 & 129)

Battalion Vaillant-Couturier (Main nationality, French - Brigade 14)

Battalion Veinte (Main nationalities, Mixed - Brigades 13 & 86)

Battalion Zw?lfte Februar (Main nationality, Austrian - Brigade 11)

1. Merged with Djure Djakovic

2. Merged with Dimitrov

3. Domingo Germinal merged with Vaillant-Couturier

4. Merged with Garibaldi

5. Merged with Th?lmann

6. Merged with Henri Vuillemin

7. Aka Canadian Battalion and MacPaps

The British Battalion also comprised of Irishmen, Australians, New Zealanders & South Africans.

Nationalist Foreign volunteers

Germany - Legion Kondor.

Portugal - Moroccan Regulares.

Spanish Foreign Legion - Mostly Spaniards.

France - Contingent from the French fascist Croix de Feu.

White Russia - White Russian volunteers.

Romania - Romanian Iron Guard.

Ireland - Irish Brigade, also known as la bandera Irlandesa.

Alongside them fought a single Australian, Germans, Americans, a few British, several Poles and assorted individuals from the Baltic states.

This list is by no means complete, but I hope it serves as a general referance on the many Nationalites that took part in the Spanish Civil war. As you can see many nations had men fighting on both sides.

Regards Eddie.

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Does anyone know of the validity of this medal? I have not come across it until most recently and hope someone has some information about it. Thank you for any help you can provide.





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And a final related certificate (but no medal, alas).

I am sorry to say that I am unfamiliar with this award -- help?!

Ed, I've seen this medal here in Yerevan flea market; if you are interested, I don't think the dealer knows what it is - it's mixed in with the usual propaganda and commemorative pins - I can probably get it for next to nothing.

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QUOTE I'm sorry, I forgot to post the reverse. I bought it from russian dealers; I haven't been seeing of of them for many years in Paris! I'm not convinced they knew what they were selling. They had a vast majority of fakes, and more russian decos than soviet ones.

This badge is made of aluminium, but the suspension is made of an heavy alloy; it looks very close to another pic I found on the "other" forum.

Here's my version of this 50th Anniv. of Spanish Civil War Vet medal - picked up at the Yerevan flea market. At first I didn't pay much attention to it because it looked too "Star Trek" to me; but once I read the back, I had to pay the $10 bucks. Both medal and suspension are from a heavy alloy - no aluminum. And there's a strong clear mint mark under the pin.

post-5961-053562500 1287909903_thumb.jpg

post-5961-070711000 1287909910_thumb.jpg

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On 13/09/2005 at 09:19, Ed_Haynes said:

And Rick had started out asking for numbers? These are the closest ones I can find: French (10,000), German (5,000), Polish (5,000), Italian (3,350), American (2,800), British (2,000), Yugoslavian (1,500), Czech (1,500), Canadian (1,000), Hungarian (1,000), and various Scandinavian (1,000). Obviously incomplete.




At least one of the Scandinavians Major Dr Oscar Telge chief of the Medical Corps of the Brigades was a counterfeit Swedish his real name was Tristan Kristanov and he was Bulgarian

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In Antony Beevor's book 'The Battle for Spain'. He states the there were a maximum of 2,150 soviets in Spain, 600 of which were non-combatants. With never more than 800 present at any one time. 189 were reported killed or missing.

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